Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Secret Perpetual War in Somalia

Rueters, in a recent article has reported that since the year 2007, the U>S> has maintained a force of 120 men in Somalia without the knowledge of the American people, or a declaration of war. While no one familiar with recent history will be surprised by this it does raise some very salient points.

Firstly, note the bipartisan nature of this constitutionally illegal act. Clearly, in spite of whatever minor disagreements exists between the state socialist party of envy, the democrats, and the state capitalists party of greed the republicans, they are united in their globalism and contempt for the rule of law.

Secondly, one has to ask what possible good has come from this intervention and what American interests has been advanced by the presence of American forces? The Failed state of Somalia is still a failed state. The piracy continues and nothing has changed.

Thirdly, one has to observe the proliferation of these interventions over the last century. In the "banana wars" of the 20s and 30s the interventions were short. Since WW2 the number and length of these has exploded. American troops have been in Europe, and Korea for nearly 70 years. our presence in Iraq, and Afghanistan seem to have no end.

It is unlikely this could have gone on if these interventions had been made under legal Constitutional
oversight. These interventions have not benefited America but have killed its sons and squandered its
treasures. The state socialist support them because they lead to global government. The State Capitalists because they lead to war profits. For the American people they led to Free trade serfdom and for the soldier to a gloryless, pointless grave.

The time has come to muzzle our political class once again with the restraint of the Constitution.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Queer Pronouns in Canada!

CNSNEWS, has reported that the Board of Education in Vancouver, British Columbia, has decided, in a rush to keep on the trending edge of "gender enlightenment" has created new pronouns to accommodate its sodomistically inclined students. he, him and her are to be replaced with xe, xem, and xyr. The move, aimed to support groups including those who are "two spirit",(ie , according to aboriginal custom having both male and female spirits) will require a butchering of the English language to accommodate the extremely small percentage of the population that is gay, lesbian, trans-whatever, gender-queer, ad infinitum.

This is similar to the idiocy that has given us "ms", "Wimmin" and "Hyrstory", as well as the war on the universal masculine pronoun. This has given the Loonies on the Vancouver BOE the satisfaction of being up on the latest of trendy liberalism. as the article quotes from board VP Mike Lombardi,
    “Absolutely,” Mike Lombardi, vice chairman of the board told CNSNews.com when asked about the new policy as reported by the Vancouver Sun. “We’ve been very, very progressive.”
Lombardi said the new LGBTTQ+ policy is designed “to create a safe learning environment for every child.”
The new policy, Lombardi said, will allow children of every sexual orientation “to learn and thrive.”
Of course parents , representing normal people complained, but in our postmodern world their concerns are secondary to the rights of privileged groups and were ignored. The bill will also allow the infinite varieties of gender confused individuals access to opposite sex bathrooms and sports teams."

While the board will encourage the forming of pro-homosexual groups it will not of course offer help to anyone seeking to change their orientation, unless of course they decide to become homosexual. Of course in Canada today \, its considered a "human rights violation to speak against Sodomy. As Psalm 8:12 states " the wicked strut about when vileness is exalted among the sons of men". as Pattis Bacchus of the BOE states
"“I am so proud to support these policy revisions,” Patti Bacchus, chairwoman of the board, is quoted as saying in the Sun article. “I had no idea how important they were until what we went through with this process ... I didn’t realize how much opposition there was out there in our communities to keeping kids safe and included and welcome.”

Decent men can only grieve as Canada, (and the west) pave the way for their own destruction.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fracking and Environmentalism's Strange Allies

At The New American, it reports that the secretary-general of NATO now says that Putin's Neo-Soviet
intelligence services are providing support to the environmentalist's anti "fracking" movement. Environmental groups have long asserted that Fracking, (using high pressure water to extract natural gas from shale), is detrimental. Russia's interests is to maintain high prices for its natural gas market. Greenpeace has claimed that it has "no knowledge" of Russian support. (well, what we don't know wont hurt us).

This is nothing new. The KGB not only financed and controlled the "ban the bomb" movement of the 60s and the Nuclear Freeze movement of the 1980s, but the Soviets also supported the environmentalists who were opposed to Nuclear energy, all the while building every nuclear reactor it could, (remember Chernobyl?)
So strong was Russian support for this, that American Communist Party head Gus Hall wrote one of his few books on environmentalism.

The environmental movement, especially in its current global  warming incarnation is primarily a political movement. Its solution to everything is to increase power of central and global government in the name of preserving nature. Every answer that it provides will cost jobs in the west, transfer wealth to the third world, and building the nanny state.

When I decide to vote for president, I always ask myself who the enemies of my country would want to see win. Similarly I always ask myself who a movements allies are and why do they support it. we should certainly be concerned about environmentalism's "strange bedfellows".

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alvin Holmes and Mule Marriage

The Future Mrs. Holmes?
Alvin the Rep. not the chipmunk
Alabama state representative and black racist Alvin Holmes has long been noted for being a radical leftist loony. In the past he has been noted for his race pimping stunts like offering $100,000 to anyone who could show whites in Alabama who had adopted black children.  Naturally when shown many examples he refused to pay up.

Now he has in a recent interview advocated bestiality, saying that its ok for a man to marry a mule as long as "they get along". Of course being a jackass rep. Holmes can forgiven for taking a light-hearted view of man-mule nuptials.  However his statement demonstrates a common thread among the left of forging an alliance of the black and homosexual interests.

In part this demonstrates a major problem in black culture, particularly the black church. According to polls, black women are the most religious people in America, yet illegitimacy in their community is reaching epic proportions. Obviously the black church is failing to provide any moral guidance to its community and is in serious need of reformation.

A similar problem is noted in the Hispanic community which though supposedly Catholic is even more tolerant of Sodomite marriage that any other ethnic group. Apparently when given a choice between these issues and loyalty to the Democratic party with its socialist and homophile agenda; when asked to choose between their religious beliefs and bigger EBT cards or unrestricted immigration they clearly will choose the Democrats.

One can only hope that these two groups will experience the prayed for reformation. If not then we face the accelerated destruction of western cicilization.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Professor Assaults Abortion Protesters for free speech!

Defending the University
from free speech!
An article posted at The New American, tells of how the University of California at Santa Barbara is defending one of their professors who physically assaulted 2 girls who committed the crime of being opposed to the Abortocaust.

The Evil Threat!
16 year old Thrin Short and her 21 year old sister Joan were participating in a pro-life rally in the "free speech zone", at the University on March 4. Suddenly Associate professor Mireille Miller-Young, whose educational specialty is black studies, pornography, and "sex work", grabbed their sign then kicked and pushed the two young women. A detailed example of the encounter can be found here. A video of the attack can be found here hww.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sLemX9QtUa4

One might think that a professor attacking people on the streets for engaging in free speech would be a cause for being fired if not imprisoned for assault. Apparently however, the need the "Feminist Studies" department has for instruction in pornography and "sex work" is too great. While graciously conceding that her action was extreme he implied the cause was the girls being on campus.

Apparently the police having viewed video of the incident are considering charges. Lets hope this disgraceful excuse for a professor will get the time in the slammer she so richly deserves.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jeremiah Denton - American Hero Dies at 89

Jeremiah Denton, whose defiant resistance while a prisoner of the Communists during the Vietnam War made him a National hero has died. Denton who blinked his eyes to signal "torture" in morse code, refuted the lies of traitors like Jane Fonda and told the world what was going on in the Communist POW camps.

After his return to America, he continued to serve his nation, being elected the 1st Republican in the US Senate in 100 years. There he served on the Senate Commitee on Subversion and terrorism where he fought to reveal the actions of traitors on American soil such as the Soviet controlled nuclear freeze movement. After being defeated due to a very dirty campaign by Richard Shelby, (his campaign manager suggested that if Denton had been smart he would not have been captured), he became a conservative political activist.

Senator and Rear Admiral Denton was a true American. I met him once at a rally condemning the Soviets for the KAL-007 shootdown. He was a dedicated patriot and a true gentleman.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

In a recent article in World Magazine,  Marvin Olasky interviewed the leftist Ronald Sider, and proclaimed him an ally of conservatives in the area of limited government. Sider expresses a preference for "social justice" to be enacted by the private sector. Presumably, since Sider is willing to allow the Churches to take the lead in pursuing his left-wing agenda this is progress.

As a student at Covenant College in 1978-79, I was there when Sider's opus, "Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger" came out. Many in the student body caught in a frenzy of late counter-culture radicalism and guilty white middle class liberalism swallowed it whole. Sider generally follows the leftist and Marxist analysis. If one person has wealth, it is de-facto at the expense of someone who is poor. Sider believes that the solution to poverty is not wealth creation but massive redistribution.

He carries this fallacy to the global level, believing that if you made the West give massive transfers of its wealth and lower it's standard of living that the transferred wealth will raise the standard of living in the 3rd world. Well we know how that has worked. In Siders eyes the cultural causes of 3rd world poverty are irrelevant, the only problem is distribution.

This sort of thing is raw meat to the guilty white liberal. Most of whom have never had a great deal of living among the poor, much less being poor themselves. As one who has I can assure you that most of the causes of poverty are due to personal irresponsibility and culture.  The welfare dependency created by the mountains of money spent in the great society era have done little or nothing to benefit the poor. The food stamp program of course is the most glaring example.

A window into Siders mind is a quote he made regarding education reform where he said, "Whatever works better for minorities and poor folk, let’s do that. I do have a hunch that vouchers would work better, but I don’t know enough to say we should go that way. "  Of course the best approach to education would be the one that benefits everyone, not just minorities and poor folk. The scriptures say “You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.
Leviticus 19:15 and and do not show favoritism to a poor person in a lawsuit.  Exodus 23:3. Of course, Sider is very selective in regards to his Bible quotations. His Theology is shaped by his liberalism and not vice versa.

I would argue that with an "ally" like Sider, one does not need and enemy.



Friday, March 28, 2014

World Vision Shameful Capitulation- and its Re-Capitulation!

After 1st saying that it was changing it's policy allowing employees to engage in so-called "same sex marriage", the organization has now reversed it's policy back to prohibiting such unions. Many, including Dr. Al Mohler have praised this decision as an act of repentance.

However, one has to ask, is it? It is clear that they changed the policy the first time because they wanted to do it. It appears they have reversed the policy because they were pressured to do so. World Vision seems to have increasingly embraced what used to be known as the social Gospel. This was a movement that emphasized the humanitarian and charitable work of the church while minimizing the preaching of the Gospel.
A classic example was the writer Pearl Buck.

It is clear that world vision wanted to compromise Christian moral teaching because it detracted from what it considers primary- charity. An uncompromising stand in defense of the biblical teaching on sodomy would, in the current social climate bring criticism, and endanger the all important monetary contributions.

With our societies abandonment of Western Christian Civilization, the new culture and its state will become increasingly hostile to dissent from Christians. Some Christian groups will cave in, much like the old "approved" Churches in the Soviet Union and the "three self patriotic movement" in China. World Vision has made it clear where it will take its stand when the temperature rises.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

America's decline and cowering from Cats

This weeks issue of world magazine tells the story of how a family in Portland, Oregon,
dialed 911 to be rescued, not from a burglar, but from a house-cat. The family had been attacked by their 22-lb Himalayan cat and fled to their bedroom where the cat would not let them out.

The Deadly Cat
This story is a sad example of the efeminizing of America. Apparently the idea of simply placing a well place foot to the cats privates never occurred to them. Instead they fled and depended upon the state and its agents to arrive and protect them.

This is the same insanity that fuels gun-control, PETA, and other movements of our times. People are turn into either effeminate cross-dressers or go to other extreme like gangsters or the Columbine killers. Those who defy the mommy state, by owning guns, spurning homosexual activist, or smoking cigarettes must be put down.

The house-cat has offered us a valuable lesson, will we learn from it?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The March 13 issue of National Review Online has a brilliant article by Jeff Session entitled , "Becoming the Party of Work" in which he demonstrates how the Republican Party facing the Obama-induced economic disaster of declining wages, increased unemployment, and record food stamp rolls, offered as a solution an amnesty designed to flood the country with illegal immigrants. The results were predictable. The Republican establishment seems to have dedicated itself to becoming a parody of the liberal medias depiction of it.
Session also demonstrated why he should be the parties nominee and why he probably wont be. (my pick would be a Sessions-Carson ticket!)

NR then followed up with an excellent article by Arthur Herman on Obama's gutting of the American military, reducing our army to pre-1940 levels and our navy to pre -WW1 levels, while at the same time the administration commits it to ever more missions. As one who believes in an America First policy in global strategy, I nevertheless feel that a strong military is necessary to deter potential aggression, particularly in a world where you have an revaunchist Russia and an increasingly aggressive China.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Janet Brewer Betraying the People of Arizona!

Janet Brewer, in the ultimate act of political cowardice, has capitulated and vetoed religious liberty in Arizona. Trampling the constitution of the United States the law will now make it illegal to oppose the homosexual agenda and remain in the market place.

Brewer in her despicable act, however, had allies. John McCain of course was reliably and predictably joining the chorus to support the left-wing and homophile agenda. Mitt Romney, acclaimed "family-values"
Mormon also supported the measure, showing that they are the habitual liars we knew they were, when they proclaimed themselves in favor of the type of Legislation they now oppose when they needed social conservative votes in the pres. election.

This betrayal of principles will do for the party what the McCain and Romney candidacies did for the elections. The Republicans, like their Whig party predecessors want to straddle the fence on the issues and in the end it will destroy them.

Predictably big money influenced the vote. Threats of boycotts and even the moving of the super bowl, strong-armed the governor and out voted the will of the citizens of Arizona. Here we see the leaders of Arizona cares more about the money coming from those who are catering to the 2 percent of the population that are sodomites than for the voters of that state.

What will be the result? As Truman once said of his party "give them a choice between a republican and a republican and they'll vote for the republican every damned time." The liberals will not see the republicans as liberal enough and vote democrat. Conservatives on the other hand will tire of being lied to and look elsewhere. Let us pray that when that happens there will be a party to vote for.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres and the politics of perversion

One cannot observe the internet, magazines, or television without being constantly exposed to the likeness of Ellen DeGeneres. Interestingly there is absolutely no justification for this excessive visibility. The reason of course is that she has made constant public proclamation of her lesbianism. Some years ago, when she had a show slipping in the ratings she revealed her deviance.

This, of course was not exactly a revelation. It had been widely reported and was assumed by anyone who
observed her, making her the female equivalent of Liberace being revealed to have been "gay". This, the media portrayed as enormous act of courage, although it was actually a desperate effort to save a failing show, which it did. Millions viewed the program, much for the same reason that people go to see the freak show at the circus.

The really bizarre thing is that Hollywood continues to portray these revelations as courageous. It really takes guts to say that one is a homosexual in the far left world of entertainment, about as much bravery as it would take to make such a declaration at an interior designers convention.

So, the popular culture will continue to portray DeGeneres as some kind of icon. Sadly this acclaim and support will not serve her well, because it will reinforce her enslavement to her perversion. It will also be the cause of many succumbing to this behavior because of the cultures using her to promote it. Pray for poor Ellen, those who espouse her, and those she will harm.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Veterans Jobless Ranks Grow While Obama Floods Country With Illegals

Ali Meyer at cnsnews.com, reports that Since 9-11 the number of jobless veterans have risen to almost 600,000 in the last five years, more than double the number only 5 years ago. Meanwhile Secretary of Defense Hagel has announced plans to reduce the army to pre-1941 levels. This is in spite of the fact that our fearless leader has committed our military to ever more adventures overseas.

In a logical universe, one might suppose that refusing to enforce the immigration laws in the face of growing unemployment is insane. However that's only if you believe that the president is concerned about the American working class in general, and veterans in particular. Obama is the intellectual offspring of the counter-culture left of the 1960s.  These were the people, during Vietnam that spit on our veterans in airports
and called them baby killers.

The illegal alien on the other hand. serves a valuable function. He is the glue that holds together the despicable alliance between big biz and big gov. Illegal aliens provide biz with the cheap labor that fuels their greed and lust for profits. At the same time they are the democrats of the future, unlike veterans who tend to be more conservative, unless they can be driven into the welfare class.

Obama and his masters know this. They are fastening the chains of dependence and slavery upon the working people of America. You can bet that if the working people decide to resist then Obama and his Fatherland security minions will hand weapons to the illegal and  the obamabots and make them their "sturmabteilung". No doubt these weapons will be loaded with the 750 millions rounds purchase by Fatherland security.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Melanie Hunter at CNSNEWS.com, reports that in its boundless generosity with the tax payers money, our bankrupt government has spent 356,337 dollars to create a facility that will enable them to observe people crossing the road so they can study how social interaction effects risky pedestrian behavior. Of course its only money, aren't we all rich?

This is only the latest insanity. In the past, the Feds have squandered our resources on such wonders as why children fall off tricycles, why people fall in love, and the romantic behavior of tree frogs. Only recently they also spent an enormous sum to warn Chinese prostitutes of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Clearly the scientific community in America has become another cog in Obama's military-industrial-entitlements complex, Merely another welfare snout at the government handout trough. Money bled from the very veins of the working men and women of this country is squandered.

Don't worry though! The illegal aliens will continue to receive food-stamps and state sponsored bastardy will continue to be financed by the welfare state. Meanwhile the minority who work will do so for ever declining real-wages, and impoverishment through taxation. With government support the parasites will continue to feed on the\ir host till America is a broke third-world country.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dept. of Fatherland Security is Arming- Against who!

CNSnews.com, has reported that the Dept. of Fatherland Security has contracted to purchase over 704 million rounds of ammunition over the next four years, which will amount to over 2,500 rds per agent per year. This is a report by the GAO, which is claiming that this is actually  a decline, since 2009.

This is an expenditure that will cost the tax payer, which Obamas administration is working overtime to disarm, over 285 million dollars. The logical question of course is who is this aimed at? No terrorist group in that could act in Americas has anywhere near the numbers or firepower to mount a threat to justify an arsenal of this kind.

It is clear that the administration regards the American people themselves as a threat. The guns of homeland security are quite possibly going to be used by the fuehrer to maintain himself in power. It is clear that the target will be you and me.

The criminal nature and intent of the Bolshevik Obama administration is clear. They will only relent if the American people demonstrate their willingness to resist and fight the administrations dictatorial ambitions.

Monday, February 17, 2014

People of Connecticut Resist Obama's Tyranny!

Good News! Word has reached us that in the state of Connecticut that large numbers of citizens in the state has refused to tamely submit to tyranny and have refused to register firearms which the state has defined as "assault weapons". thenewamerican cites a quote from State Police Lt. Paul Vance has reported that only 50,000 of 350,000 gun owners have registered, and have estimated that as many as 100,000 citizens have simply chose to ignore the governments order.

free citizens!
This is a very good sign indeed. Protest is starting to become massive resistance. When the government begins usurping the rights of it people this is what separates citizens from subjects and slaves. Like the patriots of Lexington these patriotic Americans have taken a stand against Obammunism. Let us hope  that this will not be just an isolated incident but the beginning of the people taking back their country and their constitution.
subjects and slaves!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Flexible Convictions of Wendy Davis

John Hayward, at Human Events online, talks about one of political histories most radical and most cynical political turnarounds in history. Wendy Davis, famous for her pink-sneakered filibuster against a Texas law that would have placed restrictions on abortion, has begun to reverse herself. She has removed all mention of the filibuster on her website and has announced she isn't really opposed to the law afterall.

Of course Davis, in her discussion on the matter is the soul of hypocrisy. She now claims she agrees with the bill but wants the exceptions to extend from the life to the "health" of the woman. This is an old liberal favorite. As the former abortionists Bernard Nathanson pointed out, the "health of the woman", exception was always a ploy. The reality is that any pregnancy carries with it some danger to the health of the woman.
there the Dr. (abortionists) can always find that the woman's health is threatened by an abortion.

The advocates of abortion know that no one would pass laws that would prevent women with life threatening conditions like an ectopic pregnancy, but the left uses the health exception to shoehorn in all abortions for whatever reason.

Davis is obviously stuck. Having built her reputation on the bodies of  the aborted infants she finds her ghoulish stance is unpopular. So she cynically pretends this is not really her position. This is the usual Dick Morris triangulation. Always get between your opponent and the center. Davis knows that her left-wing supporters will know where she really stands and she hopes the rest of the voters are stupid enough to believe her.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Surprise Decision on Gun Control By Circus Court.

humanevents.com reports that the usually reliably Leftist Ninth Circuit Court of appeals, (known as the circus court for its many off-the-wall decisions, has at first glance, seems to be a uncharacteristically good decision in striking down California's new gun control laws. The California law would have placed serious restrictions of the citizen to carry concealed fire arms. If the decision is upheld then citizens without any criminal or mental record may receive a carry permit,  without having to prove that he has what the state feels to be a valid reason.

While it is of course correct that a citizen should have a right to bear arms, one should be concerned that the decision reflects the belief that is the federal courts, and not the legislatures of the states that decide whether someone should be allowed to exercise their right to self defense. Well what the court gives, the court may take away, so while we should be happy for the gun owners of California, we should be concerned about the rights of the people and  the states.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Gender Madness, Killing Children in Belgium and Swedish Brats!

Albert Mohler at the The Briefing this offered a whole list of examples of the insanity of our modern society.
1st he reports of face-books ingenious decision to allow it's users to choose from a list of 50(!) designations defining ones gender and sexual preference permitting 50 shades of confusion and idiocy. In addition to the passe choices of male and female one can list oneself as neutral, transgender, androgynous, or "gender-queer."

Mohler goes on to relate how even the progressives who adopt this cannot come up with making it work, in such areas as putting people in prisons, opposite sex sports teams, and bathrooms. This is not surprising when you are essentially trying to deny a biological reality for a political purpose. It would be like saying that if I wanted to identify as a squirrel then everyone should be forced to treat me like a squirell.

He then reports on the horror that Belgium has given children a "right" to physician assisted suicide. Currently this is coming with strict conditions that at the present will only allow extremely ill to make this choice. However we know that worldwide these conditions always slide to allow ever more conditions, like depression to be grounds for suicide. So you have a society, that limits sexual behavior or smoking to those who have reached what it defines as a responsible age but they can commit suicide. "those who hate me love death." Proverbs 8:36.

Lastly he cites how children now dominate Swedish life. According to the  Wall Street Journal, Sweden which has outlawed corporal punishment and all other means of subjecting its children to discipline, its children have become "brats", who now run all aspects of the Swedish family. The lack of discipline is leading to a decline in Swedish schools, while increasingly it is the child who is making decision in the home from what tv shows to watch to what to eat or where to go on vacation. My people—infants are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, your guides mislead you and they have swallowed up the course of your paths. (Isaiah 3;12)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Food Stamps and the Evil Republicans

Human Events, has revealed remark made by Democrat humanitarian Rep. Jerrold Nadler, (D-NY), in which he commented on a republican backed bill to gut the food stamp program by requiring it to be cut by a massive 1%. Nadler, no doubt struck with the horror of such sadistic cruelty perceived the evil intent and revealed that, "They just want people to starve!"

Nadler, who seems to be in little danger of starvation himself, (being a fat guy myself, I can say it). He went on to opine “We’re not extending unemployment insurance, and now we want to starve people?”
Nadler on the one hand demonstrates the demagogy that dominates the modern democratic party, waging class-war politics.

As anyone who works in a grocery setting with the Food Stamp program knows, the abuse of the system is almost too massive to take in. It subsidizes people not working, as well as illegitimacy, and it enables big business to pay low wages to its workers. In addition you have the multi-generation recipients whose only job has been to become professional democratic voters.

Nadler is one of the leading poverty pimps in American politics. Its time to put him out of a job-

without food stamps.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

McCain Slams Syrian Christians, Embraces Muslim Brotherhood.

Christian Children murdered by McCains
The Clarion Project, reports that former Republican presidential candidate John McCain had a tantrum and lashed out at Syrian Christians for complaining about the persecution and murder they have suffered at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. So vehement was McCain, who is wholeheartedly supporting the Syrian rebels, that another Senator Lindsey Graham, (not noted himself for his political principles), apologized for his conduct.

McCain, complaining that the Syrian Christians were even in the room left the conference. Upon his return he according to witnesses would not even look at the Syrian Christians. (given McCain's absence of integrity one doubts it was from shame.) McCain has long been a tout for the Muslim Brotherhood. Most likely Arab oil money has a major role in this. Having married money was not enough for the Arizona senator so now he is whoring for the Muslims.

Recently he hired a noted Islamist's spokesgal Elizabeth O'Bagy to his staff. Meanwhile, back in August,  a memo surfaced on the website of the Muslim Brotherhoods freedom and justice party show that in Egypt that the McCain backed group has called for and incited the massive attacks on Christians.

Now that he no longer needs their votes McCain has specialized in attacking Christian conservatives.
Interestingly, one of the former POWs other projects has been supporting trade with the Vietcong \, his former captors. Clearly the Senator is a prince among political prostitutes who will sell himself to anyone who waves the cash under his nose. I guess the old saying is true "if your going to be in a whorehouse you might as well be the biggest whore in the house, (oops I mean Senate).


Camels and the Bible: The Twisted Logic of the New York Times

That great theological journal, The New York Times, has published an article by John Noble Wilford, titled
"Camels had no business in Genesis.", the author quotes the rather bizarre claims of two Israeli archaeologists. Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen claim that their use of radio-carbon dating on an enormous total of two archaeological sites has "proved" that camels were not domesticated at the time of the Patriarchs.

This is being trumpeted by the NYT and other pillars of anti-Christianity as a proof the Old Testament is historically inaccurate. Interestingly the archaeologist found camel bones at the sites during the time of the Patriarchs but decided they were wild camels that were eaten. How they knew that these people didn't eat the camels they domesticated is not made clear.

Of course it is clear that both the archaeologists and the NYT have an agenda. On the one hand it is obvious
that in part it is an element in the struggle between secular and orthodox Jews in Israel. The NYT on the other hand is just concerned with attacking Christianity. The only surprise is that they haven't waited till Easter or Christmas like they usually do.

One thing we know is that eventually this story will be disproved, as so many of these, (like the Jesus tomb story) have.  Also we know that when it is, the refutation will not be reported. Just as when liberals argued Pontius Pilate was a fictional character only to be proven wrong or when they denied the existence of the Hittites.

No doubt this will be up on every atheist website before the week is out. Christians will be confronted by this by everyone from liberals to neo-nazis as proof the OT is false. The Church will survive this attack , but many undiscerning individuals will be deceived. Clearly the publication of this article tells us more about the Times and its bias rather than the accuracy of the OT.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trader Joe's "too white" for Portland Neighborhood

The City of Portland, Oregon probably thought it was doing a good thing when it encouraged the Trader Joe's store chain to open one of it's shops in a predominantly black neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood was after all an economically depressed one and the store location had been vacant for years.

However, it would appear that Portland reckoned without the race politics that dominate every facet of American life. Black leaders in Portland arose to attack the move arguing that in would increase "Gentrification" in the neighborhood. According to Yahoo News, the Portland African American Leadership Forum stated that the Trader Joe's store would, "Increase the desirability of the neighborhood for 'non-oppressed' populations", and that it was opposed to any development that would not "primarily benefit the black community."

This highlights a sad fact among the black community in America. Many blacks in America would rather dominate a community in poverty, that prosper if they were not in total control. A classic example is the city where I am currently living, Montgomery AL. As the black population began to become a majority they raised taxes. This, along with the accompanying crime-wave led the white, (and middle-class blacks) to flee the city, draining away the tax revenues and leading to the further depression of the community.

At this point the logical thing would have been to have created incentives for the white and middle class black community to return. However this has not been the case and the city voted for more expenditure of public money and higher taxes which only accelerated "white flight".

Today Montgomery resembles a third world country. Whole blocks of shopping centers and malls, once thriving now stand vacant. The only businesses that thrive are Pawn Shops, thrift stores, "African Hair-braiding" boutiques and chicken-wing restaurants.There is a public golf course and park in the predominantly
black part of town that few go to and  huge sums of money have been spent to expand a predominantly black college where problems of financial mis-management and corruption abound. More People died last year from Homicide than auto accidents.

Milton wrote that Satan would rather "reign in hell that serve in heaven". Clearly among many in the black community equality does not mean equal treatment for everyone but a state where they are in charge, whether it means they live in poverty or not. One must pray that they will abandon the racism espoused by the leaders in their community, and begin to look to the real leaders among them like Carson, Keyes, and
Sowell. Not to those like Obama and Sharpton who have grown rich from their poverty by playing on their hatreds and fears.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pat Robertson Trashes Creationist

In a sad, but not surprising move, Pat Robertson  has thrust himself into the debate between evolutionist Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham that was held in Kentucky this week. One would think that as a professing Christian that he would oppose the evolutionist viewpoint. Yet he used his 700 Club show platform to attack Ham and said that he was insulting Christians by interpreting the Bible "literally" to explain human origins.

Robertson latched on to Hams support for the Ussher Chronology, not universally held by young-Earth creationists. Robertson who has taken odd positions in the past like predicting hurricanes and endorsing euthanasia

There can be many reasons explaining why Robertson was impelled to make these remarks. My conclusion is that he suffers from what I call "Goldwater's disease". Those old enough to remember the sixties will recall how the media invariably launched tirades against Goldwater until 1974, when he became the 1st Republican to call for Nixon to resign. At this point the media suddenly decided that that Goldwater had "matured in office", and was now an "elder statesman".

Goldwater, clearly flattered at this acclaim would periodically take to attacking conservatives, (particuarly social conservatives,) and supporting liberal positions. One repeatedly has observed similar behavior it individuals as diverse as McCain and Billy Graham. Of course its easy for Robertson. As a charismatic his primary authority is not the Bible but his purported personal revelations. Perhaps God has explained human origins to Pat personally. I think not.

Sochi- Homosexuality and Hysteria

As always, the Olympics are being used for political reasons. The left has turned the Winter Olympics into a major front in the debate over sodomite rights. The left , which was so silent in the face of Soviet and Chinese atrocities for decades, will now bewail the Neo-Soviet leader Putin, not for being a Dictator, but for the relatively mild laws Russia has with regard not to practicing, but actively promoting Sodomy.

The media of course, as well as the Obama junta, has of course fallen in line. The media is celebrating with wild acclaim the Olympic victory of Irene Wust, a dutch Olympian and admitted lesbians gold medal. Combined with its rhapsodizing over the "coming out" of NFL prospect Michael Sam as a homosexual, one would think that athletic competition is somehow integrally related to sexual activity. In addition google has celebrated the Olympics with a "gay-flag" themed banner.

We live in a Romans 1 world. Paul tells us that when men abandon God they inevitably move in the direction
of embracing idolatry and sexual perversion. In only a few decades our society has gone from regarding homosexuality as perversion to regarding it as a sacred right. Or should one say a sacred rite, a sacrament in the humanistic religion. What new perversions will be considered acceptable? Time will inevitably tell.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Justice Scalia's Warning and the Perpetual War.

In a recent article in the TheNewAmerican, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned during a speech in Hawaii warned of the certainty that war will be used to justify the creation of internment camps for American citizens. Responding to a question concerning how FDR, with the encouragement of future Justice and "civil libertarian" Earl Warren, created the internment camps for Japanese at the start of world war two.

Scalia cited Cicero's dictum "in times of war the laws fall silent". Scalia warned that we are kidding ourselves if we think it wont happen again.

Clearly the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and agains Al Qaeda are being used as an excuse to curtail the civil liberties. An example: when I lived in Manchester, NH, whenever I wanted to take a shuttle bus to Boston I had to show a "government issued" form of ID. When sitting in the South station gaurds armed with smgs and bomb sniffing dogs worked the crowd while cameras observed every action. Only 20 years ago these things would have been unthinkable. Now they are reality./

As I have noted earlier, the government has seen the advantage of making these wars perpetual. The war last so the state of emergency can last. Scalia gave us the warning and we only disregard it at our peril

Nye vs Ham,Why Intelligent Design is Not Enough.

In reflecting on the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham (I listed Nye first merely to avoid the "Ham on Nye" puns circulating on the internet,) several points stand out. Firstly, it is certain that the debate will convince few people on either side. This is no reflection on the debaters but listeners will for the most part will have already decided where they stand on the issue, so only those who have no position on the debate.

This is not to say that the debate had no value. It is not only beneficial to those who have not decided on a view, but pointing out the flaws in the evolutionary theory will hopefully create dissonance in the minds of the materialists who listen to it. In essence the theory of Evolution is a vital element of the secular religion and its advocates hold as axiomatic just as believers hold the truths of the Bible.

One question that arose is the extent to which the argumentation put forward by intelligent design activists, like Behe. Now I read and enjoyed, (apart from the math), Darwin's Black Box, however I believe the ID movement is an inadequate base for defending a Christian understanding of human origins. ID teaches that
something created the universe. In ID it is irrelevant what that something is. It is in essence God-optional.

The various attempts to reconcile Evolution and the doctrines of the current scientific orthodoxy always wind up compromising the integrity of God's revelation to gain credibility with the "scientific" community. This is true of all such efforts by groups ranging from Bio-logos to Dr. Hugh Ross. They will fail because the tenets of Secularism, like the God of the Bible are Jealous. They will demand total obedience. In the eyes of a Nye or a Dawkins the most credentialed and brilliant advocate of ID is just another ignorant fundamentalist.

All one had to do was listen to the patronizing arrogance of Nye in the debate. One is reminded of the debate over evolution alternatives being taught in Texas. One of the witnesses for the Darwinist said that if he saw any textbook even mention the word design he would throw it in the trash. Evolution is the cosmology of Atheism. It provides the basis for the unbeliever rejecting Christianity, and particularly for rejecting Christian teaching of Gods ethical standards for man.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Will Obama Try to Remain In Office?

Another month has gone by and once again employment statistics have proved to be underwhelming. The Obama administration once again created in the minds of his worshipers expectations of job  growth that once again failed to materialize. 113,000 thousand jobs were "created" instead of the 185,000 that were predicted.

Of course we will told what percent of these jobs are being performed by illegal aliens. And, unlike during Republican administrations, the media will not ask how many of these jobs were temporary and minimum wage. Of course for Obama's most ardent acolytes this will mean little.  Government handouts are ready to take the place of employment, and the welfare state will subsidize the workers, both legal and illegal, so they can subsist on the low wage slavery that drives the engine of our economy.

One can only speculate that Obama, with his boundless lust for power will attempt to subvert, as he has so much of the constitution the amendment limiting to two terms. Clearly he lacks the votes in congress, and the votes of enough states to repeal presidential term limits. One also doubts that the military will maintain him in power.

Their is only one avenue (legally) that he might pursue. I believe that we should be prepared for the possibility that he will run his wife Michelle for a term as president. There can be no question that the pliable minds of the people that have elected him to 2 terms would not think twice about putting Michelle in office as a figurehead.

I do not, of course know this will happen. I only suggest that those who cherish our dying liberty should be aware of the possibility and should be prepared to resist. If it occurs, it certainly would not be surprising to find that Obama will create a crisis or war that will then be used by the media to argue for continuity, much as when FDR was voted a third term so as not to change admin. during the middle of a national emergency.

It would raise many interesting questions. Would Hillary fight for the nomination? Would the voters regard such a Caesarian attempt to gain a crown for himself one move too many? Only time will tell.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

UN Condemns Vatican! A Tale of Glass Houses!

NBC news rhapsodized Tuesday over a report by the United Nations which condemned the Vatican. It attacked Rome for its cover up of Pedophile priests and for good measure called on it to change its positions on birth control, abortion and homosexuality.

Apparently even the United Nations, which has managed to overlook tyrants and mass-murderers throughout the world has its limits. newsbusters.org, which commented on the report noted the hypocrisy of the UN criticizing sexual abuse while it has ignored the rampant rape and sexual abuse committed by UN
"peace-keeping forces. This has been the case all the way back to the atrocities committed by the UN forces in Katanga during the Congolese civil war.

It is also interesting that the UN criticizes the Pope for his views on Homosexuality and Abortion. One wonders if similar condemnation will be directed at Islamic leaders for their identical positions on these issues.

I rather suspect that if one polled the population of the entire world, the view of the majority is probably closer to the opponents of homosexuality and abortion. Of course the UN, while claiming to represent the whole of mankind, in reality only represents a small global left wing elite.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pete Seeger, " If I had a Hypocrite"!

Kathy Shaidle, writing at taki's mag has written an interesting obituary for Communist music icon Pete Seeger. Among other things she points out that like most of the music industries hard corps left-wing idols,
Pete Seeger at Berkeley
(of course) 
he seems to have had no sense of the hypocrisy of being a radical advocate of redistributing the wealth of others with being a multi-millionaire. (At his death his estimated net worth was 4.2 million dollars.)

This of course is nothing new. After the Communist, anthem "The Internationale" was written, there immediately arose a dispute over the copyrights. Whitaker Chambers, when writing for the CPUSA literary magazine, "The New Masses", spoke of how his comrades would sit around the office pouring over the stock market section of the papers hoping to strike it rich.

Interestingly, Shaidle reveals that one of  Seegers best known hits was actually written by a South African musician Solomon Linda. Contrary to myth it was not a traditional African song and while Seeger made a fortune off it Linda made only about 87 cents. (later Seeger would send more money, when the real author was revealed.)

According to Ronald Radosh, who while writing a book defending the Rosenburgs realized they were guilty
and abandoned the left studied music under Seeger who belatedly (2007) admitted Stalin was not so great and conceded that while in Russia "I should have asked to see the gulags".

Well now Seeger is no longer an Atheist, and in his current domain (so much like Stalins socialist paradise) neither his Communist ideology or his money will do him any good.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Common Core, The State Owns Your Children.

Penny Starr, writing at cnsnews.com writes concerning the plans our liberal masters have for our country.
At a meeting of the Center For American Progress, a think tank headed by former Clinton flunky John Podesta, one of  the panelist Paul Reville a former Education Secretary from Mass. proclaims that opponents of Common Core were a "small minority", were being unfair because children "belong to us all". Translation the children belong to the people which in liberal parlance always means the state.

Common Core is a new initiative that our owners hope will accelerate the secularization of our society by standardizing academic standards across the country. This means that the federal government is using grants and federal money to get its foot in the door to gain absolute control over our education system.

No doubt the Reich officials will use these common standards to try move against private education and home schoolers. The state cannot make its failed schools attractive even by making them free. These schools are essential to the governments religion. They believe that children are the common property to  the state and must be indoctrinated in the secular faith. In America, as in Germany and France there will soon be laws passed to eliminate non government education. The time has come for all concerned Americans to fight for the welfare of their and stand in opposition to the state and its false Gods.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman- Another Victim of A Decaying Culture

The news is reporting that the highly talent actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, (1967-2014), has died of a drug overdose. Yet another celebrity has become a victim of a social culture that that has embraced hedonistic secular humanism. Hoffman's suicide by heroin is another example of how the wealth and adulation of celebrity in America does not bring with any happiness or ultimate fulfillment.

Hoffman, tragically, like so many in our society, was the product of a broken home, and according to all the biographical data, had not been raised with any strong religious and moral convictions. He leaves behind 3 children from a long term relationship, that was never dignified with marriage. Early in his adulthood he began to become a serious drug abuser and addict.

Hoffman manage to overcome addiction and begin what became an enormously successful career, only at the height of his acclaim to relapse into heroin addiction. It is clear that his world view and his fame as an actor were not enough to prevent him from succumbing to the siren call of narcotics.

Hoffman was betrayed by the spiritual dead end that our modern society provides. He had become, like so many celebrities before him, miserable and unfulfilled. In the end,  the needle in his arm that he hope would end his pain, ended his life instead.

Pray for his family that they will find the only comfort possible, a faith in the Living God.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rand Paul Racist?

The NYT, already gearing up for the nest election has begun smearing all those Republicans that represent genuine conservative positions. First there was a  Jan 25 Rand Paul's Mixed Record, that Pauls call to reach out to the young and minorities is just a cover for his closet racism. Then came a further attack piece by Maureen Dowd on Feb. 1.

The article slams Paul because a former aide, Lew Rockwell was a member of the league of the south, and organization that has the effrontery to not celebrate the rape of the south by the Federal Government during the war between the states and reconstruction.

The article then goes on to attack the Mises institute. Presumably in their eyes libertarianism, because it is opposed to the Welfare state and creating a class depended on a paternal state is inherently racist. Sadly this chorus of attacks has borne fruit. Paul has already distanced himself from the Mises institute and embraced the unconstitutional civil rights act of 1964.

Is history reprising itself? Prior to the 1960 election Richard Nixon was known for embracing extremely conservative positions. After the 1960 election Nixon made his peace with the liberal Rockefeller wing of the party and from that point on was largely a liberal establishment Republican.

Is Paul following suit. Libertarianism lacks any real moral foundation. To the libertarian Freedom is an end not a means. Freedom to someone with a Theistic world view is a mean to free men to render their primary allegiance to God, Not to a state, race or economic class. Not that these things have no value but they may have only a limited claim on our allegiance. In Libertarianism, with its radical individualism, the primary allegiance is always to ones selfish interest. This quite naturally appeals to man in his fallen state.

Only time will tell if Paul will make a deal with the Republican establishment.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Chronicle of England's Demise

breibart.com Reports a recent BBC program which shows that in one in nine English schools English is not the primary language of the majority of the students. It cites the facts their are dozens of schools where 95%
of the student body don't speak English as a first language and in hundreds its over 75%.

This is just one more example of the coalition between guilty white liberals who wish the suicide of the west, and big business which will sacrifice the nation to for the short term profits of cheap labor. The business community and the upper classes are as blind as the aristocrats of France in 1789 and Russia in 1917.  Until the last moment when the mobs break down the walls of their gated communities and hang them they will think that they will survive there sacrificing of the working class.

The guilty white liberals on the other hand, believe that their elitest, cosmopolitan,  national public radio way of life will be able to go on in the wake of the coming collapse of western civilization. The masses of the third world breaking down the gates to emigrate to western countries will lose as well. When they become the majority then America will become a third world country.

The northern European culture, the product of 2000 years of Christianity and 500 of Protestantism can only be sustained by a people who have been cultivated in that culture. los Angeles will become Mexico City. Detroit will become Karachi, and Haiti.

It remains to be seen if England has passed the tipping point and is hopeless. one hopes that  the people in England will awake and take their country back. However the brain-numbing effects of the modern education system and popular culture are devastating. Pray for the people of England and Europe. Pray for our people as well.

Democratic Traitors and Republican Betrayers.

Pat Buchanan has written an article at www.cnsnews.com. Titled "How The GOP lost Middle Class America." He describes about the coming cave in by the Republicans on Immigration. In it he demonstrates clearly how the Republican party has concluded that their wealthy big-money contributors are of more value
than their ordinary voters whose only role comes when they need to get elected.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obama's state of the Reich speech Rule by the "Führerprinzip"

the Obamaprinzip
Obama in his state of the Union address outlined a bold new direction for American government, Executive rule. Actually this is not really new, it has been used in the past. In Nazi Germany government was based on the "Führerprinzip" which translates as "the leader principle" This was the notion that the Fuhrer, (Hitler) was the source of all power and that he was above all written law. This wonderful idea gave Germany such wonders as the autobahn, the Volkswagen, world war two, and the holocaust.  Like Louis XIV, the tyrant of France Obama has declared " "L'État, c'est moi" (I am the State!)

What awaits us with the rule of our Fuhrer remains to be seen. We have a constitution in this country, but so did the Weimar Republic,(and Stalin's Russia for that matter). Our president has simply decided to ignore it and rule by his own whim. Even FDR felt that he had to at least go through the motions of acting constitutionally, and when he went to far, as when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, a coalition of Republicans and Conservative Democrats rose up to stop him.

Well the Conservative Democrats are an extinct species, and we have every reason to doubt that the leadership of the Republican Party will have the courage to act to stand up to this dictator. Like Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, and Lenin, Obama believes himself to be above the law. Like these evil dictators of the past he has come to power at a time when a timid opposition will not take action. Like those dictators of the past his usurpation of power will lead to oppression and war.

With the help of the media, his active puppets like Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz and even court jester like Sheila Jackson Lee (who apparently believes weve been to Mars) Obama is shackling the American people with the chains of slavery. Since the so-called leadership of the so-called opposition is unwilling to act the American people must. The governments of the states which still value their Liberty must refuse to enforce the unconstitutional acts of the President. Federal employees must uphold their oaths to the Constitution and refuse to carry them out. Groups like the tea party must move from protest to non-violent passive resistance.

The time has come for the nation of Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams to turn off the TV, get off the recliner and go to work to free our land from tyranny!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pagan Ceremony at Grammys

This years Grammy awards demonstrated that humanist America has adopted a new religion. This pagan religion performed a major ritual this week. Firstly you had a group marriage ceremony including "gay" couples. One might ask why a marriage ceremony would be performed at an "entertainment" event. Because the event was a religious rite and sodomy is one of its sacraments. By performing the ceremony the Grammy organizers intended to "sanctify" the practice.

Even more blatant was the "performance" of Katy Perry. Her Dionysian rite consisted of gyrating with a broom while surrounded by "dancers" dressed as demons. This has become a rather wearisome practice. Perry, like Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, and others are encouraged to engage in ever more despicable performances to demonstrate that they are no longer "good girls". Historically this has been a practice of the occult wherein the initiate, if they are a former professed Christian, must perform a ritual act of desecration in
order to be accepted as an initiate.

No doubt these performers will be celebrated for their behavior. Like a host of female celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna they will find they have to engage in ever more degeneracy to stay in the public limelight. Some like Monroe will succumb entirely to the self destructive nature of their acts and will destroy themselves. They will be the ritual sacrifices that our secular religion requires.

The secular state, like the Roman Empire with its God emperors, will demand submission. All must acquiesce to its demands that they participate in the societal cult. The gay activists for example have said acceptance and tolerance are not enough they must be celebrated. We know that as he has throughout history, God will maintain a remnant for Himself. We must pray for His protection and that if it be his will he will bring a Reformation to our society.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger, Communist Icon dies at 94

To the great lament of the American media, "folk singer", Pete Seeger died this week. For decades Seeger did his best to promote the image of international Communism and to ignore the horrors that it had inflicted upon the world. This led to an adulation by the American left which knew no bounds.

Seeger in his journey managed to follow every twist and turn in the Moscow party line. Before the Hitler-Stalin pact he supported the popular front against fascism. With the pact he then became a pacifist singing against war. About the time Hitler invaded Russia, he turned and became an anti-fascist crusader again.

With the end of WW2 Seeger once again became an opponent for war, well for American war at least.
It is claimed that at some point he turned against the Soviet line but no evidence of this can be found in his music. It certainly didn't stop him from accepting a "peace" medal from the East German government.

Seeger always was known for his support for human rights, at least for the human rights of those west of the Berlin wall. Needless to say he fueled the counter-cultures love affair with the Viet Cong. He was also known for his violent hatred for historic Christianity mocking God and the Christian Church.Naturally this and his being a traitor guaranteed he would receive awards from the American government. Those who protested about this were told that he was just a singer. As Pat Buchanan once pointed out imagine if Seeger had been an ex-nazi instead of a current communist. Do you imagine the results would have been the same?
(yes this is a rhetorical question).

Well at this point Mr. Seeger is discovering the flaws in his Atheistic conclusion and is answering to a judge who remember the cries of Communism's victims. For Him, unlike American liberals, their lives had meaning, and Mr. Seeger will have to answer for the part he played in defending their murderers.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The U.S. - #1 Supporter of Christian Persecution!

According to the annual survey of Christian persecution , Worldwatch List, of the top 15 persecutors of Christians in the world, 5 of them have the unique distinction of being the beneficiaries of United State support. Two of the countries, Iraq and Afghanistan have had governments established by the U.S., at enormous cost to America in Lives and wealth.

Two others, Libya and Egypt have U.S. support for their "Arab spring" revolutions. In both of these countries Christians have faced death and persecution, leading to thousands of believers fleeing the country.
While their is some hope that Egypt will follow a more moderate course with its new constitution, It is unlikely its government will be able to control the mobs that rampage against Christians.

This is an old story. In WWI we fought to keep the world safe for Democracy only to pave the way for the second world war. In the Second World War we fought for the freedom of Europe only to bring down an iron curtain over half of it for decades. In the Cold war we fought those who we helped to occupy the areas dominated by Communism in WW2. Fortunately they either went broke before we did, like the Soviet Bloc, or modified their ideology like China and Vietnam.

Now perpetual war is liberating the middle east to guarantee the domination of that region by Islamist fanatics. How many Untold billions of dollars and lost lives will result remains to be seen. But the final result is as predictable as in the previous conflicts.

At the end of the cold war the United States, as the sole remaining super power had the opportunity to get of this hamster-wheel of perpetual war. We should have focused on our national interest in the western hemisphere, regained our economic independence. Instead we have mortgaged our independence to China, big oil, and global government.

Pray for the persecuted Church and our Brethren. Our politicians have demonstrated they are willing to offer them up on the altar of profits and global government.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Example of the High Cost of "Free Trade"

Pat Buchanan, at humanevents.com, discusses yet another consequence of our nations so-called free trade policy. The United States is discovering. It now turns out that the Factories that the U.S. have exported to China turn out to not have the environmental controls that plants in the west do.

The smog from factories in China, not choosing to remain there is being
blown across the Pacific to American soil. One of the little exports China is now excelling in is "Black Carbon", which is arriving on our doorstep bringing cancer, heart and lung ailments, and emphysema. Oh well, at least the health care industry can see enough increased profits to off-set Obama care.
The Chinese government is now arguing that the United States should help pay the cost of cleaning up China's environment. No doubt, those subsidiaries of Wal-Mart, the President and Congress will fork over the cash.

China, in dealing with America takes a carrot and stick approach. The carrot is the promise of  Huge short term profits to big business which then bribes the politicians to work against the interests of the people. The stick is its increased belligerence threatening it's neighbors and gloating at which American cities its nuclear weapons can reach.

The political and economic contradictions that China faces in giving lip service to its Marxist ideology, while maintaining an oligarchical Kleptocracy are obvious. Only the fact that eastern culture prizes obedience and maintaining the status quo keeps the system together,combinedwith the fact that China, unlike the US is increasing the wages of its working class holds things together. China could suddenly collapse.

However history has shown one of the ways to keep such a society together is to get the people dreaming of empire. China is obviously embarked on this path. Only if the American people fight to regain their constitutional role from the global business oligarchy in the country can we be truly safe frome the bullying of China.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Conservatives Face Hollywood Blacklist.

John Hayward at www.humanevents.com reports on the growing phenomenon of conservatives being made unwelcome in the motion picture/tv  complex. First Maria Conchita Alonso was removed from a Spanish language version of "The Vagina Monologues" due to her unforgivably appearing in a commercial for a tea party candidate for the California governors race, Tim Donnelly.

Alonzo, born in Cuba, and who knows about Bolshevism, had famously called Sean Penn a Communist for his support Hugo Chavez. Penn, demonstrated his intelligence and vocabulary by referring to her as a "pig". Apparently her support for a Republican was just too much so she had to leave the production. Assessing the  famed tolerance of the San Francisco audience at which the play was aimed she asserted her removal was "for the best."

In addition their is a group of Hollywood conservative called "friends of Abe (Lincoln). This group whose members for the most part are anonymous for fear of retaliation if their views are known, has been place on the IRS' hit list of groups to be audited.

Now we learn that Dinesh D'Souza will have to pay the price for making a movie criticizing our great helmsman Obama. Having written books, and produced a movie not approving of fearless leader. He now finds himself under indictment.  According to the authorities he bundled too much money into the 2012 senate campaign of Wendy Long in NY.  It has been pointed out that the Administrations attorneys have been reluctant to enforce these laws in pursuit of Democrats.

Its interesting that those who would denounce the blacklist of the 1950s, are so anxious to reprise it against conservatives. The "victims" of the blacklist then were Communist, supporters of the greatest mass-murderers in human history. Today they are regarded as heroes and their support for Stalin is seen as merely "youthful enthusiasm". In much the same way, Obama's 60's counter-culture cronies were waving Vietcong flags and calling for bringing the Vietnam War to the streets of America. Today the work in the Administration and the halls of our Universities.

Let us hope that those patriots in entertainment will have the courage to resist the attacks of the left.

Friday, January 24, 2014

According to foxnews.com, A woman in Detroit reports that he 8 year old autistic son was told not to bring his Bible to class to read in his spare time. Jessica Cross, a resident of the sultanate of Dearborn Heights, Mich. said that her 8 year old son Jason, would bring his Bible to school to read during free periods.

A vigilant instructor at the school informed the lad that the book was "only for church and not for school " It is not clear whether the teacher was just being a "good Nazi" or was simply shocked that an 8 year old student in the Detroit public school system could actually read.

The Superintendent of the school has now graciously conceded that the student can bring his Bible to school.
This is simply another example of the intimidation of Christians by the public school system. Does one really think this would occur to anyone reading a Koran or any other non-Christian religious text.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wendy Davis' Texas Sized Lies!

Wendy Davis, (to whom I must say I hope I am not even distantly related), has come-a-cropper, in her political career due to the discovery of fabrication of her past. She initially claimed she was 19 when she divorced when in reality she was 21. Unfortunately she had to be under oath to testify truthfully. She has also admitted that other elements of her sob story have been highly embroidered.

She now admits for example that her proud struggling in a trailer park lasted only a few months and that her second husband actually helped pay her way through college when, according to her husband, she broke of the relationship as soon as he made the last payment of her law school loan." I made the last payment and the next day she left." Of course her bio said she paid her way with scholarships and loans.

Wendy Davis, who rocketed to liberal stardom by thwarting a bill to limit the baby killing industry in Texas. She has been revealed to have a very casual attitude to maternal responsibility having relinquished custody to two children by her 1st two husbands. Davis, who's was counter-sued for divorce for adultery clearly has trouble dealing with moral responsibilities.

Naturally the left has avoided saying much about this, and attacking conservative media for mentioning it.
Historically Democratic politicians from Huey Long to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were quite good at "poor-mouthing" about there youthful poor roots which proved to be fibs. Clearly the media will not hold them to any kind of standards as long as they hew to the party line.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lord Deliver Us- Mexico Outraged Over Murderer!

another "dreamer" that
big business republicans
and diversity democrats want
millions more of
Word arrives that the Government of Mexico is extremely angry that the state of Texas is about to execute one of its nationals Edgar Tamayo, for murdering a police officer, Guy Gaddis in cold blood. One wonders how Mexico will punish us for this outrage. One may hope by stopping the exportation of its citizens to drive down wages and commit murders in our country- but I doubt it.

L. Ron Caners lies continue!

The blog Witnesses Unto Me contains very interesting information regarding the Lawsuits brought by the disgrace(d) Ergun (L. Ron) Caner against those who are actually sourcing his speeches to prove that he is a liar. Apparently his opinion is if it works for Scientology it can work for him.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obama "They don't like me because I'm black"

Obama recently gave an Interview to the New Yorker Magazine in which he Stated, "some folks dont like me because I'm black." Obama opined that in his re-election run in 2012 he had the smallest white vote of any winning candidate. He also decided his declining poll numbers, blaming loss of white support.

Of course the reality is that Obama was only elected to the presidency because he was black. Given his lack of qualifications it is the only thing that could have gotten him the job.
 Is he really arguing that there were people who voted for him, who then discovered he was black and turned on him in the polls.

These remarks make it clear  just how desperate that the Obama administration is to find some excuse for his failures. Now of courses he reaches for that old favorite, the race card. Of course black conservative candidates have been supported by white conservatives, like Alan Keyes, Herman Caine, and the current support for Dr. Ben  Carson.

Clearly Obama has no conscience, one begins to wonder if he has any sense of reality.