Saturday, March 22, 2014

The March 13 issue of National Review Online has a brilliant article by Jeff Session entitled , "Becoming the Party of Work" in which he demonstrates how the Republican Party facing the Obama-induced economic disaster of declining wages, increased unemployment, and record food stamp rolls, offered as a solution an amnesty designed to flood the country with illegal immigrants. The results were predictable. The Republican establishment seems to have dedicated itself to becoming a parody of the liberal medias depiction of it.
Session also demonstrated why he should be the parties nominee and why he probably wont be. (my pick would be a Sessions-Carson ticket!)

NR then followed up with an excellent article by Arthur Herman on Obama's gutting of the American military, reducing our army to pre-1940 levels and our navy to pre -WW1 levels, while at the same time the administration commits it to ever more missions. As one who believes in an America First policy in global strategy, I nevertheless feel that a strong military is necessary to deter potential aggression, particularly in a world where you have an revaunchist Russia and an increasingly aggressive China.

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