Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jeremiah Denton - American Hero Dies at 89

Jeremiah Denton, whose defiant resistance while a prisoner of the Communists during the Vietnam War made him a National hero has died. Denton who blinked his eyes to signal "torture" in morse code, refuted the lies of traitors like Jane Fonda and told the world what was going on in the Communist POW camps.

After his return to America, he continued to serve his nation, being elected the 1st Republican in the US Senate in 100 years. There he served on the Senate Commitee on Subversion and terrorism where he fought to reveal the actions of traitors on American soil such as the Soviet controlled nuclear freeze movement. After being defeated due to a very dirty campaign by Richard Shelby, (his campaign manager suggested that if Denton had been smart he would not have been captured), he became a conservative political activist.

Senator and Rear Admiral Denton was a true American. I met him once at a rally condemning the Soviets for the KAL-007 shootdown. He was a dedicated patriot and a true gentleman.

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