Friday, March 28, 2014

World Vision Shameful Capitulation- and its Re-Capitulation!

After 1st saying that it was changing it's policy allowing employees to engage in so-called "same sex marriage", the organization has now reversed it's policy back to prohibiting such unions. Many, including Dr. Al Mohler have praised this decision as an act of repentance.

However, one has to ask, is it? It is clear that they changed the policy the first time because they wanted to do it. It appears they have reversed the policy because they were pressured to do so. World Vision seems to have increasingly embraced what used to be known as the social Gospel. This was a movement that emphasized the humanitarian and charitable work of the church while minimizing the preaching of the Gospel.
A classic example was the writer Pearl Buck.

It is clear that world vision wanted to compromise Christian moral teaching because it detracted from what it considers primary- charity. An uncompromising stand in defense of the biblical teaching on sodomy would, in the current social climate bring criticism, and endanger the all important monetary contributions.

With our societies abandonment of Western Christian Civilization, the new culture and its state will become increasingly hostile to dissent from Christians. Some Christian groups will cave in, much like the old "approved" Churches in the Soviet Union and the "three self patriotic movement" in China. World Vision has made it clear where it will take its stand when the temperature rises.

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