Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obama's state of the Reich speech Rule by the "Führerprinzip"

the Obamaprinzip
Obama in his state of the Union address outlined a bold new direction for American government, Executive rule. Actually this is not really new, it has been used in the past. In Nazi Germany government was based on the "Führerprinzip" which translates as "the leader principle" This was the notion that the Fuhrer, (Hitler) was the source of all power and that he was above all written law. This wonderful idea gave Germany such wonders as the autobahn, the Volkswagen, world war two, and the holocaust.  Like Louis XIV, the tyrant of France Obama has declared " "L'État, c'est moi" (I am the State!)

What awaits us with the rule of our Fuhrer remains to be seen. We have a constitution in this country, but so did the Weimar Republic,(and Stalin's Russia for that matter). Our president has simply decided to ignore it and rule by his own whim. Even FDR felt that he had to at least go through the motions of acting constitutionally, and when he went to far, as when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, a coalition of Republicans and Conservative Democrats rose up to stop him.

Well the Conservative Democrats are an extinct species, and we have every reason to doubt that the leadership of the Republican Party will have the courage to act to stand up to this dictator. Like Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, and Lenin, Obama believes himself to be above the law. Like these evil dictators of the past he has come to power at a time when a timid opposition will not take action. Like those dictators of the past his usurpation of power will lead to oppression and war.

With the help of the media, his active puppets like Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz and even court jester like Sheila Jackson Lee (who apparently believes weve been to Mars) Obama is shackling the American people with the chains of slavery. Since the so-called leadership of the so-called opposition is unwilling to act the American people must. The governments of the states which still value their Liberty must refuse to enforce the unconstitutional acts of the President. Federal employees must uphold their oaths to the Constitution and refuse to carry them out. Groups like the tea party must move from protest to non-violent passive resistance.

The time has come for the nation of Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Adams to turn off the TV, get off the recliner and go to work to free our land from tyranny!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pagan Ceremony at Grammys

This years Grammy awards demonstrated that humanist America has adopted a new religion. This pagan religion performed a major ritual this week. Firstly you had a group marriage ceremony including "gay" couples. One might ask why a marriage ceremony would be performed at an "entertainment" event. Because the event was a religious rite and sodomy is one of its sacraments. By performing the ceremony the Grammy organizers intended to "sanctify" the practice.

Even more blatant was the "performance" of Katy Perry. Her Dionysian rite consisted of gyrating with a broom while surrounded by "dancers" dressed as demons. This has become a rather wearisome practice. Perry, like Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, and others are encouraged to engage in ever more despicable performances to demonstrate that they are no longer "good girls". Historically this has been a practice of the occult wherein the initiate, if they are a former professed Christian, must perform a ritual act of desecration in
order to be accepted as an initiate.

No doubt these performers will be celebrated for their behavior. Like a host of female celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna they will find they have to engage in ever more degeneracy to stay in the public limelight. Some like Monroe will succumb entirely to the self destructive nature of their acts and will destroy themselves. They will be the ritual sacrifices that our secular religion requires.

The secular state, like the Roman Empire with its God emperors, will demand submission. All must acquiesce to its demands that they participate in the societal cult. The gay activists for example have said acceptance and tolerance are not enough they must be celebrated. We know that as he has throughout history, God will maintain a remnant for Himself. We must pray for His protection and that if it be his will he will bring a Reformation to our society.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger, Communist Icon dies at 94

To the great lament of the American media, "folk singer", Pete Seeger died this week. For decades Seeger did his best to promote the image of international Communism and to ignore the horrors that it had inflicted upon the world. This led to an adulation by the American left which knew no bounds.

Seeger in his journey managed to follow every twist and turn in the Moscow party line. Before the Hitler-Stalin pact he supported the popular front against fascism. With the pact he then became a pacifist singing against war. About the time Hitler invaded Russia, he turned and became an anti-fascist crusader again.

With the end of WW2 Seeger once again became an opponent for war, well for American war at least.
It is claimed that at some point he turned against the Soviet line but no evidence of this can be found in his music. It certainly didn't stop him from accepting a "peace" medal from the East German government.

Seeger always was known for his support for human rights, at least for the human rights of those west of the Berlin wall. Needless to say he fueled the counter-cultures love affair with the Viet Cong. He was also known for his violent hatred for historic Christianity mocking God and the Christian Church.Naturally this and his being a traitor guaranteed he would receive awards from the American government. Those who protested about this were told that he was just a singer. As Pat Buchanan once pointed out imagine if Seeger had been an ex-nazi instead of a current communist. Do you imagine the results would have been the same?
(yes this is a rhetorical question).

Well at this point Mr. Seeger is discovering the flaws in his Atheistic conclusion and is answering to a judge who remember the cries of Communism's victims. For Him, unlike American liberals, their lives had meaning, and Mr. Seeger will have to answer for the part he played in defending their murderers.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The U.S. - #1 Supporter of Christian Persecution!

According to the annual survey of Christian persecution , Worldwatch List, of the top 15 persecutors of Christians in the world, 5 of them have the unique distinction of being the beneficiaries of United State support. Two of the countries, Iraq and Afghanistan have had governments established by the U.S., at enormous cost to America in Lives and wealth.

Two others, Libya and Egypt have U.S. support for their "Arab spring" revolutions. In both of these countries Christians have faced death and persecution, leading to thousands of believers fleeing the country.
While their is some hope that Egypt will follow a more moderate course with its new constitution, It is unlikely its government will be able to control the mobs that rampage against Christians.

This is an old story. In WWI we fought to keep the world safe for Democracy only to pave the way for the second world war. In the Second World War we fought for the freedom of Europe only to bring down an iron curtain over half of it for decades. In the Cold war we fought those who we helped to occupy the areas dominated by Communism in WW2. Fortunately they either went broke before we did, like the Soviet Bloc, or modified their ideology like China and Vietnam.

Now perpetual war is liberating the middle east to guarantee the domination of that region by Islamist fanatics. How many Untold billions of dollars and lost lives will result remains to be seen. But the final result is as predictable as in the previous conflicts.

At the end of the cold war the United States, as the sole remaining super power had the opportunity to get of this hamster-wheel of perpetual war. We should have focused on our national interest in the western hemisphere, regained our economic independence. Instead we have mortgaged our independence to China, big oil, and global government.

Pray for the persecuted Church and our Brethren. Our politicians have demonstrated they are willing to offer them up on the altar of profits and global government.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Example of the High Cost of "Free Trade"

Pat Buchanan, at, discusses yet another consequence of our nations so-called free trade policy. The United States is discovering. It now turns out that the Factories that the U.S. have exported to China turn out to not have the environmental controls that plants in the west do.

The smog from factories in China, not choosing to remain there is being
blown across the Pacific to American soil. One of the little exports China is now excelling in is "Black Carbon", which is arriving on our doorstep bringing cancer, heart and lung ailments, and emphysema. Oh well, at least the health care industry can see enough increased profits to off-set Obama care.
The Chinese government is now arguing that the United States should help pay the cost of cleaning up China's environment. No doubt, those subsidiaries of Wal-Mart, the President and Congress will fork over the cash.

China, in dealing with America takes a carrot and stick approach. The carrot is the promise of  Huge short term profits to big business which then bribes the politicians to work against the interests of the people. The stick is its increased belligerence threatening it's neighbors and gloating at which American cities its nuclear weapons can reach.

The political and economic contradictions that China faces in giving lip service to its Marxist ideology, while maintaining an oligarchical Kleptocracy are obvious. Only the fact that eastern culture prizes obedience and maintaining the status quo keeps the system together,combinedwith the fact that China, unlike the US is increasing the wages of its working class holds things together. China could suddenly collapse.

However history has shown one of the ways to keep such a society together is to get the people dreaming of empire. China is obviously embarked on this path. Only if the American people fight to regain their constitutional role from the global business oligarchy in the country can we be truly safe frome the bullying of China.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Conservatives Face Hollywood Blacklist.

John Hayward at reports on the growing phenomenon of conservatives being made unwelcome in the motion picture/tv  complex. First Maria Conchita Alonso was removed from a Spanish language version of "The Vagina Monologues" due to her unforgivably appearing in a commercial for a tea party candidate for the California governors race, Tim Donnelly.

Alonzo, born in Cuba, and who knows about Bolshevism, had famously called Sean Penn a Communist for his support Hugo Chavez. Penn, demonstrated his intelligence and vocabulary by referring to her as a "pig". Apparently her support for a Republican was just too much so she had to leave the production. Assessing the  famed tolerance of the San Francisco audience at which the play was aimed she asserted her removal was "for the best."

In addition their is a group of Hollywood conservative called "friends of Abe (Lincoln). This group whose members for the most part are anonymous for fear of retaliation if their views are known, has been place on the IRS' hit list of groups to be audited.

Now we learn that Dinesh D'Souza will have to pay the price for making a movie criticizing our great helmsman Obama. Having written books, and produced a movie not approving of fearless leader. He now finds himself under indictment.  According to the authorities he bundled too much money into the 2012 senate campaign of Wendy Long in NY.  It has been pointed out that the Administrations attorneys have been reluctant to enforce these laws in pursuit of Democrats.

Its interesting that those who would denounce the blacklist of the 1950s, are so anxious to reprise it against conservatives. The "victims" of the blacklist then were Communist, supporters of the greatest mass-murderers in human history. Today they are regarded as heroes and their support for Stalin is seen as merely "youthful enthusiasm". In much the same way, Obama's 60's counter-culture cronies were waving Vietcong flags and calling for bringing the Vietnam War to the streets of America. Today the work in the Administration and the halls of our Universities.

Let us hope that those patriots in entertainment will have the courage to resist the attacks of the left.

Friday, January 24, 2014

According to, A woman in Detroit reports that he 8 year old autistic son was told not to bring his Bible to class to read in his spare time. Jessica Cross, a resident of the sultanate of Dearborn Heights, Mich. said that her 8 year old son Jason, would bring his Bible to school to read during free periods.

A vigilant instructor at the school informed the lad that the book was "only for church and not for school " It is not clear whether the teacher was just being a "good Nazi" or was simply shocked that an 8 year old student in the Detroit public school system could actually read.

The Superintendent of the school has now graciously conceded that the student can bring his Bible to school.
This is simply another example of the intimidation of Christians by the public school system. Does one really think this would occur to anyone reading a Koran or any other non-Christian religious text.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wendy Davis' Texas Sized Lies!

Wendy Davis, (to whom I must say I hope I am not even distantly related), has come-a-cropper, in her political career due to the discovery of fabrication of her past. She initially claimed she was 19 when she divorced when in reality she was 21. Unfortunately she had to be under oath to testify truthfully. She has also admitted that other elements of her sob story have been highly embroidered.

She now admits for example that her proud struggling in a trailer park lasted only a few months and that her second husband actually helped pay her way through college when, according to her husband, she broke of the relationship as soon as he made the last payment of her law school loan." I made the last payment and the next day she left." Of course her bio said she paid her way with scholarships and loans.

Wendy Davis, who rocketed to liberal stardom by thwarting a bill to limit the baby killing industry in Texas. She has been revealed to have a very casual attitude to maternal responsibility having relinquished custody to two children by her 1st two husbands. Davis, who's was counter-sued for divorce for adultery clearly has trouble dealing with moral responsibilities.

Naturally the left has avoided saying much about this, and attacking conservative media for mentioning it.
Historically Democratic politicians from Huey Long to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were quite good at "poor-mouthing" about there youthful poor roots which proved to be fibs. Clearly the media will not hold them to any kind of standards as long as they hew to the party line.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lord Deliver Us- Mexico Outraged Over Murderer!

another "dreamer" that
big business republicans
and diversity democrats want
millions more of
Word arrives that the Government of Mexico is extremely angry that the state of Texas is about to execute one of its nationals Edgar Tamayo, for murdering a police officer, Guy Gaddis in cold blood. One wonders how Mexico will punish us for this outrage. One may hope by stopping the exportation of its citizens to drive down wages and commit murders in our country- but I doubt it.

L. Ron Caners lies continue!

The blog Witnesses Unto Me contains very interesting information regarding the Lawsuits brought by the disgrace(d) Ergun (L. Ron) Caner against those who are actually sourcing his speeches to prove that he is a liar. Apparently his opinion is if it works for Scientology it can work for him.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obama "They don't like me because I'm black"

Obama recently gave an Interview to the New Yorker Magazine in which he Stated, "some folks dont like me because I'm black." Obama opined that in his re-election run in 2012 he had the smallest white vote of any winning candidate. He also decided his declining poll numbers, blaming loss of white support.

Of course the reality is that Obama was only elected to the presidency because he was black. Given his lack of qualifications it is the only thing that could have gotten him the job.
 Is he really arguing that there were people who voted for him, who then discovered he was black and turned on him in the polls.

These remarks make it clear  just how desperate that the Obama administration is to find some excuse for his failures. Now of courses he reaches for that old favorite, the race card. Of course black conservative candidates have been supported by white conservatives, like Alan Keyes, Herman Caine, and the current support for Dr. Ben  Carson.

Clearly Obama has no conscience, one begins to wonder if he has any sense of reality.

Monday, January 20, 2014

King. Kennedy, and Mandela: The liberal Pantheon

When the early Christian Church first began to spread throughout the known world a question arose. What were the false Gods and idols that were worshiped by the pagans? Various theories arose to explain this. One theory simple argued, via Romans 1, the the pagans refused to accept the true God and worshiped idols and Gods of the their own foolish invention.

A second belief held that the pagan gods were Satanic, demonic beings who performed lying feats and miracles to deceive the mass of people. A third, highly intriguing notion held that the "Gods", were simply men, powerful warriors and wise shamans who legend had magnified into Great Gods and heroes. Often these towering figures were the legendary ancestors of the rulers of a land.

Looking at last months orgy of adulation of Nelson Mandela and JFK, and this months celebration of MLK.
I believe we see this phenomenon springing forth anew. The reality and the myths about these mens lives are far apart.  Kennedy stumbled through four years of an ineffectual presidency only to have his legacy established by an assassins bullet.

Mandela was a thorough going Marxist who was forced into a more pragmatic position by the fall of the Soviet Union. His legacy is a crumbling South Africa whose only redeeming feature is that enough Europeans have remained to keep it from descending to the level of the rest of sub Saharan Africa.

Of the three King actually had the least accomplishment. From plagiarizing his Doctoral thesis to his personal moral decadence, to staffing his organization with committed Communist, kings entire life was a myth and a lie. His legacy is that of the welfare state with its soaring illegitimacy and crime that infest the black community. yet every year his portrait stares down Lenin-like from every wall.

Like the pagan Gods of old, the  Kennedys, King, and Mandela are  part of the new pantheon of the American left. Their mythology has become reality and the sad truth is banished down the memory hole.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Government Demands Italian Journalist to Support Homosexual Aims

The Newsite, is reporting that the Italian State's Ministry for Equal Opportunities, has sent out guidelines requiring journalist to write articles that do not "discriminate", against homosexuals and transsexuals. It says that talk show cannot have programs that debate or show two sides regarding sodomy but can only do shows that portray it in a positive light.

The guidelines will graciously permit public statements by political figures and groups but must be careful not to reveal any support for the statements which must be placed in quotations. They must then explain that the opinions expressed are wrong.

The guidelines make it clear to journalist that they can be punished including loss of job and further penalties that will befall them when new "anti-homophobia legislation" is passed. the guidelines even state what words can be used.  Sex and Gender must be distinguished from each other "Sexual Orientation" must be used instead of "preference" to make clear it is not a matter of choice.

Journalist will not be allowed to mention the possibility of a homosexual changing. (of course mentioning a normal person becoming a homosexual would be ok.) Journalist are told to say that someone declares they are homosexual rather than flaunt or confess because that would imply homosexuality is a sin which the guidelines, in their theological wisdom declare it is not.

Italian statesman, Allesandro Pagano, describing the guidelines as Absurd and being reminiscent of fascist
intimidation of journalists. According to Pagano the first target of the guidelines will obviously be religious journalists, and those who oppose the sodomites from religious motivations.

This is an example of just how far the left and the homophile lobby will go to further their agenda. They don't want to debate you, or argue with you they want to shut you up. The growing global statists and their Gaystapo will not stop until they have silenced every voice that could be raised against them. In Italy, Like Europe, and Like America, the lights of civilization are going out. The alternatives are clear: repentance or judgement.

Solzhenitsyn's warning to a declining America

Excerpts from a warning to America by one of the moral giants of our age.

Narnia, Star Wars, and the Book of Mormon

One of the fascinating things that I have discovered in studying Mormonism and reading the Book of Mormon is just how utterly it is utterly unlike what it purports to be- a historical narrative. Having read ancient historical narratives like Tacitus, Eusebius, Suetonius, and Josephus, I get the sense that the authors are firmly rooted in a real solid three dimensional world.

The Book of Mormon on the other hand is more reminiscent, if not as well written as a fanciful account like Geoffrey of Monmouth's "History of Britain", which spun an entirely fictional account of how Britain was settled by Brutus, a Roman, who was descended from Aeneas who fled from the fall of Troy.

The Book of Mormon has been totally refuted by archaeology, which have unearthed no evidence of the
supposedly vast nations of the book. It has been refuted by Zoology, mentioning horses, elephants, other animals not native to Pre-Columbian America. It has been refuted ethnology, DNA, and linguistics which demonstrate no connection between the aboriginal Americans and Jews. And it has been refuted by its many historical and linguistic anachronisms, such as swords and synagogues in Pre-Columbian America.

The world of the Book of Mormon has no historical context whatsoever. It is a flat and lifeless place that cannot be mapped and has left absolutely no evidence of its having ever existed. It does not even have the imaginative appearance of reality that one finds in Narnia or Middle Earth because Smith, highly intelligent,
but poorly educated, did not have the literary talent of even a John Bunyan,

Nevertheless several million people purport to believe the book and its claims. I have often wondered why.
Then one realizes how many people believe unbelievable things. Thousands in England and America to believe in the "Jedi" religion from Star Wars. While many have taken it as a joke for some it is an obvious reality, certainly as real as the Lamanites and  Nephites.

People have a remarkable capacity for self deception. Look up the Unarius Society, or Aetherius society.
In recent years, as many refutations of the Book of Mormon have arisen, more liberal Mormons have simply embraced the post-modern view that the historical truth of  the book is irrelevant, so long as they get a buzz of it. Non liberal minds, however know that truth is important and will recognize Joseph Smiths journey through the wardrobe, lacks both historical reality,and the spiritual truth of Lewis'

One may appreciate the skill with which an author weaves a fantasy world like Narnia or Middle Earth.
However it is extremely foolish to get your spiritual values and stake the salvation of your soul on fiction.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Egypts New Constitution, Hopeful Sign?

Results from Egypt are in, and indications are that the Egyptian population has voted overwhelmingly to support the new proposed constitution for Egypt. The new constitution is seem as a significant moderation of the Constitution proposed by supporter of Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood member.

The vote showed that over 97% were recorded as having voted no. If the process is legitimate the vote is  a major support for General and prospective presidential candidate, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who staged the removal of Morsi from power, in July, 2013.

 If the Egyptian people support El-Sisi over Morsi. it could very well be a sign that they have repudiated the methods and goals of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi and the Brotherhood boycotted the vote while their Islamic Fundamentalists rivals in the Nour party.

If the majority of Egyptians sincerely support El-Sisi, and the new Constitution it could be an indication that the Fervor for fanatical Islamic fundamentalism is beginning to wane, at least in Egypt. This would certainly be wonderful news for Egypt's Coptic Christians.

It would be ironic if Egypt deposed the military ruler Mubarak only to replace him with a military ruler in only three years. Among other things it presents the dilemma to the west. Historically we have favored Representative governments, but when given a choice between a politically hostile regime that is democratically elected vs a friendly regime that isn't, what do we do?

Such dilemmas are the product of our interventionist foreign policy. It is road which leads to supporting rulers  who may be "SOBs, but at least they're our SOBs."

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Mexico and the "Happy Death"

The New York Times, in an article by Eric Eckholm, reports that a New Mexico Court has ruled that the terminally ill have a constitutional right to assisted suicide. This case was brought by two doctors who wanted to poison a cancer patient who stated she wanted to die.

It is clear that America is preparing to go the way of Europe in following its obsession with death. Since laws have been initiated in places like Belgium and the Netherlands where assisted suicide is being used for everything up to depression and has led to the advocacy of assisted suicide for children. The line between voluntary and involuntary euthanasia is very thin and it is said in the Netherlands the elderly are afraid to go to the hospital for fear of being "euthanized." Interestingly they seem to only want to support it if it can be sanitized. They would not want to walk into the patients room and smother them with a pillow or shoot them.
(well maybe Jack Kevorikian would have!)

American is increasingly embracing death. It has concluded that human life have no objective values. The slide has begun. Abortion to infanticide to euthanasia, to ???? I can easily see the day when we have Gladiatorial combat and  "voluntary" human sacrifice . The presuppositions that will make it possible already exist. All that is necessary is for the liberal thinking to "evolve" consistently in that direction.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Israel Reject Kerry's "Messianic fervor"

The Israeli news webpage reports that the Israeli government and its defense minister Moshe Ya'alon have expressed great disappointment at the efforts of John Kerry and his attempt to negotiate. Ya'alon in discussing Kerry has made some very critical remarks regarding Kerry and his efforts.

Ya'alon stated the security agreement that Kerry brokered is "not worth the paper it is printed on." He went on to claim that kerry was "acting out of misplaced obsession and messianic fervor," and that after months there were no negotiations between Israel and Palestine but between Israel and the US. He concluded by saying that "the only thing that can save us is for Kerry to win a Nobel prize and leave us in peace.

All of this is telling not only for what it says about Kerry's abject incompetence, but also the total ineffectiveness of the Obama administrations foreign policy. The Obama administrations has a serious dilemma. How does it follow left wing orthodoxy and attack the Israelis for being a pro-western country while maintaining a sufficiently pro Israel position to retain its hold on the Jewish vote.

Consequently, the Obama administration has to assume a pro-Israel position with which it is not very comfortable. Thus it will, in it's middle eastern policy neither fish or cut bait. This puts the American Jewish community, (those of it that support the democrats)  in a difficult position of trying to reconcile its Support of liberalism which is becoming more and more anti Israeli, with its support for Israel.

USA Today Proclaims the Settled Truth of Evolution

USA Today, in an article by Tom Krattenmaker, has proclaimed the theory of evolution to be an established fact. He proclaims that since it is "settled science", it should not be a matter of opinion. He then proceeds to his real agenda, by quoting the Pew poll showing over 70% of Democrats support evolution ,while only 43% of Republicans which demonstrates a decline in support for the theory.

Of course, USA Today is the political mouthpiece of the American left, MSNBC in print. The agenda of the article is to portray opponents of evolution as ignorant and thus Republicans are ignorant. He argues that once the scientific community has made a commitment to a proposition, it cannot be dissented from. Of course everyone knows that "scientific" truth has never been unchanging. Within Evolution itself, there is an extreme amount of debate, with its internal heresies like "punctuated equilibrium". In addition, we should know, (most don't because the dominant media and academia don't want to talk about it,)that there are serious flaws and unanswered questions in the theory. See Evolution News.

In addition to making his political point he also attempts to teach theology, arguing that there is no conflict between Evolution and religion. (Which of course is why evolutionist oppose intelligent design with the same fanaticism with which they oppose creationism.) The reality is evolution has its origins in an attempt to explain origins without God. This is desperately sought by modern man. If he can get rid of God, he can get rid of God's Law and its claims upon him. The scriptures condemn greed, hatred, sexual immorality,perversion and other evil human activity. Evolution condemns nothing and cannot. In fact, in evolution, greed and immorality help the individual prevail in the evolutionary struggle to continue the propagation of their genes and can actually be seen as a positive.

This is why the architects of mass murder in our age, Marx and Hitler, both owed a tremendous debt to Darwin as justification of their theories. Darwin's legacy is the graveyards of Auschwitz and the Gulag, the Lao Gai and the abortion mills. The liberals in the West, with all of their professed love of mankind, cannot
tolerate anyone who dissents from Darwinism. They will defend it with all the tenacity that any believer will in defending the t
heological truths of religion.

So individuals like Krattenmaker proclaim to us that the reigning scientific orthodoxy has spoken. Today we are just told we should submit. How long will it be before we are made to submit?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

China to Aid Nicaraguan Communist to Build Canal

The "South China Morning post" has reported that the Communist gorvernt of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua have arrived in China to participate in talks to create a canal in Panama to Connect the Atlantic and Pacific.A Hong Kong development company has been commisioned by the government of Nicaragua to build the canal, at a cost of 40 Billion dollars.

The Chairman of the development company HKND, is giving assurances that the purpose of the canal is strictly commercial and has no military purpose. He also made the assertion that the government of China had no part in the commisioning of the canal.

The son of Communist Strongman Ortega, Laureno Ortega Murillo, led the delegation to China. meanwhile,  another member Francisco Siles, hailed the project as heralding  "a new historical phase" in Chinese-Nicaraguan relations.

Given the history of the two regimes and their reprensenatives, their assurances of the canals purpose . and the possible role of the Chinese regime in it must be taken as relatively valueless. It is becoming increasingly evident that the government in China is determined to achieve global economic and military hegemony, and seeks to achieve it at the expense of the west in general and America in particular.

Whether the canal will have a stragegic military role or not will depend on its structure and depth. Given China's massive naval building program it would seem likely it will be built with potential military use in mind. Apart from its military potential , the canal will certainly aid the Chinese regime in moving its exports throughout the North American market further eroding our manufactoring base, expanding our trade imbalance, and impovershing our working class.

Meanwhile China, facing regional and religious dissent, a working class that is demanding a bigger share of the pie will need something to divert its people from the disparities and contradictions in the Chinese Communist social structure. Add the fact that its one child policy means that there are millions more males that females, and the prospects of China becoming ever more agressive

Woody Allen: Lifetime achievement award goes to pedophile.

Word reaches us that the 2014,the Cecil B. DeMille  lifetime achievement award for 2014. This is interesting given Allen's history. Having abandoned his wife for his teenage step daughter making her his third wife and one of his many "significant others", Allen has demonstrated the sort of casual attitude to marriage that is de
rigueur in Hollywood.

In addition during his child custody battle with  his wife/step-daughters, mother, Allen was accused child molestation.  The 59 year old Allen was discovered to have nude photos of his 19 year old step daughter.
Allen a self described "militant Freudian Atheist", has devoted his life to attacking God and the personal morality that was Europe's inheritance from Christianity. This has made Allen a hero to the dominant culture in this country, and is his real "lifetime achievement."

Paul Johnson, in his classic work, Intellectuals demonstrated how many of the people he wrote about,
(Rousseau, Marx, Tolstoy, etc.) often discussed the great love they had for mankind, while they treated the individual men (and women) around them with contempt. Allen's life is the practical consequence of his world view and his work is the inevitable fruit of it.Like Picasso, he has a tremendous amount of talent, but like Picasso his work is twisted by the sheer ugliness of his world view,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Chris Cristie and the Politics of Triangulation

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, and a man who hungers for the White House like a starving wolf hungers for prey, finds himself in a great deal of hot water. Having confessed that his administration closed the most heavily trafficked bridge in the world for what was clearly political reasons, the would be presidential candidate, in an overwhelmingly Democrat controlled state, now discovers that an overwhelmingly left-wing media doesn't like him.

What a blow it must be for Christie! Having compromised the convictions he never had by refusing to contest the "gay" marriage ruling in New Jersey, he finds that selling out social conservatives did buy him the key to the liberal media's heart. The liberal  pundits are after him with all of the pious outrage, fervor, and remarks about him being a "fat" liar that they can scrape from the sewers of their minds.

One would have thought that the notion that there was dirty partisan politics in New Jersey would count as one of history's less shocking revelations. However to liberal media truth is what serves the party, and much like the late Senator Sam Ervin declaring Watergate to be the worst thing since the Civil War. Of course, it cuts both ways, Bill Clinton's having perjured himself and obstructed justice did "not rise to the level of impeachment."

Christie, like the bulk of the current leadership, follows Clinton in being a part of the Dick Morris school.
Morris, who argued that the key to success was to always maneuver between your opponent and the political "center". This strategy appeals to two types of political bottom-feeders. On the one hand, it appeals to moderate Republicans (notice they never call anyone a "liberal" Republican anymore.) They believe that the social conservatives and the rest of the Republican base, having no other choice, will vote for them no matter how many compromises they make.

On the other hand it appeals to the political left. Like Obama they know they can say anything they want during the election, and that they will not be held accountable. Christie is learning the hard truth that the rules are different from those like himself and those whose views appeal to the liberal media, entertainment complex, and pseudo-intelligentsia

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leroi Jones The Poet Laureate of Guilty White Liberals

Tim Graham at Newsbusters reveals about National Public Radio, the instrument of tax-payer financed left-wing, state sponsored errorism has heaped praise upon communist, racist, radical LeRoi Jones (black-racist name Amiri Baraka). The late Jones\Baraka was eulogized by the NPR program "All Things Considered who described his work as "achingly beautiful."

Jones/Baraka, the black racist ranter who devoted his work to such lifting themes as calling for the rape and murder of white people and blaming white people in general and Jews in particular for everything from corrupting the bible to being behind 911 is naturally a hero to the wealthy upper-class White and Jewish liberals who dominate NPR and make up its listeners.

From the 1960's on Jones/Baraka made a good living spinning his scam on guilty white liberals, spewing his filth in the guise of poetry and getting lucrative teaching jobs like a professorship at SUNY, with heavy grants from (of course), the National Endowment of the arts. The state of New Jersey was so embarrassed at his 911 poems that they had to remove him as poet laureate.

Naturally the author of such uplifting passages as  “cracking steel knuckles in a jewlady's mouth.” and
"Rape the White girls, rape their fathers. Cut the mothers throats," are music in the ears of the self loathing whited liberals of Peoples Republic Radio. No doubt the rich white liberals who give NPR what cash it doesnt squeeze from the taxpayers will pony up with even larger donations.

Faux Poet, faux Educator, and faux Muslim Jones/Baraka is, as we speak answering to a Judge on whom his hate-filled jive will have no impact. Sadly his legacy will be guaranteed by a generation of guilty white, self loathing liberals.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Justice at Last?

William Jasper reports at The New American, that the government of the Ukraine has arrested Josip Perkovic, a former secret police chief in the former Croatian branch of the former Yugoslavia.
Perkovic, 68 is accused of having arranged the assassination of Croatian nationalist Stjepan Djurekovic in Germany in 1983. This action was part of a campaign against Yugoslavian dissidents.

In addition to Perkovic the government of Croatia has issued warrants for nine other leaders of its former KGB clone. Sadly the Croatian government is only doing this because of the threat of loss of EU membership. It remains to be seen whether the murderers will actually be extradited to Germany to face justice.

If so it will be one of those extremely rare cases where the Communist who murdered millions will actually face some semblance of justice for their crimes. The liberal media, who celebrates every arrest of a nonagenarian nazi killer anywhere is the world is strangely silent about the crimes of the Communists. As Edvins Snore points out in his tremendous documentary, The Soviet Story, most of Stalin's surviving killers are enjoying comfortable retirement and boast of their crimes.

Worldwide the victims of Communist murder go unsung. From the Gulags to the Lao Gai, from Rhodesia to Budapest, from Havana to the Berlin Wall they cry out for justice. Those of us who are believers know they will receive justice in the next world. It is a black mark on our civilization that they will not receive

Photos taken by Khmer Rouge victims
prior to execution.
it in this one.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Israel, Abortion, and Decline

Albert Mohler, in the briefing for 1/18 discussed the adoption by Israel of the most liberal abortion laws in the world. Under Israeli laws almost any woman in the country can get a free abortion. This raises a couple of disturbing question. 1. It demonstrates that Israel is one of the most secular states in the world. With that secularism comes the consequences. Israel is in the developed world on the Biggest contributors to sex slavery.

According to sources including the Times of Israel up to 3,000 women per year are smuggled into Israel each year, mostly from the former Soviet Union.Brought there under false pretenses they find themselves working 7 days a week, up to 18 hours a day, and unable to leave.

Meanwhile, American dispensationalist continue to insist that the state is the fulfillment of God's prophecy. even though the Israeli government discriminates against Christians and makes it illegal for them to try to convert Jews.

Secondly Israel, like the other western nations is committing genetic suicide. Israel has such a low birth rate that it is not replacing its population, which is rapidly aging. Meanwhile its hostile neighbors have some of the highest birthrates in the world. One does not have to be a statistician to figure out where this will lead.

The west by embracing secular, humanistic, materialism has made a covenant with death. Barring an abandonment of that embrace and a return to its Christian values it is doomed. Israel with its commitment to rabid secularism and anti Christianity seems determined to point the way.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Obama. Debo, and Mumia- Insanity in America

Support for racist cop killer
by Communist
the forgotten victim
Our Chief executive Obama has demonstrated once again his commitment to racial tolerance by appointing the supporter of a racist murderer to the Justice Dept. This might seem inconsistent but since it was the black racist murderer, cop killer Wesley Cook, also known as Mumia Abu Jamal, its perfectly alright.

The nominee, who will head the departments civil division, Debo Adegbile gave representation and support to Jamal who Shot Philadelphia Police officer Daniel Faulkner. In spite of multiple witnesses, including 2 who heard Cook/Jamal's exclamation, "I shot the m***** f*****, I hope the m***** f***** dies.

Of course in America, black on white homicide is never cut and dried to the left and they, including Hollywood glitterati, have been trying for years to get the killer pardoned. Fortunately His guilt is so obvious even a succession of Democrat Presidents have passed on pardoning him.

Well this was not at all unpredictable. 1984 the Ministry of Truth was in charge of propaganda, The Ministry of Peace for war, etc. So naturally the Dystopic Obama administration puts such a creature in the Ministry of Justice. The Fraternal Order of Police have protested the appointment, but no doubt that will only encourage
the left, who think the police only exist to control the tea party.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jesus Not Allowed In School

Fox News' Todd Starnes writes about the report from Merced Elementary school in California, that Isaiah Martinez, 6, had his candy cane taken from him by a teacher who informed him "Jesus is not allowed in school!" His mistake was not to give out the candy , which could be scene as a metaphor of the entitlement state, or a celebration of Xmas commercialism, but the canes came with a message about Christmas, (the celebration not the sale.) The alert teacher immediately confiscated the offensive materials.

The teacher, Valerie Lu, immediately consulted her superior who confirmed her courageous decision to protect children from the evil Christian message.The vigilant Lu then ripped the Christian messages off the cane and then threw them into a box.

The hatred the Political-Educational-Hollywood complex has for Christianity is clear. Does anyone really imagine if the Child had been distributing Muslim, Jewish, Kwanzaa, or Gay messages that  Lu, (the article referred to her as "ms" a term I refuse to use,) would have been as proactive or felt the need to be.

Christians must prepare for this to increase. The hatred the unbelieving world has for Christ is insatiable.
They have certainly made Isaiah aware his beliefs are unwelcome.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Police state UK has reported that a new law is coming in Britain that would punish anyone whohas engaged or threatens to engage in conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to any person” The law which will apply to anyone 10 or older. Called "The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill ",Which might be more properly title the Orwell was a prophet bill. Even the left-wing Gaurdian magazine has described it as a law "to stop almost anyone from doing almost anything." 

Such legislation designed to thwart hate/thought crime which of course means any thinking of which the state does not approve. This should come as no surprise. The leftist state longs to control and regiment every second of life. Nothing and no one must deviate from the states plan.

At the same time the secular materialistic philosophy that dominates our land and Britain's, provides no objective moral code which would command the obedience of the people. The Postmodernist philosophy creates a world where everything is relative and nothing is obectivley valid. In such a world it becomes increasingly difficult to control the streets. Crime, and violence become epidemic. At the same time those, like the Christians ,  who feel they have an objective morality that is above the state must be suppressed. Pray for Britain and its revival and reformation. They are only a little further down the road than we are.

Monday, January 6, 2014

And The Number One Racist For 2013 is....

Newsbusters, reports the "The Daily Kos" , author, Denise Oliver Velez asked her reader to pick the worst racist
in America. Guess who won? The Klan? Nation of Islam? La Raza? Of course not. Ms Velez discerning readers proclaimed the "GOPs  Tea Party Wing" as the worst closely followed by Rush Limbaugh and  Fox News. A fact which will certainly be a surprise to Black, Hispanic, and Jewish Tea Party members, Limbaugh listeners, and Fox News fans. Beating out such "haters" Ted Cruz,and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson must have been a real challenge.

All liberals today ultimately  inherit their tactics and defense tactics from Marxist and Leninist. Racism no longer has a rational meaning but it has become a liberal smear word like Fascists!, Trotskyite! Deviationist!, or "running dog!"(always with the exclamation point!) They are substitutes for argument, allowing the dismissal of an opponent without fault.

Colorado, Weed, and the Libertarian Folly.

American youth celebrating civilizations
It was no great surprise that Colorado legalized the sale of Marijuana.  In a decaying civilization, the masses desire to drug themselves in order to not have to think about whats happening around them. They wish to dull the pain of living in a dying civilization and silence the voice of their consciences as they indulge themselves in deteriorating moral behavior.

What is clear is that this law will be both a disappointment to its backers and a slippery slope. Even though there will soon be more sellers of pot than Starbucks, The price will become as high as possible. This will reflect both the greed of the sellers and the desire of the gov. to tax pot at the same profitable levels it has taxed cigarettes.

But pots not like cigarettes. A very "satisfying" marijuana can easily be cultivated at home, with the right equipment, even in a closet. The high price will inevitably lead to "home grown" weed. The law already allows the growth of six plants. Who will then pay for the high priced blend when one can grow it for free?

This means the government will either have to forsake the revenue, or set a legal enforcement arm, "Pot revenuers?" to enforce its tax laws. This will eliminate the savings that pot advocates said would be made by law enforcement in policing drug laws.

Then there is the slippery slope. The Colorado Pot will not stop at the border. This will increase the cost of enforcing drug laws in surrounding states from the importation of "Boulder Gold",  and tempt those states to legalize there own pushers to cash in on illusionary revenues.

Meanwhile, many of the American working class will go from being stoned part-time to being stoned 24/7, making them less competitive and increasing demand for the importing of alien workers. In short the legalization of weed will create growing crime, will further degrade the poor, and will not satisfy the avarice of business and government alike.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Morrissey, Animal Rights, and the Fruits of Humanism

The website, Newsbusters, has an article about the aging Eighties pop star Morrissey, who has recently
asserted that there is no difference between Meat eating and Pedophilia. quoted in he states
"I see no difference between eating animals and pedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder,” declared the singer when asked “What is it that prompted you to stop eating meat?” The Meat Is Murder-singer continued, saying, “If I’m introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away.”

Tim Graham, author of the Newsbusters article then goes on to describe how the singer in 2011 compared the slaughter of human beings by Norwegian killer Anders Breivik by saying, "that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Shit every day." 

Earlier in 2009 he left a stage during a concert in Ca. saying, "I can smell burning flesh and I hope to God it's human."Apparently he smelled someone cooking meat. The self described "humansexual", does not confine his Lunacy to animal rights extremism.Singing about Margaret Thatcher he called in his album "Viva Hate," for Margaret Thatcher to be guillotined and asked "when will you die?"

Typical of the animal rights, abortion, and assisted suicide agitators the atheistic humanism that girds their philosophy denies the creature-creator distinction. Humanism in the renaissance began by making man the center of all things and by the 20th century it had reduced man to nothing but a collection of atoms. Morrissey is typical. Liking animals more than people he argues there's no difference between them. In reality he sees humans as worse. He would have no such anger at an animal eating another animal, only a human being eating an animal.

The more our society embraces Humanistic materialism the more we will see this type of view. As the scriptures say "those who hate me love death."

Read more:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fallujah Falls Another Battle in the Perpetual War.

News has reached us that Fallujah, a major battlefield in the Iraq war, is now in the hands of Islamic insurgents. They are also contesting for the control of of Ramallah. After the death of over 4,000 American soldiers and the expenditure of countless billions of dollars the government we set up is failing.

Neo-Conservatives, convinced the American people in the wake of 911, that we had an opportunity to spread democratic western style government throughout the middle east. What do we have to show for all our efforts? Iraq will fall either into the hands of Al-Qaeda or Iran. The Afghan government will disappear about 15 minutes after the American troops depart. And the Arab spring has led to a destabilizing of the whole middle east.

We are paying the price of interventionist foreign policy and our embrace of global economic interdependence. For all that we have spent, for all the lives that we have lost we are no more secure and the countries in which have intervened are no better than they were before.

Will our countries leaders learn from this or will they like a compulsive gambler, continue to throw good money, (and good lives), after bad in the desperate hope to salvage some result worth the cause? My suspicion is the latter The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama administration has learned the power it can accrue by waging a perpetual war, My guess is that they will use it to increase their control. Let us hope the American people will wake up for the sake of themselves and their children.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Flash! The Pope Has Not Abolished Sin!

The Vatican has released a statement assuring  the world that the bishop of Rome has not abolished sin. An Italian writer suggested this was the case given his writings and statements. The fact that the Roman Institution has to make such a statement clearly demonstrates just how theologically liberal Rome has become.

Of course the really fascinating thing is this. Given that the pope is supposedly infallible, what if he were to abolish sin? Would the papist feel obligated to follow?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing in the New Year With Perversion

Word is out that California's degeneracy will now extend to featuring a "gay wedding" atop a float at the Rose Bowl Parade.  The idea of two people of the same sex marrying, so contrary to reason and nature,
Moral degeneracy in Weimar Germany
led to Nazism. What will ours lead to?
would have been considered absurd only a generation ago but the pied pipers of Hollywood and Academia have enchanted the Flock of sheep that once were a free people.

In addition the Boy Scouts have made it clear that they are going to admit open Sodomites into it's ranks.
No doubt many will prove their\" tolerance" by sending their children off  to be molested, while most will
simply withdraw from the organization leading to its demise.

One would think the logic of turning someone attracted to young men loose on a group of young men
would smack of insanity. Imagine what the reaction would be if a normal man was trying to lead a girl scout pack. What would their reaction be then?

Well we live in a Post-Christian, Post-moral, and Post-rational society. I guess for the masses, as long as they have their pot, football, and Obamacare all is well. Pass the Joint and turn up the Miley Cyrus.