Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger, Communist Icon dies at 94

To the great lament of the American media, "folk singer", Pete Seeger died this week. For decades Seeger did his best to promote the image of international Communism and to ignore the horrors that it had inflicted upon the world. This led to an adulation by the American left which knew no bounds.

Seeger in his journey managed to follow every twist and turn in the Moscow party line. Before the Hitler-Stalin pact he supported the popular front against fascism. With the pact he then became a pacifist singing against war. About the time Hitler invaded Russia, he turned and became an anti-fascist crusader again.

With the end of WW2 Seeger once again became an opponent for war, well for American war at least.
It is claimed that at some point he turned against the Soviet line but no evidence of this can be found in his music. It certainly didn't stop him from accepting a "peace" medal from the East German government.

Seeger always was known for his support for human rights, at least for the human rights of those west of the Berlin wall. Needless to say he fueled the counter-cultures love affair with the Viet Cong. He was also known for his violent hatred for historic Christianity mocking God and the Christian Church.Naturally this and his being a traitor guaranteed he would receive awards from the American government. Those who protested about this were told that he was just a singer. As Pat Buchanan once pointed out imagine if Seeger had been an ex-nazi instead of a current communist. Do you imagine the results would have been the same?
(yes this is a rhetorical question).

Well at this point Mr. Seeger is discovering the flaws in his Atheistic conclusion and is answering to a judge who remember the cries of Communism's victims. For Him, unlike American liberals, their lives had meaning, and Mr. Seeger will have to answer for the part he played in defending their murderers.

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