Saturday, January 11, 2014

Justice at Last?

William Jasper reports at The New American, that the government of the Ukraine has arrested Josip Perkovic, a former secret police chief in the former Croatian branch of the former Yugoslavia.
Perkovic, 68 is accused of having arranged the assassination of Croatian nationalist Stjepan Djurekovic in Germany in 1983. This action was part of a campaign against Yugoslavian dissidents.

In addition to Perkovic the government of Croatia has issued warrants for nine other leaders of its former KGB clone. Sadly the Croatian government is only doing this because of the threat of loss of EU membership. It remains to be seen whether the murderers will actually be extradited to Germany to face justice.

If so it will be one of those extremely rare cases where the Communist who murdered millions will actually face some semblance of justice for their crimes. The liberal media, who celebrates every arrest of a nonagenarian nazi killer anywhere is the world is strangely silent about the crimes of the Communists. As Edvins Snore points out in his tremendous documentary, The Soviet Story, most of Stalin's surviving killers are enjoying comfortable retirement and boast of their crimes.

Worldwide the victims of Communist murder go unsung. From the Gulags to the Lao Gai, from Rhodesia to Budapest, from Havana to the Berlin Wall they cry out for justice. Those of us who are believers know they will receive justice in the next world. It is a black mark on our civilization that they will not receive

Photos taken by Khmer Rouge victims
prior to execution.
it in this one.

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