Thursday, January 9, 2014

Obama. Debo, and Mumia- Insanity in America

Support for racist cop killer
by Communist
the forgotten victim
Our Chief executive Obama has demonstrated once again his commitment to racial tolerance by appointing the supporter of a racist murderer to the Justice Dept. This might seem inconsistent but since it was the black racist murderer, cop killer Wesley Cook, also known as Mumia Abu Jamal, its perfectly alright.

The nominee, who will head the departments civil division, Debo Adegbile gave representation and support to Jamal who Shot Philadelphia Police officer Daniel Faulkner. In spite of multiple witnesses, including 2 who heard Cook/Jamal's exclamation, "I shot the m***** f*****, I hope the m***** f***** dies.

Of course in America, black on white homicide is never cut and dried to the left and they, including Hollywood glitterati, have been trying for years to get the killer pardoned. Fortunately His guilt is so obvious even a succession of Democrat Presidents have passed on pardoning him.

Well this was not at all unpredictable. 1984 the Ministry of Truth was in charge of propaganda, The Ministry of Peace for war, etc. So naturally the Dystopic Obama administration puts such a creature in the Ministry of Justice. The Fraternal Order of Police have protested the appointment, but no doubt that will only encourage
the left, who think the police only exist to control the tea party.

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