Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pagan Ceremony at Grammys

This years Grammy awards demonstrated that humanist America has adopted a new religion. This pagan religion performed a major ritual this week. Firstly you had a group marriage ceremony including "gay" couples. One might ask why a marriage ceremony would be performed at an "entertainment" event. Because the event was a religious rite and sodomy is one of its sacraments. By performing the ceremony the Grammy organizers intended to "sanctify" the practice.

Even more blatant was the "performance" of Katy Perry. Her Dionysian rite consisted of gyrating with a broom while surrounded by "dancers" dressed as demons. This has become a rather wearisome practice. Perry, like Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, and others are encouraged to engage in ever more despicable performances to demonstrate that they are no longer "good girls". Historically this has been a practice of the occult wherein the initiate, if they are a former professed Christian, must perform a ritual act of desecration in
order to be accepted as an initiate.

No doubt these performers will be celebrated for their behavior. Like a host of female celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna they will find they have to engage in ever more degeneracy to stay in the public limelight. Some like Monroe will succumb entirely to the self destructive nature of their acts and will destroy themselves. They will be the ritual sacrifices that our secular religion requires.

The secular state, like the Roman Empire with its God emperors, will demand submission. All must acquiesce to its demands that they participate in the societal cult. The gay activists for example have said acceptance and tolerance are not enough they must be celebrated. We know that as he has throughout history, God will maintain a remnant for Himself. We must pray for His protection and that if it be his will he will bring a Reformation to our society.

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