Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Obama "They don't like me because I'm black"

Obama recently gave an Interview to the New Yorker Magazine in which he Stated, "some folks dont like me because I'm black." Obama opined that in his re-election run in 2012 he had the smallest white vote of any winning candidate. He also decided his declining poll numbers, blaming loss of white support.

Of course the reality is that Obama was only elected to the presidency because he was black. Given his lack of qualifications it is the only thing that could have gotten him the job.
 Is he really arguing that there were people who voted for him, who then discovered he was black and turned on him in the polls.

These remarks make it clear  just how desperate that the Obama administration is to find some excuse for his failures. Now of courses he reaches for that old favorite, the race card. Of course black conservative candidates have been supported by white conservatives, like Alan Keyes, Herman Caine, and the current support for Dr. Ben  Carson.

Clearly Obama has no conscience, one begins to wonder if he has any sense of reality.

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