Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fallujah Falls Another Battle in the Perpetual War.

News has reached us that Fallujah, a major battlefield in the Iraq war, is now in the hands of Islamic insurgents. They are also contesting for the control of of Ramallah. After the death of over 4,000 American soldiers and the expenditure of countless billions of dollars the government we set up is failing.

Neo-Conservatives, convinced the American people in the wake of 911, that we had an opportunity to spread democratic western style government throughout the middle east. What do we have to show for all our efforts? Iraq will fall either into the hands of Al-Qaeda or Iran. The Afghan government will disappear about 15 minutes after the American troops depart. And the Arab spring has led to a destabilizing of the whole middle east.

We are paying the price of interventionist foreign policy and our embrace of global economic interdependence. For all that we have spent, for all the lives that we have lost we are no more secure and the countries in which have intervened are no better than they were before.

Will our countries leaders learn from this or will they like a compulsive gambler, continue to throw good money, (and good lives), after bad in the desperate hope to salvage some result worth the cause? My suspicion is the latter The Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama administration has learned the power it can accrue by waging a perpetual war, My guess is that they will use it to increase their control. Let us hope the American people will wake up for the sake of themselves and their children.

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