Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Israel Reject Kerry's "Messianic fervor"

The Israeli news webpage reports that the Israeli government and its defense minister Moshe Ya'alon have expressed great disappointment at the efforts of John Kerry and his attempt to negotiate. Ya'alon in discussing Kerry has made some very critical remarks regarding Kerry and his efforts.

Ya'alon stated the security agreement that Kerry brokered is "not worth the paper it is printed on." He went on to claim that kerry was "acting out of misplaced obsession and messianic fervor," and that after months there were no negotiations between Israel and Palestine but between Israel and the US. He concluded by saying that "the only thing that can save us is for Kerry to win a Nobel prize and leave us in peace.

All of this is telling not only for what it says about Kerry's abject incompetence, but also the total ineffectiveness of the Obama administrations foreign policy. The Obama administrations has a serious dilemma. How does it follow left wing orthodoxy and attack the Israelis for being a pro-western country while maintaining a sufficiently pro Israel position to retain its hold on the Jewish vote.

Consequently, the Obama administration has to assume a pro-Israel position with which it is not very comfortable. Thus it will, in it's middle eastern policy neither fish or cut bait. This puts the American Jewish community, (those of it that support the democrats)  in a difficult position of trying to reconcile its Support of liberalism which is becoming more and more anti Israeli, with its support for Israel.

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