Monday, January 6, 2014

Colorado, Weed, and the Libertarian Folly.

American youth celebrating civilizations
It was no great surprise that Colorado legalized the sale of Marijuana.  In a decaying civilization, the masses desire to drug themselves in order to not have to think about whats happening around them. They wish to dull the pain of living in a dying civilization and silence the voice of their consciences as they indulge themselves in deteriorating moral behavior.

What is clear is that this law will be both a disappointment to its backers and a slippery slope. Even though there will soon be more sellers of pot than Starbucks, The price will become as high as possible. This will reflect both the greed of the sellers and the desire of the gov. to tax pot at the same profitable levels it has taxed cigarettes.

But pots not like cigarettes. A very "satisfying" marijuana can easily be cultivated at home, with the right equipment, even in a closet. The high price will inevitably lead to "home grown" weed. The law already allows the growth of six plants. Who will then pay for the high priced blend when one can grow it for free?

This means the government will either have to forsake the revenue, or set a legal enforcement arm, "Pot revenuers?" to enforce its tax laws. This will eliminate the savings that pot advocates said would be made by law enforcement in policing drug laws.

Then there is the slippery slope. The Colorado Pot will not stop at the border. This will increase the cost of enforcing drug laws in surrounding states from the importation of "Boulder Gold",  and tempt those states to legalize there own pushers to cash in on illusionary revenues.

Meanwhile, many of the American working class will go from being stoned part-time to being stoned 24/7, making them less competitive and increasing demand for the importing of alien workers. In short the legalization of weed will create growing crime, will further degrade the poor, and will not satisfy the avarice of business and government alike.

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