Saturday, January 25, 2014

Conservatives Face Hollywood Blacklist.

John Hayward at reports on the growing phenomenon of conservatives being made unwelcome in the motion picture/tv  complex. First Maria Conchita Alonso was removed from a Spanish language version of "The Vagina Monologues" due to her unforgivably appearing in a commercial for a tea party candidate for the California governors race, Tim Donnelly.

Alonzo, born in Cuba, and who knows about Bolshevism, had famously called Sean Penn a Communist for his support Hugo Chavez. Penn, demonstrated his intelligence and vocabulary by referring to her as a "pig". Apparently her support for a Republican was just too much so she had to leave the production. Assessing the  famed tolerance of the San Francisco audience at which the play was aimed she asserted her removal was "for the best."

In addition their is a group of Hollywood conservative called "friends of Abe (Lincoln). This group whose members for the most part are anonymous for fear of retaliation if their views are known, has been place on the IRS' hit list of groups to be audited.

Now we learn that Dinesh D'Souza will have to pay the price for making a movie criticizing our great helmsman Obama. Having written books, and produced a movie not approving of fearless leader. He now finds himself under indictment.  According to the authorities he bundled too much money into the 2012 senate campaign of Wendy Long in NY.  It has been pointed out that the Administrations attorneys have been reluctant to enforce these laws in pursuit of Democrats.

Its interesting that those who would denounce the blacklist of the 1950s, are so anxious to reprise it against conservatives. The "victims" of the blacklist then were Communist, supporters of the greatest mass-murderers in human history. Today they are regarded as heroes and their support for Stalin is seen as merely "youthful enthusiasm". In much the same way, Obama's 60's counter-culture cronies were waving Vietcong flags and calling for bringing the Vietnam War to the streets of America. Today the work in the Administration and the halls of our Universities.

Let us hope that those patriots in entertainment will have the courage to resist the attacks of the left.

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