Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woody Allen: Lifetime achievement award goes to pedophile.

Word reaches us that the 2014,the Cecil B. DeMille  lifetime achievement award for 2014. This is interesting given Allen's history. Having abandoned his wife for his teenage step daughter making her his third wife and one of his many "significant others", Allen has demonstrated the sort of casual attitude to marriage that is de
rigueur in Hollywood.

In addition during his child custody battle with  his wife/step-daughters, mother, Allen was accused child molestation.  The 59 year old Allen was discovered to have nude photos of his 19 year old step daughter.
Allen a self described "militant Freudian Atheist", has devoted his life to attacking God and the personal morality that was Europe's inheritance from Christianity. This has made Allen a hero to the dominant culture in this country, and is his real "lifetime achievement."

Paul Johnson, in his classic work, Intellectuals demonstrated how many of the people he wrote about,
(Rousseau, Marx, Tolstoy, etc.) often discussed the great love they had for mankind, while they treated the individual men (and women) around them with contempt. Allen's life is the practical consequence of his world view and his work is the inevitable fruit of it.Like Picasso, he has a tremendous amount of talent, but like Picasso his work is twisted by the sheer ugliness of his world view,

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