Monday, January 6, 2014

And The Number One Racist For 2013 is....

Newsbusters, reports the "The Daily Kos" , author, Denise Oliver Velez asked her reader to pick the worst racist
in America. Guess who won? The Klan? Nation of Islam? La Raza? Of course not. Ms Velez discerning readers proclaimed the "GOPs  Tea Party Wing" as the worst closely followed by Rush Limbaugh and  Fox News. A fact which will certainly be a surprise to Black, Hispanic, and Jewish Tea Party members, Limbaugh listeners, and Fox News fans. Beating out such "haters" Ted Cruz,and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson must have been a real challenge.

All liberals today ultimately  inherit their tactics and defense tactics from Marxist and Leninist. Racism no longer has a rational meaning but it has become a liberal smear word like Fascists!, Trotskyite! Deviationist!, or "running dog!"(always with the exclamation point!) They are substitutes for argument, allowing the dismissal of an opponent without fault.

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