Wednesday, January 15, 2014

USA Today Proclaims the Settled Truth of Evolution

USA Today, in an article by Tom Krattenmaker, has proclaimed the theory of evolution to be an established fact. He proclaims that since it is "settled science", it should not be a matter of opinion. He then proceeds to his real agenda, by quoting the Pew poll showing over 70% of Democrats support evolution ,while only 43% of Republicans which demonstrates a decline in support for the theory.

Of course, USA Today is the political mouthpiece of the American left, MSNBC in print. The agenda of the article is to portray opponents of evolution as ignorant and thus Republicans are ignorant. He argues that once the scientific community has made a commitment to a proposition, it cannot be dissented from. Of course everyone knows that "scientific" truth has never been unchanging. Within Evolution itself, there is an extreme amount of debate, with its internal heresies like "punctuated equilibrium". In addition, we should know, (most don't because the dominant media and academia don't want to talk about it,)that there are serious flaws and unanswered questions in the theory. See Evolution News.

In addition to making his political point he also attempts to teach theology, arguing that there is no conflict between Evolution and religion. (Which of course is why evolutionist oppose intelligent design with the same fanaticism with which they oppose creationism.) The reality is evolution has its origins in an attempt to explain origins without God. This is desperately sought by modern man. If he can get rid of God, he can get rid of God's Law and its claims upon him. The scriptures condemn greed, hatred, sexual immorality,perversion and other evil human activity. Evolution condemns nothing and cannot. In fact, in evolution, greed and immorality help the individual prevail in the evolutionary struggle to continue the propagation of their genes and can actually be seen as a positive.

This is why the architects of mass murder in our age, Marx and Hitler, both owed a tremendous debt to Darwin as justification of their theories. Darwin's legacy is the graveyards of Auschwitz and the Gulag, the Lao Gai and the abortion mills. The liberals in the West, with all of their professed love of mankind, cannot
tolerate anyone who dissents from Darwinism. They will defend it with all the tenacity that any believer will in defending the t
heological truths of religion.

So individuals like Krattenmaker proclaim to us that the reigning scientific orthodoxy has spoken. Today we are just told we should submit. How long will it be before we are made to submit?


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