Monday, January 13, 2014

Chris Cristie and the Politics of Triangulation

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, and a man who hungers for the White House like a starving wolf hungers for prey, finds himself in a great deal of hot water. Having confessed that his administration closed the most heavily trafficked bridge in the world for what was clearly political reasons, the would be presidential candidate, in an overwhelmingly Democrat controlled state, now discovers that an overwhelmingly left-wing media doesn't like him.

What a blow it must be for Christie! Having compromised the convictions he never had by refusing to contest the "gay" marriage ruling in New Jersey, he finds that selling out social conservatives did buy him the key to the liberal media's heart. The liberal  pundits are after him with all of the pious outrage, fervor, and remarks about him being a "fat" liar that they can scrape from the sewers of their minds.

One would have thought that the notion that there was dirty partisan politics in New Jersey would count as one of history's less shocking revelations. However to liberal media truth is what serves the party, and much like the late Senator Sam Ervin declaring Watergate to be the worst thing since the Civil War. Of course, it cuts both ways, Bill Clinton's having perjured himself and obstructed justice did "not rise to the level of impeachment."

Christie, like the bulk of the current leadership, follows Clinton in being a part of the Dick Morris school.
Morris, who argued that the key to success was to always maneuver between your opponent and the political "center". This strategy appeals to two types of political bottom-feeders. On the one hand, it appeals to moderate Republicans (notice they never call anyone a "liberal" Republican anymore.) They believe that the social conservatives and the rest of the Republican base, having no other choice, will vote for them no matter how many compromises they make.

On the other hand it appeals to the political left. Like Obama they know they can say anything they want during the election, and that they will not be held accountable. Christie is learning the hard truth that the rules are different from those like himself and those whose views appeal to the liberal media, entertainment complex, and pseudo-intelligentsia

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