Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Secret Perpetual War in Somalia

Rueters, in a recent article has reported that since the year 2007, the U>S> has maintained a force of 120 men in Somalia without the knowledge of the American people, or a declaration of war. While no one familiar with recent history will be surprised by this it does raise some very salient points.

Firstly, note the bipartisan nature of this constitutionally illegal act. Clearly, in spite of whatever minor disagreements exists between the state socialist party of envy, the democrats, and the state capitalists party of greed the republicans, they are united in their globalism and contempt for the rule of law.

Secondly, one has to ask what possible good has come from this intervention and what American interests has been advanced by the presence of American forces? The Failed state of Somalia is still a failed state. The piracy continues and nothing has changed.

Thirdly, one has to observe the proliferation of these interventions over the last century. In the "banana wars" of the 20s and 30s the interventions were short. Since WW2 the number and length of these has exploded. American troops have been in Europe, and Korea for nearly 70 years. our presence in Iraq, and Afghanistan seem to have no end.

It is unlikely this could have gone on if these interventions had been made under legal Constitutional
oversight. These interventions have not benefited America but have killed its sons and squandered its
treasures. The state socialist support them because they lead to global government. The State Capitalists because they lead to war profits. For the American people they led to Free trade serfdom and for the soldier to a gloryless, pointless grave.

The time has come to muzzle our political class once again with the restraint of the Constitution.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Queer Pronouns in Canada!

CNSNEWS, has reported that the Board of Education in Vancouver, British Columbia, has decided, in a rush to keep on the trending edge of "gender enlightenment" has created new pronouns to accommodate its sodomistically inclined students. he, him and her are to be replaced with xe, xem, and xyr. The move, aimed to support groups including those who are "two spirit",(ie , according to aboriginal custom having both male and female spirits) will require a butchering of the English language to accommodate the extremely small percentage of the population that is gay, lesbian, trans-whatever, gender-queer, ad infinitum.

This is similar to the idiocy that has given us "ms", "Wimmin" and "Hyrstory", as well as the war on the universal masculine pronoun. This has given the Loonies on the Vancouver BOE the satisfaction of being up on the latest of trendy liberalism. as the article quotes from board VP Mike Lombardi,
    “Absolutely,” Mike Lombardi, vice chairman of the board told CNSNews.com when asked about the new policy as reported by the Vancouver Sun. “We’ve been very, very progressive.”
Lombardi said the new LGBTTQ+ policy is designed “to create a safe learning environment for every child.”
The new policy, Lombardi said, will allow children of every sexual orientation “to learn and thrive.”
Of course parents , representing normal people complained, but in our postmodern world their concerns are secondary to the rights of privileged groups and were ignored. The bill will also allow the infinite varieties of gender confused individuals access to opposite sex bathrooms and sports teams."

While the board will encourage the forming of pro-homosexual groups it will not of course offer help to anyone seeking to change their orientation, unless of course they decide to become homosexual. Of course in Canada today \, its considered a "human rights violation to speak against Sodomy. As Psalm 8:12 states " the wicked strut about when vileness is exalted among the sons of men". as Pattis Bacchus of the BOE states
"“I am so proud to support these policy revisions,” Patti Bacchus, chairwoman of the board, is quoted as saying in the Sun article. “I had no idea how important they were until what we went through with this process ... I didn’t realize how much opposition there was out there in our communities to keeping kids safe and included and welcome.”

Decent men can only grieve as Canada, (and the west) pave the way for their own destruction.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fracking and Environmentalism's Strange Allies

At The New American, it reports that the secretary-general of NATO now says that Putin's Neo-Soviet
intelligence services are providing support to the environmentalist's anti "fracking" movement. Environmental groups have long asserted that Fracking, (using high pressure water to extract natural gas from shale), is detrimental. Russia's interests is to maintain high prices for its natural gas market. Greenpeace has claimed that it has "no knowledge" of Russian support. (well, what we don't know wont hurt us).

This is nothing new. The KGB not only financed and controlled the "ban the bomb" movement of the 60s and the Nuclear Freeze movement of the 1980s, but the Soviets also supported the environmentalists who were opposed to Nuclear energy, all the while building every nuclear reactor it could, (remember Chernobyl?)
So strong was Russian support for this, that American Communist Party head Gus Hall wrote one of his few books on environmentalism.

The environmental movement, especially in its current global  warming incarnation is primarily a political movement. Its solution to everything is to increase power of central and global government in the name of preserving nature. Every answer that it provides will cost jobs in the west, transfer wealth to the third world, and building the nanny state.

When I decide to vote for president, I always ask myself who the enemies of my country would want to see win. Similarly I always ask myself who a movements allies are and why do they support it. we should certainly be concerned about environmentalism's "strange bedfellows".