Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ATF, Odyssey of an American Stasi

Those who do the enforcing for our lords and masters have shown once again the utter contempt they have for us serfs and for the law. at Atlantic Conor Friedersdorf reports on how the ATF is conducting it affairs. It should come as no surprise that the agents are having a high old time and trampling the constitution in a most Obamaesque fashion.
Among other things it talks about how ATF agents in Milwaukee befriended a "mentally" disturbed youth and paid him and a friend $150 to get tattoos of their front store on their necks. Apparently the ATF has an affinity for the mentally ill, using them to encourage others to come to their sting operations then arresting the mentally challenged people.

According to the account the ATF "gave a brain-damaged drug addict with little knowledge of weapons a "tutorial" on machine guns, hoping he could find them one." In other areas the agents set up undercover operations where they encouraged juveniles to smoke Marijuana and provided alcohol. In one case in Portland a female agent flirted with teens and encouraged them to bring drugs and guns to the store."

Apparently the ATF was offering such high prices for the guns, people were legally buying weapons and selling the to the ATF for a profit. ATF pawn shops were offering such competitive prices for stolen merchandise that it led to an increase in local theft. 

Finally it describes an ATF operation in Milwaukee where "a machine gun and other weapons had been stolen from an agent's car, the storefront was burglarized, agents arrested the wrong people and hired the brain-damaged man, who had an IQ of 54, to set up gun and drug deals. The machine gun has not been recovered.

It is clear that our Lords regard us a despicable peasants who can be abused at will. It has enlisted its thugs and goons to monitor and disarm us and if we resist to give us the Randy Weaver treatment. The American people can either tamely submit to this abuse or fight. Which will they choose.

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 And The American Tragedy

As we face the new year we can only view with a profound sadness. The late Dr. C Gregg Singer strongly argued that there were no tragedies in God's history. While that is true for Gods plan for the future, we as human beings do experience tragedy. When a loved one dies for example, we may believe that they are in heaven they are absent from us and we feel it as tragedy.

Breugel the triumph of death
original in the prado, Madrid
For those who love this country and our civilization we face a personal tragedy.The forces of barbarism have spread across country and our media heralds its inevitable downfall. For the perverts, for the abortionists, for the enemies of freedom and Christianity, this is a time for celebration. The great tragedy is that it will turn on them in the end and rend them. Much as the end of European rule in South Africa has led to the collapse of civilization there, so the end of European rule, with its roots in the Christian worldview will mark the death of Civilization here.

One would have to be the ultimate optimist to see signs of hope for 2014. The political prostitutes that run our country are selling themselves cheaper than ever. They will sell out those they profess to represent and grow fat on the profits. The sodomites will continue to vindicate Psalm 12:8, "The wicked strut about on every side When vileness is exalted among the sons of men."  having accepted the rationale for celebrating one perversion, our society will eventually yield to celebration of all sickness. Having accepted abortion the drive to bring about Euthanasia will continue.

For those of us who are believers, we have the comfort of knowing God is in control of history. Those who seek to destroy the west, and us, are both the implements of divine and doomed to succumb to it. While we celebrate Gods providence in history, Let us also mourn for the civilization that is lost, weep for those who will perish in the judgement to come, and pray that God will bring revival to our land.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Unemployed Satirist

Check out Theodore Dalrymple's article "bureaucratically speaking" in Taki's Mag It includes the gem "My late friend, the distinguished economist Peter Bauer, used to say that "the only true unemployment in the modern world was among satirists, for the world had grown so ridiculous that what was intended as satire was either a description of what already existed or a prophecy of what would soon come to exist."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

In the twenty months since they debuted 22,000 "don't tread on me" license plates have been  Issued according to  The Virginian-Pilot . The plates are also popular in other states that sell them like South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arizona. The sale of the plates are seen by some as an indication that support for the tea party movement
is still strong.

The plates based on the Gadsden flag from the American revolution and is seen as a symbol of resistance to big government tyranny. The report showed that tags with a prolife theme outnumber pro-abortion ones by over 3-to-1. While the democrats hold on the state has expanded it is clear that resistance to big government still has strong support.

The question is will the tea party ever be able to go from protest movement to resistance movement?
It is clear that overall majority of the population is either under the spell of the left or lacks the ability to comprehend the current danger. The only hope is for a rising resistance movement composed of a committed minority.

Such a movement has to progress from passive protest to active opposition. It is clear the current leadership of the Republican party is incapable of forsaking it's obsession with profits long enough to act in the interest of the people. Will the tea party step up to the plate? Will the "don't tread on me flag" go from being a mere symbol to a banner around which to rally committed people? Pray it will.

Real Change In China?

In an interesting move China today has announced it will take another step in reducing its one child policy, saying families can have two children if one of them is an only child. This replaces a rule that limited two child families two those where both parents were only children.

Like Europe, China is discovering that a low birth rate leads to a rapidly aging population and a fall of the population in general. Unlike Europe it has decided not to take the suicidal step of unlimited immigration.
The policy has also led to millions of female babies being aborted so the one child families could have a
boy. This has led to the social crisis of millions more men that women.

In the past, this policy has led to forced abortions and oppression. It is clearly unpopular and one can hope that its change indicates a weakening of power in the Chines oligarchy. It also shows the incredible foolishness of trying to run a society with centralized state planning.

China has also announced it will abolish it's slave labor camp which allows "criminals", (read dissidents), to be imprisoned at forced labor. In a move that will now doubt send shock-waves of horror through the hearts of American retailers, the Chinese parliament, a figurehead for the party elite, has ruled the system illegal

This is a hopeful sign, especially for Christians as the system is used to persecute house churches, but is it for real? Does it mark real change for the Chinese system or is it only window dressing? Only time will tell.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Taki's Mag. has a highly interesting article on  the root of the prohibition movement. Usually prohibition is seen as a movement led by fundamentalists when the reality it was, from it origins in the 19th century its principal support came from liberal reformers, the same ones that were the advocates of free love, spiritualism, radical feminism, communalism , and all of the other isms of 19th New England. These movements replaced religious belief and became the social impetus that gave birth to the modern Americans left.

The author also makes the interesting argument that prohibition would have been impossible without the Federal income tax, liquor revenues having been a prime source of government income.

Ritual Worship Marks Birthday of Mass Murderer Mao

The Chinese leadership celebrated the 120th anniversary of the birth of Mao Tse Tung yesterday, while admitting that Mao "made mistakes" they were very much there to praise Mao not to bury him. Apparently being the centuries 2nd greatest mass murderer, exceeded only by Stalin was merely a mistake.

China's Xinhua news agency reported how the Chinese communist party inner circle made a pilgrimage to Mao's tomb where the bowed to his corpse three times. The Chinese leadership praised Mao and held him up as a role model for the Chinese people.

No one will ever know how many millions Mao killed. They lie for the most part in nameless graves, their only crime to have lived in a country where communists came to power. China by and large has abandoned Marxian socialism for oligarchic Capitalism, but the only justification the ruling class has for remaining in power is it's ideology so Mao remains as its figurehead.

At some point the contradictions, (to use a Marxists term) in Chinese society will become  to great and a struggle between the ruling oligarchy and a rising middle class will occur. It remains to be seen whether Mao's bloody record will ever be reassessed or whether he will remain as a political icon,

see: http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/asia/item/17255-mass-murderer-mao-made-mistakes-chinese-regime-acknowledges

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reddit, No Room For Dissent On Climate Change

William Jasper of the New American discusses how the social and information network Reddit will join others , like the Los Angeles Times in banning anyone from its science section who dares to question the theory of Global climate change. As Jasper stated "In a December 16 posting on the left-liberal Grist website (a George Soros-funded website), Reddit science “moderator” (now self-professed censor) Nathan Allen
announced that the Reddit science forum woumanmade carbon-dioxide is causing a global warming existential threat to the planet."
ld no longer allow postings from those who challenge the increasingly discredited notion that

The article Allen then expressed that all media outlets would join Reddit in silencing any dissent on the issue.
If anyone has any doubt remaining that there are extremely serious questions about Global this should settle it. The fact that its leading champions have such a strong desire to stop any debate on the issue shows how little confidence they have that it will stand up under scrutiny.Its rather like a child putting his hands over his ears and yelling so he cant hear what he doesn't want to hear.

It is not surprising that the left, which puts itself forward as the champion of free speech and diversity is in reality dedicated to censorship and enforcing unanimity of opinion. Ultimately all modern left wing thought has its roots in Marxist-Leninism . Truth is what serves the party and those who don't accept the parties version of the truth must be silenced.

Meanwhile the celebrity set from Clooney to Bono will parrot the party line as trendy and cool. This will appeal to those who think such persons must know what they are talking about because they are "stars". The thinking person however, will see that the emperor has no clothes. If man-made climate change is certain then it should have compelling evidence. It is clear however,  that the forces driving it are political not scientific.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

If Christmas has any meaning.

I'm not a big believer in Christmas. As a Calvinist I believe "Holy Days" are a Popish innovation. one of the many walls Rome has placed between men and Christ. In Modern times it has become an orgy of Consumerism, that has no relation at all to the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. If it means anything this is it.
Music by Mike Harding.

Re-educating Phil Robertson

Check out http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/366943/re-education-camp-mark-steyn. Apparently the Sodomy lobbies GLAAD is graciously offering "Duck Dynasty" Robertson a way out of his dilemma urging that he meet with "gay families" in Louisiana. In other words if he will crawl to the perverts and beat his chest in public repentance then he will be granted a Soviet style rehabilitation. Let us hope that Phil has the Character and integrity to resist.

Mandela, Obama, Steyn and American self-censorship

Check out the article, happy warrior heading south by Mark Steyn, while you still can. It is a horrifying account of the background of Obama's "interpreter" at the Mandela canonization last week. It is a frightening view of the post-apartheid liberal utopia that is modern South Africa, Including the 2011 survey that showed that one in three women in S.A. had been raped in the previous year, and how Johannesburg has 50+ homicides a day. I say while you still can because the increasingly PC and Homophile bosses at National Review are upset about Steyns reporting and may be about to do a "duck dynasty" job on Steyn. Remember the Gaystapo is watching.

Monday, December 23, 2013

What is a "World View"

Many have heard Calvinist and Reformed writer ask talk about world view and world and life view, or even the German Weltanschauung . I can give a  good illustration first by demonstrating its opposite. When I was a teenager in High School I had an "old maid" Biology teacher. She was a very irascible woman who had been teaching for about 100 years when I had her for Science class. (If you attended Dothan High School between the 40's and early 80's you know exactly who I am talking about.) In my case she was also my next door neighbor.

She always wore one of two hats. On the one hand she was a devout member of her local Church, a regular attender who was famed for singing in the choir. There she wore her Church hat. When she entered the classroom she put on her teacher hat and was a devout believer in evolution almost to the point of being a Eugenicist. At home she wore her crabby old neighbor woman hat. A mean old lady who hated animals, complaining about our dog even though it once ran off some punks egging her car and our cat, even though it went after the squirrels who ate her pecans. In my college I once gave her a copy of "The Genesis Flood", by Whitcomb and Morris, I don't know if she actually read it.

Later in life a couple of years ago I had a supervisor who was also like this. A professing Christian, who proudly proclaimed himself an "Independent Fundamentalist," He was a tyrant who mocked and humiliated those under him causing one man to physically attack him and another to curse him out and walk away from a job he had been at for Seventeen years. (while working for him I was constantly forced to defend Christianity to people who cited him as an example of a Christian.)

In both  these case these people had religious beliefs that were for Sunday only. The Christianity they presumably learned in Church never informed their lives as Teachers or Supervisors. In short their faith was only an aspect of their lives that didn't touch on the other aspects.

In the truly Christian World view the Christian Faith is the central truth of life which informs every other aspect of our lives. There is no area of existence to which it has no claim or is neutral. All aspects of life whether political, cultural, aesthetic, or economic are seen from our Central Biblical Presuppositions.

Today as the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer once argued most people get their presuppositions the same way they get the measles. They absorb them from their peers, the popular culture and the University. While they may have a few Evangelical ideas sprinkled in, they do not inform the persons life. In the case of my former supervisor for example he had religious truth, That was for "up there" somewhere. He has another set of proposition he operated from in the work place, "the real world." which he occasionally sprinkled with "God Words". Ultimately such a bilious mixture will never work.

This is not to say that anyone is perfectly consistent in their world view. We are all sinful men and subject to the shortcomings of our sinful nature preserved from falling only by Gods Regenerating power an grace.
But the world view Calvinist possesses an Ultimate authority which he can use to evaluate the dominate culture in all it's aspects. This is why the dominant culture hates us. As George Orwell (In a remarkable common grace insight,) once noted "the further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it" (attributed to George Orwell).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Charlie Sheen Attacks Phil Robertson.

In what is undoubtedly the most bizarre moment in the whole "Duck Dynasty" controversy the actor and full- time idiot Charlie Sheen has weighed in to lecture Phil Robertson on proper public decorum. One would think that someone who has been repeatedly censured for history of drug abuse, failed marriages, and prostitute fetishism might be sympathetic to someone getting in trouble but apparently an entire wretched life, is tame compared to the sin of violating political correctness.

Sheen, from the great depths of his intelligence, stated "Your statements were and are abhorrently and mendaciously unforgivable," said Sheen in comments published Saturday. "You are now in the crosshairs of a MaSheen style media beat down." He then went on to refer to Robertson as ""Mallard-brained" and a "shower dodger."

No doubt Charlie feels that if he shills for the PC crowd dominating Hollywood he can repair his damaged reputation, much like in Stalin's Russia where people who had black marks on their record were more
vehement than anyone in denouncing "enemies of the people". Sheen has a lot to overcome. In addition to his public behavior problems, he has acted as a celebrity prop for veteran Loony Alex Jones and the 911 conspiracy movement.

Much as one would like to hope, It is unlikely that the average American will see or care. Meanwhile, word has come that Cracker Barrel restaurants have removed "Duck Dynasty" Paraphernalia from their Restaurant. I suppose that with the word "Cracker" in their name and appealing to a mostly white, southern clientele  they feel that they are own thin Ice already. Such is the fear created by the Gaystapo in this country. Anyone who does business with either A&E, or Cracker Barrel is surrendering to this PC dictatorship.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caner, dispensationalism and turf defense

Looking at the Ergun Caner Situation, the question one faces is how the institutions which Caner is involved in and the individuals can ignore his record of lies. Having examined the situation I can argue several possible causes.

  • Institutional loyalty: Caner is a popular figure in the Southern Baptist Convention and is associated with Its institutions and its stars like Norman Geisler. Institutions create loyalty among their members. I witnessed and example of this several years ago. When I was in school I met a fellow student who was a disciple of the late R. B. Thieme. Thieme, had many strange ideas, (eg., the soul residing in the Kidneys.) He was known for using profanity from the Pulpit and held a cult-like leadership among his followers. I studied up on Thieme, and read one of the leading works about him. While it found many of his ideas strange it defended him. The only reason I could see for this is that both the author and Thieme were from Dallas Seminary, and it was clear the author was defending Thieme to defend the Seminary.
  • Dispensationalism: Caner, and the vast majority of his supporters are pre-millenial Dispensationalists. For all too many of those who support this position everything revolves around defense of the state of Israel. To them Israel is central and the Church is subordinated to it. Caner strongly champions this position. I believe his success, sadly, has been because of his opposition to Islam, and it's opposition to Israel than a desire to further evangelistic outreach to Muslims. It doesn't really matter to Caner supporters that his lies have damaged Christianities truthfulness, as long as his criticisms Support Israel. A further example is  Walid Shoebat. In spite of his credibility problems he is still put forward by the dispensationalists. 
  • Throwing good money after bad. Many of Caners supporters see that they have staked their own credibility in supporting Caner. Faced with this it is obvious that they feel that they have to double down and continue to back Caner and hope he doesn't continue to self-destruct.
At any rate it's a tragedy that Caners supporters feel they must drink the kool-aid on his behalf.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Putin Preaching Revival?

In Today's New American online article "Putin paints Russia as defender of Traditional Values, Blast West",
Alex Newman chronicles how Putin is highlighting his re“In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered; national traditions, differences in nation and culture are being erased,” Putin said during his speech at the Kremlin in front of politicians and other establishment Russians, echoing widespread concerns increasingly being heard across the globe. “They're now requiring not only the proper acknowledgement of freedom of conscience, political views and private life, but also the mandatory acknowledgement of the equality of good and evil, which are inherently contradictory concepts.”
cent positions in favor of traditional Western moral values. In an annual address to the Russian people he stated

Recently the Neo-Soviet leader has passed restrictive laws on homosexuals and recently passed a law banning blasphemy and providing stiff penalties for desecrating religious sites.In addition it is now illegal to advertise for abortions in Russia. As Putin remarked that the morality imposed by modern western societies is, “inherently undemocratic because it is based on abstract ideas and runs counter to the will of the majority of people.” It also brings about “negative consequences,” he said. “We know that more and more people in the world support our position on protection of traditional values."later, according to the Telegraph. " At his annual press conference, Russia's Vladimir Putin said he thought there was no real difference between Oliver Cromwell and Joseph Stalin."

So is Putin Sincere? Has he been reading Solzhenitsyn or Schaeffer? Newman argues that he is being totally hypocritical. I think he may just being practical. When the Soviets first came to power they were passionate.(no pun intended) devotees of "free love". It didn't take long for them to begin reversing this and promoting marriage. This did not mean they were embracing Christian ethics, they just realized the destabilizing influence
of their own Atheistic morality.

In addition, Stalin when he realized he was facing WW2, began emphasizing more traditional historical
Russian values. This included reducing persecution of the clergy and religion. He wanted to make sure the Russians had the ability to withstand invasion, and realized as Solzhenitsyn once noted that the average
Russian was not prepared to die for the international Proletariat but would die for the "Rodina", (Motherland). How far will Putin go? What will he do if there is real religious revival in Russia?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty's Phil Latest Un-person

In what has to be the least surprising move of the year Phil Robinson, of the hit "reality show" Duck Dynasty has been suspended indefinitely for actually making comment in a GQ magazine interview. His comments were described as "Gay-Bashing". His terrible remarks were to say among other things that homosexuals would not "inherit the kingdom of God".

A&E network has issued the inevitable statement saying that "We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series ‘Duck Dynasty,’” the company said. “His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.”

Meanwhile the Sodomite lobby is rejoicing over its dominance of public discourse. GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz applauded the suspension, saying that it sends “a strong message.”“What’s clear is that such hateful anti-gay comments are unacceptable to fans, viewers, and networks alike,” Cruz said. “By taking quick action and removing Robertson from future filming, A&E has sent a strong message that discrimination is neither a Christian nor an American value.
Clearly Mr. Cruz,while no doubt an expert on "Christian and American values", doesn't seem to think that much of freedom of speech, at least freedom of speech for Christians. While I have never watched Duck Dynasty,
(or any "reality show"), I could not escape having heard Robertson was a professing Christian. Whatever the merits of his show I think it behooves us as Christians to speak out in behalf of his freedom to express his beliefs without being declared an unperson. This business raises several points:

  • Does anyone believe that there would have been anywhere near the reaction if the interview had been with a Muslim or a Jew? Clearly only a Christian would have been an acceptable target.
  • If Robertson had made statements "bashing" Christians, particularly regarding the subject of Homosexuality does anyone really believe he would have been censured?
  • This affair demonstrates the domination the homosexual lobby has over American life. Like the History Channel where there is no history anymore, A&E has given up any illusion of being about the arts to chase the bucks in reality TV. That they would take one of their biggest hit shows and jeopardize it in this matter shows how subservient they are to  the Gay political lobby.

Clearly in America Christians are becoming un-persons. We no longer have any rights that society is bound to respect. One prays that like so many who have come afoul of the official party line, that Mr. Robertson will not come out and make some crawling and craven apology. Also we should pray that God should bless him for having made a courageous stand for his beliefs.See you in the camps Phil.

But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.prov 8;36

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pope Oust Conservative Bishop

NBC news online has written a celebratory piece about the recent decision of "Pope" Francis to oust the conservative bishop of St. Louis in favor of a "Moderate?". His crime? "Four years ago, the former archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, was caught on tape saying that the head of the Washington archdiocese, Donald Wuerl, and other moderates were "weakening the faith" by refusing to ban pro-choice politicians from receiving communion.
Burke had to apologize for the remark, but it didn't diminish his profile in Rome under former Pope Benedict, who had appointed him head of the Vatican's equivalent of the supreme court and given him a coveted spot in the influential Congregation of Bishops.
Now, there's a new pontiff in town."

Those who are considering swimming the Tiber to Rome in favor of its supposed "Infallible" leadership should ask themselves if this is the Church they really want to join.

I have always found it interesting when traditionalists Catholics like Malachi Martin and the former Cardinal Milingo, (now a Moonie), claimed that a Satanic cult had ensconced itself in the Vatican, Catholics seemed quicker to believe it than protestants.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Aesthetics Over Christ

Gracy Olmstead in an article titled "Why Millennials long for liturgy." in the January, 2014 issue of "The American Conservative", Rhapsodizes about the phenomenon of young adults leaving Evangelical Churches for "liturgical churches" like the Romanist, Anglicans, and Eastern Orthodox. She argues that some are drawing hope that these millennials represent the Christianity of the future.

I experienced a recent example of this in the congregation of which I am currently a member. After 11 years in the OPC, and before that having belonged to small congregations I find the Church I am in currently to be disturbingly "high church". The other Sunday morning I attended a Sunday school class and discovered a young gentleman in the class was teaching about the advent season. I entered the room and immediately observed lighted candles. For the next hour I heard extolled the importance of a more liturgical worship.

During the course of the class I was informed that there were traditions like Joseph being over 90 when he married Mary linked to the notion that Mary never consummated her relation with Joseph. (i.e. the Dogma of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary.) The class was then told to bring cushions the next week so that they could kneel while praying to "get out of their comfort zone." I was not there.

This is not surprising. One of the things I've noted how often liturgy and ceremony are substitutions for ideas and beliefs. Olmstead's examples of conversion to the "Church of the future" are people like Bert Gingerich of the Institute on Religion and Democracy whose journey from the United Methodist to Reformed Baptist to Anglican is celebrated by Olmstead, citing his love for the Beauty of the Eucharistic liturgy. Another example is a Jesse Cone who grew up in the Presbyterian Church In America (PCA). Attending Biola university he moved to Anglicanism then to Eastern Orthodoxy, "blown away bay the worship, doctrine and Tradition. She concludes with the apostate minister Jason Stellman who raised a Baptist moved to Calvary Chapel to the PCA ministry, to Romanism citing the Church fathers and the "liturgical beauty of the mass."
What do these individuals have in common? For one thing they all seem to have been Church-hoppers who, blown by every wind of doctrine drift from one group to another. They all seem to be obsessed with the externals of liturgy and the delusion that the "high church" of the Middle Ages was the same as the Church of the early fathers. Rather than a dramatic change of belief , they seem to have simply ran in search of someone putting on a better show.

As to the early Church, Does anyone really imagine that in the early Church facing persecution, meeting in hiding were focused on ceremonies and liturgies? No Cathedrals and masses. how dull and unsatisfying these early Christian services must have been. There was only Christ and that seemed to have been enough for them.

History show that the high liturgy and ceremony came with the corruption of the Church in the Middle Ages, as it became more wealthy and worldly. like Barnacles on the hull of a pure and pristine faith, the liturgy more and more replaced the Word of God, until the people became taught that salvation is ceremony and the scrtipures were walled off from the people.

It is interesting that none of the great revivals of Christianity were brought about by liturgy or ceremony but by a more faithful preaching of the Gospel. Reform movements of the past always moved to a simpler form
of worship to point people not to the pageantry of the high church but to Christ. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Caner And The Lack of Church Discipline.

Looking at the Ergun Caner debacle, one of the things that is most astonishing is the complete lack of discernment in the church and its failure to exercise Church discipline. Here we have a man who in spite of his repeated lies faces neither sanctions for his behavior or any kind of Church discipline.

Sadly this phenomenon has increasingly plagued the Church for years. When a Jimmy Swaggart and Ted Haggard is caught in a gross sin he is, after laying low for a while, back to peddling his wares. Recently, while browsing on of my favorite weblogs, I encountered this quote  "I recently spoke with a friend from another state (another SBC minister) who told me of a man who presently pastors in his local Association. The man has served 3 other churches in that county over the last several years. At each of those 3 churches, he committed adultery and left his wife to marry the adulteress. 3 affairs, 3 resignations over the affairs, 3 divorces, 3 remarriages (he's presently on wife number 4 and serving church number 4). The Associations Director expressed concern to my friend, but said that due to local church autonomy there is absolutely nothing he can do to prevent, remove, or discipline this man."

What can we make of this. Firstly I think that in many modern Churches size is the definition of success. If a Pastors presentation gets people in the Church, he is successful. His personal morality can be considered secondary. Caner increased enrollment and the kids just love him so its all OK. Also I think that many people are inclined to enjoy leaders whose moral failings are known. Certainly the "pastor " above was not going to be preaching about adultery. Much the same way as Clinton's popularity rose after personal immorality was revealed. Clearly many are more comfortable both in the Church and in society in general with leaders who's morals are as low as their own.

Imagine how Caner, in his academic position could crack down on students for plagiarism, cheating, or lying in their academic lives. What could he possibly say to them? We should pray for Caners repentance. far more we should pray for the repentance of those who have abetted him in his lies, and for the institutions that continued to hire him in the face of those lies.

Is 2014 - 1914 again?

Is 2014, 1914 All Over Again? China and World Power

Will China"s Expansion Lead to War?

Looking at the increasingly belligerent behavior of China on the world stage, one is struck by the historical parallels of the 20th century. One that strikes me in particular is that of the German Empire of Kaiser Wilhelm between his accession and the beginning of the First World War.
Germany and Italy were the last nations of Western Europe to achieve unification. Italy gained its unity in the struggle led by the Garibaldi, and Germany by the politics and wars of Bismarck. Germany now a great Power with the largest population in Western Europe, longed to take its place as the dominant country in Europe.
Firstly for both Germany and Italy this meant Colonies. Left with the scraps from the colonial table, Germany acquired a few spots in Africa, like Tanzania, South sea islands like the Solomon Islands, and half of New Guinea. Bismarck initially opposed Colonization seeing the cost outweighed the benefits, but eventually got swept up in the enthusiasm.
Wilhelm then decided that to protect his colonies, he had to have a navy the size of Britain's. Since Britain believed it had to have naval dominance. This led it to view Germany as an enemy and draw ever closer to France, and Russia away from antagonism to Republican France and England, and to alliance with them. The increasing tension caused by this led to WWI, needing only the spark of Sarajevo.
Is China today repeating history? China has obviously committed itself to being the Dominant Power in Asia. It is working to create the weapons to insure that dominance. The fact that it no longer has an exportable ideology to create allies means it must rely more and more on military force. 
China is rapidly expanding its Navy and Air Force. In its behavior towards Taiwan and Japan is becoming increasingly bellicose. There is no defensive purpose for this. It is clear that China, Like Wilhelm's Germany, or the Imperial Japan of WW2, is determined to establish Hegemony over its neighbors. What course will its neighbors take? Will India, China, Japan and Vietnam be forced to embark on their own policies of increasing their military power? Will they form alliances like those of 1914? Clearly events in Asia are becoming increasingly bleak and bear watching
Bismarck and His Times
By George O. Kent

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A. W. Pink and the Sovereignty of God

I am in the process of Re-Reading a great Reformed Christian Classic, The Sovreignty of God, by A. W. Pink. Arthur Walkington Pink, 1886-1952. Born in England to a strict Plymouth Brethren family he abandoned the faith to embrace the cult of Theosophy eventually becoming a writer for their magazine the Luciferian. He was preparing to join the cults leader in England. All the while his father was praying for his conversion.

One evening he came home and his father recited Proverbs 14:12, there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death", Convicted by the passage Pink soon became a Christian. After pastoring several Churches in America, Britain, and Australia, he became more and more focused on a writing ministry, starting his periodical Studies in the scriptures in 1922. For 30 years he provided teaching and spiritual comfort to a relatively small band of subscribers. His articles became the basis for the bulk of his books.

Since his death in 1952, his books have been reprinted by the millions and have had an impact on the lives of far more than ever received his magazine. The Sovreignty of God  is perhaps his best known work and is a wonderful exposition on God sovereign power in both providence and in salvation. Give thanks to God for his work and pray that God will raise up more faithful teachers to fill his shoes.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Indian Supreme Court Reinstates Sodomy Ban

In a surprise move the Indian Supreme Court have struck down a 2009 decision of the Delhi High Court that  decriminalized homosexuality. The law, from the British colonial era made homosexuality and unnatural offense punishable by imprisonment. The court was petitioned by a coalition of religious groups, particularly Christians and Muslims. The court ruling said that the ultimate decision was in the hands of the Indian Parliament.

Naturally the liberal media of the world is already going into hysterics over the ruling. The BBC article was typical devoting around 9 paragraphs to opponents of the decision and one to opponents of Sodomy.
As has become so common any pretense of objectivity has been tossed out by media.

The people of India have been given an opportunity to step back from the precipice. The cancer of sodomy, promoted by popular culture in atheistic western culture, is spreading throughout the world. It will destroy anything it touches. Give thanks to God for the decison and pray for the people of I

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Iran Condemns Desecration of Churches in Syria Positive Change or Public Relations

According to Press TV, Iranian Foreign ministry spokeswoman Marziheh Afkham has issued a statement condemning attacks on Churches and Christian sites in Syria.as well as the recent murder of a priest and others Christians by militant Syrian rebels.Afkham stated,"Certainly this act was taken with the aim of fueling the sedition in Syria and differences between followers of divine religions who have lived side by side in peace for centuries."{1}
Afkham also called for the release of Nuns kidnapped from an Orthodox convent and for international agencies to intervene to protect Civilians. What are we to make of this? The world, especially the Christian world would certainly welcome Iran adopting a more tolerant policy towards religious minorities but we would hope that charity begins at home.
Traditionally in Iran Christians (predominantly Armenians) and Jews, being monotheists have been given limited "dhimmi" status, a form of second class citizenship. However in the wake of the Islamic Revolution, persecution of all non-Islamic religions commenced. The Anglican Mission in Iran, including a hospital and school for blind girls were closed and the son of the Iranian Anglican Bishop murdered. in addition other Churches in Iran have faced persecution and recently a number of Pastors were imprisoned and threatened with death. See www.elam.com {2}
In addition Iran has engaged in serious persecution of it indigenous religions, the Zoroastrians and the Bahai. As Sanskrity Sinha, of the International Business Times,{3} describes, Iranian Zoroastrians have had many of their leaders killed and large numbers of adherents have fled the country.
Clearly, while one hopes that Iran's government has discovered religious toleration one cannot escape the conclusion this statement was for world consumption. Iran's client state in Syria faces serious opposition from militant rebels including ruthless groups backed by AL Qaeda. It appears that Iran is
desperately trying to bring world opinion, (and international military intervention in on the side of Syria).
and that its speaking out in defense of Christians is just part of that ploy.

Walter Williams wrote an excellent article titled "Of Black voters and Obama"at newsbusters, where he demonstrates Obama is not the presidential version of Jackie Robinson.

SIngapore, Ethnicity vs. Greed

Major riots are occurring in Singapore. An Indian immigrant worker was killed in a accident. According to Reuters they set fire to an Ambulance, as well as overturning cars. The riots reflect a growing problem in the island state.

Singapore, having prospered economically has been invaded by immigrants seeking to take advantage of  that prosperity. The business community wants them there so they encourage this. The country is flooded by immigrants who don't share the culture of the host society. In addition their higher birth rates guarantee that there influence will increase while the native population decreases.

The native population of Singapore have held even larger demonstrations protesting immigration. However it is likely nothing will be done because the leadership of  that country will bow to the business communities need for cheap labor.

This is repeated all over the world. Those countries who have created economic prosperity throughout the world, whether Singapore, Australia, Germany, or the United States . When they do the countries are inundated by people from countries whose Cultural and Religious values have created poverty in those countries. This is encouraged on the one hand by a business community on the right, hoping to drive down wages. Meanwhile the left, (in the west at least dominated by self loathing white liberals), support this because it promotes "diversity".

This leads to an erosion of the host culture, and the impoverishment of the working class of that country. If that class protest this not wanting, to paraphrase Jefferson, " their children to wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered", they are immediately denounced as bigots.

This is a dangerous situation. On the one hand the peoples of the west and Singapore are committing geno-suicide destroying their own culture and society. On the other hand there is a danger that the people will embrace anyone that will address the economic issue. My roommate my 1st year in college was from Uganda. He told me that when Idi Amin took over Uganda from Obote that people danced in the streets
to celebrate because Amin had promised to expel the Indians who had a dominant place in the countries

These misguided policies are destroying the west. They don't help the immigrants countries either.
Countries like Mexico or India don't have to address their countries problems because they have the safety valve of immigration. Sadly it remains to be seen whether the people of Singapore, or the west, will overcome the forces of greed and multiculturalism or if they will self destruct.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Rats Are Leaving The Ship

Today on the New American there is an article entitled, "Amid IRS Abuse, Record Number of Americans Give Up U.S. Citizenship." 1 In the article it discusses how in 2009, only 742 American citizens renounced their citizenship In 2012 it was over 2,000. So far this year over 2400. In part it is because US requirments on those wishing to bank abroad are so restrictive that there are many banks overseas that will no longer accept American Depositors.

But this growing departure of the wealthy is a symptom of more than just IRS regulation. With the departure of American manufacturing, Increasing taxes, and the rising violence and barbarism, more and more of those who can are leaving like rats jumping from a sinking. It is what we see going on in the inner cities of our country writ large.It demonstrates that rising taxes will only lead to the departure of the middle and upper classes. The lower Middle classes and the poor are forced to remain.

This is all reflective of Americas transition to the third world. The great mass becoming ever poorer in the decaying cities. The Middles classes growing smaller will move into the suburbs enclosing themselves in gated communities while the rich will move their money offshore, where they can run things safely as absentee landlords.

Meanwhile the left will be the controlling political class. And business will be the controlling economic class.
The devastating alliance between State Capitalism and State Socialism which will suck the lifeblood from our once great country.

1. http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/congress/item/17134-amid-irs-abuse-record-number-of-americans-give-up-u-s-citizenship

Attacks On Calvinism- Mormons Love 'em

An interesting article is found in the LDS journal "Interpreter, A Journal of Mormon Scripture1," Louis Midgely reviews Roger Olson's opus "Against Calvinism". Reading it, one wonders if Olson is disturbed by the fact that he is being glowingly reviewed by a Mormon, who one would expect, he would not regard as a Christian. an example of Midgelys Paen  to Olson is found here, "Latter Day saints who have encountered tulip-spouting countercult critics of their faith will, I am confident agree with Olson that God must be seen as
"the standard of moral goodness" and " the perfectly loving source of love. pg 178".

The fact is that Arminians, like Mormons seek a God that will cooperate with them not a God to which they must submit. In Mormonism God, like the Gods of classical paganism, is merely a man exalted to Godhood.
While the God of Arminianism is ostensibly the God of the Bible, He is in many ways reduced to being less than a man in that he is bound to have an indiscriminate love for all men whether they Love or Hate him, whether they are suffering damnation or in his presence in heaven.

One does not know what Olson's feelings must be at seeing his work supported from such a source.
I hope that if he hears of it, that it will give him pause and cause him to reconsider his views.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ukraine: An Epic Struggle For Its Independance

Though it has received minimal press attention in the U.S.(its not about Kim and Kanye,Football or Mandela the New York Times reports on the situation in the Ukraine. Mass crowds singing and flying Ukrainian flags erected barricades and tore down the cities large statue of Lenin.
, the situation in the Ukraine is one of momentous importance for the west and the free World. This Sunday, (Dec. 7th) hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians citizens took to the street to protest against the rule of Viktor Yanukovych, Putin's Neo-Soviet backed client. As
In rejecting Yanukovych's rejection of increasing ties with the European Union and the west, the people of the Ukraine are reasserting the independence they overwhelmingly voted for when declared independence from the Soviet Union. Putin, who no doubt yearns to bring the Ukraine, the former jewel in the crown of the Soviet empire has done everything in his power to bring it back into the Soviet Empire. He has help corrupt the electoral process and attempted to strong arm Ukraine by cutting off its natural gas supplies.

Today millions of Ukrainians of All ages and classes are in the streets asserting their desire to retain their countries independence from Putin and His revanchist dreams of empire. They should have the prayers and goodwill of freemen everywhere. Having defeated both Nazi and Soviet oppression they have earned the right to retain their freedom. The victory of The Ukrainian people over Putin and his sock-puppet Yanukovych will be a hammer blow to Putin's dreams of empire.

What Kind of Conservative, Should We Care For Rupert Murdoch?

While I was perusing a number of blogs this morning I saw in  Newsbusters, An article by Matthew Sheppard on Dave Folkenflik interview with Rupert Murdoch. He expresses his inabilty to understand why so many American Conservatives don't know about Murdoch or care about him. Perhaps the author doesn't understand that many conservative don't particularly regard him as a conservative, Fox has after all done everything it could to be the raunchiest network on Network tv and is always trying to push the boundary of decency.

Murdoch's conservatism is not everyone's. Murdoch in fact reflects the confusion regarding what it means to be a conservative in America, and how it relates to the Republican Party, which has for nearly 6 decades been seen to be the principle vehicle of Conservatism.

First the conservative movement has, since the cold war been a coalition of several different streams of  thought. Anti-Communism was the glue which for so long held the coalition together. The Conservative movement has long consisted of

  • Social Conservatives, whose primary concern is the moral and cultural decline of the west. 
  • The purely economic conservatives whose principal concern is the maintenance of free markets and low taxes. 
  • The libertarians, whose primary focus is the limiting of any government power and what Robert Bork once referred to as "Radical individualism.
Of course many, conservatives have held some are all of these in common. Many , most I should think, Social conservatives are believers in the free market and limited Gov. Some libertarians agree with some of the social conservative agenda. But virtually all have a primary focus. But the one thing that held them together was a hatred of Communism.\

Before the 1960s, both of the political parties contained both Conservatives and liberals and anti- communists. The Democrats had ultra conservatives like Pat McCarran and the Republicans had the Rockefeller's and the Remnants the old Progressive wing of the party. By 1972, the left had completed it domination of the Democratic party by its left wing, largely rooting out their conservatives, leaving for the most part only leftist and extreme leftist. (some conservatives remained for a while, The late Larry McDonald Rep. from Georgia was until his death in the KAL-007 tragedy the head of the John Birch Society.)

The Republicans on the other hand have never gone through such a transition. Largely the leadership of the Party is composed of economic "conservatives", a wealthy elite, while the rank of the file base of the party represents a combine of the various Conservatism's. As long a the Communist threat existed the groups were content to remain together. With the collapse of the Soviet Union the various factions are becoming increasingly unwilling to share the yoke. Like the Whig party of the 1800's the current Republican Party has no soul. Sadly those conservatism extends beyond making the Billionaires, Trillionaires dont currently have a party to turn to. My guess is that the Libertarians don't

find the party's current "Big Government Conservatism",
any more satisfying.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

This Months Hero- Charles. W. Davis

It being Pearl harbor day I felt it appropriate to pause to remember those of our Countrymen who fought in the attack of December 7, 1941. One of these was a 3rd cousin twice removed, Charles W. Davis, 1917-1991  who was a Pearl Harbor survivor who went on to win the Congressional Medal of Honor at Guadalcanal. His citation reads   "Charles W. Davis Rank and organization: Major, U.S. Army, 25th Infantry Division. Place and date: Guadalcanal Island, 12 January 1943. Entered service at: Montgomery, Ala. Birth: Gordo, Ala. G.O. No.: 40, 17 July 1943. Citation: For distinguishing himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty in action with the enemy on Guadalcanal Island. On 12 January 1943, Maj. Davis (then Capt.), executive officer of an infantry battalion, volunteered to carry instructions to the leading companies of his battalion which had been caught in crossfire from Japanese machineguns. With complete disregard for his own safety, he made his way to the trapped units, delivered the instructions, supervised their execution, and remained overnight in this exposed position. On the following day, Maj. Davis again volunteered to lead an assault on the Japanese position which was holding up the advance. When his rifle jammed at its first shot, he drew his pistol (M1911) and, waving his men on, led the assault over the top of the hill. Electrified by this action, another body of soldiers followed and seized the hill. The capture of this position broke Japanese resistance and the battalion was then able to proceed and secure the corps objective. The courage and leadership displayed by Maj. Davis inspired the entire battalion and unquestionably led to the success of its attack."A true hero in every sense of the word.

Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, and South Africa

It is perhaps no surprise that Chris Matthews still tingling all over from his love fest with Obama, Should find a way to tie American Partisan politics into the Orgy of obsequiousness over the demise of The Bolshevik turned peace hero, Nelson Mandela. Now he is comparing F. W. de Klerk, favorably to Mitch McConnell.
New busters quote Matthews as saying.
 " CHRIS MATTHEWS: I haven’t heard anything as smart as what I heard Reverend Sharpton say a couple minutes ago in five years. That is the most perceptive thing I’ve seen. It just rocks me. The difference between the way F.W. de Klerk handled the need for change and inevitable election, democratic election of Nelson Mandela, a legitimate election, truly legitimate for the first time - he was never legitimately elected - for him to recognize his role in history which was to be a patriot at that point is so different than the way Mitch McConnell handled the election of Obama. So different.

To set it up that way, the juxtaposition, they were willing, the McConnell people on to the far right were willing to destroy the country in order to destroy Obama, whereas to succeed in a country he loved, F.W. de Klerk was willing to see it transformed to black rule so that it could be done successfully so that he would have his country have a better future"
Murder of missionary familiy peformed by Mandela allies in Rhodesia
the media is perfectly willing to forget them.

Matthews has become a sterling representation of what is no doubt one of the more loathsome creatures of our time the Self-loathing white liberal. For him the thought that the Republicans and McConnell would have even ran a candidate against Obama is unthinkable. The republicans should have just gotten out of the way so America could presumably be "transformed to black rule". Is he saying that Obama only represents the minorities, true but not something I thought he would admit. The liberal ethos is rooted in what the late Dr. R. J. Rushdoony called the politics of guilt and pity. They have conditioned themselves to believe that white Europeans are to blame for the worlds problems and anything from the 3rd world is defacto superior.

I"ve always found it intriguing that the only place the left believes in majority rule is South Africa.
They don't believe in it in Northern Ireland or the rest of Europe and apparently not in America.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/12/06/unhinged-chris-matthews-south-africas-last-apartheid-era-ruler-more-p#ixzz2mnD6ix3P

Friday, December 6, 2013

Marxist Mandela Meets Maker, probably suprised.

As we speak the world is going into a frenzy of mourning for Nelson Mandela. You will be hearing many things about the African National Congress' leader, how he battled apartheid and how wonderful he was.
The one word you will not hear is the word Communist. If you look at the ANCs, website, http://www.anc.org.za/show.php?id=172you will see that it boast of its connection with the South African Communist Party. Mandela was a life long Marxist, a terrorist till he came to power. Looking at the sorry state of South Africa, One can see the fruits of Marxism. South Africa has a murder rate many times that of American Inner cities, a nation ravaged by aids and a genocidal campaigns waged against Boer farmers. None of this will be mentioned by the media. No one will speak either because they are so in the tank for the left or because they are so frightened of being labeled racist. This is a shameful moment for the  thinking world.

Here the great champion of peace and racial tolerance
sings of killing the whites!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Detroit and Teotihuacan a Tale of Two Cities

Teotihuacan, in mexico was a large city that began about 100 b.c. It had large and beautifully built structures and obviously had a large and highly developed civilization then about the 7th or 8th century it was abandoned. Debate over the causes rages to this day. Then you have Detroit, once a large city with beautifully built structures
that had a large and highly developed civilization. Detroit having declared bankruptcy is now being abandoned.
unlike Teotihuacan we know exactly why Detroit is going under.

Without protection for Americas auto industry it has largely died in Detroit. Rising debt and the cost of a growing welfare state drove the middle class from the City in increasing numbers,reducing tax bases and moving the city gov. further to the left. The remaining population voted for politicians that would increase welfare spending. Rising taxes, rising crime, and other social problems then forced more of the middle class to flee. this cycle has driven the city of Detroit further and further down until it has reached the state it is in today.

This is the pattern of most of our cities. It is being accelerated by its unrestricted immigration policy, and an education system and culture that encourages people to behave like animals and barbarians. A hundred years hence will our cities have gone the way of Teotihuacan? Only time and the omnipotent providence of God will tell. At least  Teotihuacan left some pretty ruins. It remains to be seen if Detroit will do the same.

Chris Matthews Love in with Barack Obama.

The only thing missing from Matthews interview with Obama was a ring and a proposal. Matthews swooned as Obama lied with the gusto which has served him so well in his political career. Obama pulled out no stops in trying to convince black America that its gaining something other that EBT Cards from his presidency. He also played the usual race cards from a deck stacked full, arguing that requiring voters to show id at the polls is not an attempt to prevent people from voting fraudulently but an attempt to suppress minority votes.

Since Oprah's already been done and his mother has passed away I guess he couldn't find a more sympathetic, (with emphasis on the pathetic interviewer.) Matthews Nerf ball interview was the sort of contemptible disgrace one expect from MSNBC, the ministry of propaganda for the Obama administration.
since you cant shame someone who has no shame.

The Strange lies of L. Ron Caner

For latest on the Caner debacle go to Jason Smather's Website http://www.witnessesuntome.com/2013/11/ergun-caner-intransigent-in-fight-to-keep-his-lies-offline/#comment-121000

Minimum Wage and the Declining Economy!

Albert Mohler, usually excellent gave a rather disappointing talk on the minimum wage on the 12/5/2013
briefing program. Now there are some who may be surprised that there are conservatives who aren't opposed  to minimum wage legislation. While I'm dubious about the efficacy about the Government mandating anything I believe there has to be some restraint on human greed. While the standard arguments are made about inflation and the need  to have a wage to increase youth unemployment the real reason business wants to do away with the m.w. is so that it can accelerate the effort to drive wages down.

More and more America is starting to resemble a third world country. An upper class with growing wealth and standard of living and a massive underclass who's income declines every year. Between the mythical "free trade" and unrestricted immigration the status of our working people, once envied around the world is shrinking by the year. The American worker, faced by declining wages has only limited options. Lower standard of living, or go further into debt, or go on government relief.

The forces of greed in the American economy don,t care what happens to their fellow citizens as long as their personal profits grow. not content to move our manufacturing abroad, flooding our country with a mass of people who cannot be assimilated in our culture, or using the taxpayer to subsidize their business by supplementing their workers wages with government welfare.

Those of us who are old enough remember the way it used to be in America. Once, apart from the management, and housewives working days you never saw adults flipping hamburgers. Now all you see is adults, many obvious foreigners. Your bags at the grocery store were bagged by kids, now by adults, while in the parking lot you see old men rounding up the shopping baskets.

America doesn't need a minimum wage but a fair wage. It is revealing that those who are ardent opponents of the minimum wage are never those who have to live on it. As Solzhenitsyn wrote in One Day in the Life of
Ivan Denisovich, "A man who's warm can never understand a man who's cold."

Why I Hate Christmas Music!

To begin with, I must say I do not hate all Christmas music, just most of it. In part, this is due to the time I spent several month working as a nighttime temp stocker in a nation wide store chain. Locked in for the night to stock the store, for 3 months we were bombarded all night long by Christmas Elevator music. You know the kind that makes John Denver sound like Motley Crue, tthe same 20 or so tracks over and over and over......
And it was always, In Americas consumerists style the very worst kind of Christmas elevator music, secularized and stripped of any Christian meaning. You know, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jingle bell rock,Rudolf,santa  baby, have yourself a merry little Christmas , and of course Rudolf. Well at least they avoided the absolute worst like grandma got run over by a reindeer, and I saw mommy kissing Santa.
In part it's caused by the endless repetition of the songs we see throughout the Christmas season. It becomes like that hit song you heard over and over on the radio that you became sick of it, (Debbie Boone are you listening?) Since the Christmas season now start as soon as Halloween ends it's twice as long as it used to be to get sick of a song.
But my main objection of course is the for the hyper-commercial songs that our Consumerist society has churned out by the bushel since the beginning of the 20th century. (I can't think of many secular Christmas songs before the 1900s.So divorced from Christinity is most modern Christmas music  that the renowned Atheist O'hare, according to her son loved to sing Christmas carols.
How, if like me you have come to hate Christmas music how can you learn to love it again?
·         Do your best to avoid the commercial garbage. Select songs that reflect the importance and Joy of the occasion. While in public you may not be able to avoid it you can in your home or\car.
·         I would recommend listening to the old classic, which cross several genres and singing styles. Choose the one that for you fit the season.

·         While avoiding clich├ęs, I would urge you to remember what Christmas and its customs are  about the birth of Christ and not excuse for profits and another sale.