Monday, December 2, 2013

Obama Continues To Militarize Police Forces!

The Website The New American Online has an revealing argument about how Obama, is violating the Constitution ever more blatantly. In the article by Alex Newman, Obama is revealed to be giving huge quantities of Military weapons to to local city and county Police forces.

Among other thing it reveals how, This year alone, over 150 so-called “mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles,” or MRAPS, used by U.S. forces in Iraq, were distributed by the administration to local police departments within the “Homeland."1 I addition to this it reminds how every federal agency is purchasing and stockpiling Ammunition, without ever giving an adequate explanation why.

Among other things, these "gifts" given by the Federal government to the Police, Will compromise the autonomy of our local police, since such aid is always conditional.. In addition, speaking in tandem with groups like The Southern Poverty Lie center makes it clear who they regard as the threat; Christian groups, Pro Lifers, Pro Second Amendmenters, teaparty members, and tax protesters.

Is Obama our Cataline? Our Caesar?, Our Napoleon? Well he seems more like a buffoon,  but then we have to also consider the forces behind Obama. To me it seems Obama is the hand puppet, the window dressing used to further the agenda, The newly armed security forces are to be the steel in the glove. As one New York County Sheriff, Craig Apple said about his knew "MRAP", "Its Armored, Its heavy, Its intimidating, and its free."1 Well Sheriff apple who is it meant to intimidate? The conventional use for these vehichles in Law enforcement seem to be limited. So in which direction will the guns be turned? I think we know.


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