Friday, December 6, 2013

Marxist Mandela Meets Maker, probably suprised.

As we speak the world is going into a frenzy of mourning for Nelson Mandela. You will be hearing many things about the African National Congress' leader, how he battled apartheid and how wonderful he was.
The one word you will not hear is the word Communist. If you look at the ANCs, website, will see that it boast of its connection with the South African Communist Party. Mandela was a life long Marxist, a terrorist till he came to power. Looking at the sorry state of South Africa, One can see the fruits of Marxism. South Africa has a murder rate many times that of American Inner cities, a nation ravaged by aids and a genocidal campaigns waged against Boer farmers. None of this will be mentioned by the media. No one will speak either because they are so in the tank for the left or because they are so frightened of being labeled racist. This is a shameful moment for the  thinking world.

Here the great champion of peace and racial tolerance
sings of killing the whites!

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