Thursday, December 5, 2013

Detroit and Teotihuacan a Tale of Two Cities

Teotihuacan, in mexico was a large city that began about 100 b.c. It had large and beautifully built structures and obviously had a large and highly developed civilization then about the 7th or 8th century it was abandoned. Debate over the causes rages to this day. Then you have Detroit, once a large city with beautifully built structures
that had a large and highly developed civilization. Detroit having declared bankruptcy is now being abandoned.
unlike Teotihuacan we know exactly why Detroit is going under.

Without protection for Americas auto industry it has largely died in Detroit. Rising debt and the cost of a growing welfare state drove the middle class from the City in increasing numbers,reducing tax bases and moving the city gov. further to the left. The remaining population voted for politicians that would increase welfare spending. Rising taxes, rising crime, and other social problems then forced more of the middle class to flee. this cycle has driven the city of Detroit further and further down until it has reached the state it is in today.

This is the pattern of most of our cities. It is being accelerated by its unrestricted immigration policy, and an education system and culture that encourages people to behave like animals and barbarians. A hundred years hence will our cities have gone the way of Teotihuacan? Only time and the omnipotent providence of God will tell. At least  Teotihuacan left some pretty ruins. It remains to be seen if Detroit will do the same.

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