Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pope Oust Conservative Bishop

NBC news online has written a celebratory piece about the recent decision of "Pope" Francis to oust the conservative bishop of St. Louis in favor of a "Moderate?". His crime? "Four years ago, the former archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, was caught on tape saying that the head of the Washington archdiocese, Donald Wuerl, and other moderates were "weakening the faith" by refusing to ban pro-choice politicians from receiving communion.
Burke had to apologize for the remark, but it didn't diminish his profile in Rome under former Pope Benedict, who had appointed him head of the Vatican's equivalent of the supreme court and given him a coveted spot in the influential Congregation of Bishops.
Now, there's a new pontiff in town."

Those who are considering swimming the Tiber to Rome in favor of its supposed "Infallible" leadership should ask themselves if this is the Church they really want to join.

I have always found it interesting when traditionalists Catholics like Malachi Martin and the former Cardinal Milingo, (now a Moonie), claimed that a Satanic cult had ensconced itself in the Vatican, Catholics seemed quicker to believe it than protestants.

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