Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ATF, Odyssey of an American Stasi

Those who do the enforcing for our lords and masters have shown once again the utter contempt they have for us serfs and for the law. at Atlantic Conor Friedersdorf reports on how the ATF is conducting it affairs. It should come as no surprise that the agents are having a high old time and trampling the constitution in a most Obamaesque fashion.
Among other things it talks about how ATF agents in Milwaukee befriended a "mentally" disturbed youth and paid him and a friend $150 to get tattoos of their front store on their necks. Apparently the ATF has an affinity for the mentally ill, using them to encourage others to come to their sting operations then arresting the mentally challenged people.

According to the account the ATF "gave a brain-damaged drug addict with little knowledge of weapons a "tutorial" on machine guns, hoping he could find them one." In other areas the agents set up undercover operations where they encouraged juveniles to smoke Marijuana and provided alcohol. In one case in Portland a female agent flirted with teens and encouraged them to bring drugs and guns to the store."

Apparently the ATF was offering such high prices for the guns, people were legally buying weapons and selling the to the ATF for a profit. ATF pawn shops were offering such competitive prices for stolen merchandise that it led to an increase in local theft. 

Finally it describes an ATF operation in Milwaukee where "a machine gun and other weapons had been stolen from an agent's car, the storefront was burglarized, agents arrested the wrong people and hired the brain-damaged man, who had an IQ of 54, to set up gun and drug deals. The machine gun has not been recovered.

It is clear that our Lords regard us a despicable peasants who can be abused at will. It has enlisted its thugs and goons to monitor and disarm us and if we resist to give us the Randy Weaver treatment. The American people can either tamely submit to this abuse or fight. Which will they choose.

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