Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SIngapore, Ethnicity vs. Greed

Major riots are occurring in Singapore. An Indian immigrant worker was killed in a accident. According to Reuters they set fire to an Ambulance, as well as overturning cars. The riots reflect a growing problem in the island state.

Singapore, having prospered economically has been invaded by immigrants seeking to take advantage of  that prosperity. The business community wants them there so they encourage this. The country is flooded by immigrants who don't share the culture of the host society. In addition their higher birth rates guarantee that there influence will increase while the native population decreases.

The native population of Singapore have held even larger demonstrations protesting immigration. However it is likely nothing will be done because the leadership of  that country will bow to the business communities need for cheap labor.

This is repeated all over the world. Those countries who have created economic prosperity throughout the world, whether Singapore, Australia, Germany, or the United States . When they do the countries are inundated by people from countries whose Cultural and Religious values have created poverty in those countries. This is encouraged on the one hand by a business community on the right, hoping to drive down wages. Meanwhile the left, (in the west at least dominated by self loathing white liberals), support this because it promotes "diversity".

This leads to an erosion of the host culture, and the impoverishment of the working class of that country. If that class protest this not wanting, to paraphrase Jefferson, " their children to wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered", they are immediately denounced as bigots.

This is a dangerous situation. On the one hand the peoples of the west and Singapore are committing geno-suicide destroying their own culture and society. On the other hand there is a danger that the people will embrace anyone that will address the economic issue. My roommate my 1st year in college was from Uganda. He told me that when Idi Amin took over Uganda from Obote that people danced in the streets
to celebrate because Amin had promised to expel the Indians who had a dominant place in the countries

These misguided policies are destroying the west. They don't help the immigrants countries either.
Countries like Mexico or India don't have to address their countries problems because they have the safety valve of immigration. Sadly it remains to be seen whether the people of Singapore, or the west, will overcome the forces of greed and multiculturalism or if they will self destruct.

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