Sunday, December 1, 2013

P. J. O'Rourke wrote a highly interesting Argument in the Wall Street Journal entitled, "the Boomer Bust", which I highly recommend.


I made the following comment:
This article is insightful but sad. It demostrates that while those with only a secular worldview can diagnose the problems of our times but they have no real solution. Secular materialism and Postmodernism are the fruits of this generation. As one of its later members, (b.1960) I feel unfortunate that a frowning providence has destined me to have been born into it. Yet I know that the root of the problem of the modern west is spiritual as is the answer to that problem.

Whether it is our fate to go the way of Rome or witness a national awakening is in the plan of a wiser mind than ours. We have a duty to call our society and culture back from the brink and fight to restore the Christian heritage of our civilization. Sadly Mr. O'Rourke, sees the house burning but has no idea of how to put it out.

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