Thursday, December 5, 2013

Minimum Wage and the Declining Economy!

Albert Mohler, usually excellent gave a rather disappointing talk on the minimum wage on the 12/5/2013
briefing program. Now there are some who may be surprised that there are conservatives who aren't opposed  to minimum wage legislation. While I'm dubious about the efficacy about the Government mandating anything I believe there has to be some restraint on human greed. While the standard arguments are made about inflation and the need  to have a wage to increase youth unemployment the real reason business wants to do away with the m.w. is so that it can accelerate the effort to drive wages down.

More and more America is starting to resemble a third world country. An upper class with growing wealth and standard of living and a massive underclass who's income declines every year. Between the mythical "free trade" and unrestricted immigration the status of our working people, once envied around the world is shrinking by the year. The American worker, faced by declining wages has only limited options. Lower standard of living, or go further into debt, or go on government relief.

The forces of greed in the American economy don,t care what happens to their fellow citizens as long as their personal profits grow. not content to move our manufacturing abroad, flooding our country with a mass of people who cannot be assimilated in our culture, or using the taxpayer to subsidize their business by supplementing their workers wages with government welfare.

Those of us who are old enough remember the way it used to be in America. Once, apart from the management, and housewives working days you never saw adults flipping hamburgers. Now all you see is adults, many obvious foreigners. Your bags at the grocery store were bagged by kids, now by adults, while in the parking lot you see old men rounding up the shopping baskets.

America doesn't need a minimum wage but a fair wage. It is revealing that those who are ardent opponents of the minimum wage are never those who have to live on it. As Solzhenitsyn wrote in One Day in the Life of
Ivan Denisovich, "A man who's warm can never understand a man who's cold."

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