Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 And The American Tragedy

As we face the new year we can only view with a profound sadness. The late Dr. C Gregg Singer strongly argued that there were no tragedies in God's history. While that is true for Gods plan for the future, we as human beings do experience tragedy. When a loved one dies for example, we may believe that they are in heaven they are absent from us and we feel it as tragedy.

Breugel the triumph of death
original in the prado, Madrid
For those who love this country and our civilization we face a personal tragedy.The forces of barbarism have spread across country and our media heralds its inevitable downfall. For the perverts, for the abortionists, for the enemies of freedom and Christianity, this is a time for celebration. The great tragedy is that it will turn on them in the end and rend them. Much as the end of European rule in South Africa has led to the collapse of civilization there, so the end of European rule, with its roots in the Christian worldview will mark the death of Civilization here.

One would have to be the ultimate optimist to see signs of hope for 2014. The political prostitutes that run our country are selling themselves cheaper than ever. They will sell out those they profess to represent and grow fat on the profits. The sodomites will continue to vindicate Psalm 12:8, "The wicked strut about on every side When vileness is exalted among the sons of men."  having accepted the rationale for celebrating one perversion, our society will eventually yield to celebration of all sickness. Having accepted abortion the drive to bring about Euthanasia will continue.

For those of us who are believers, we have the comfort of knowing God is in control of history. Those who seek to destroy the west, and us, are both the implements of divine and doomed to succumb to it. While we celebrate Gods providence in history, Let us also mourn for the civilization that is lost, weep for those who will perish in the judgement to come, and pray that God will bring revival to our land.

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