Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reddit, No Room For Dissent On Climate Change

William Jasper of the New American discusses how the social and information network Reddit will join others , like the Los Angeles Times in banning anyone from its science section who dares to question the theory of Global climate change. As Jasper stated "In a December 16 posting on the left-liberal Grist website (a George Soros-funded website), Reddit science “moderator” (now self-professed censor) Nathan Allen
announced that the Reddit science forum woumanmade carbon-dioxide is causing a global warming existential threat to the planet."
ld no longer allow postings from those who challenge the increasingly discredited notion that

The article Allen then expressed that all media outlets would join Reddit in silencing any dissent on the issue.
If anyone has any doubt remaining that there are extremely serious questions about Global this should settle it. The fact that its leading champions have such a strong desire to stop any debate on the issue shows how little confidence they have that it will stand up under scrutiny.Its rather like a child putting his hands over his ears and yelling so he cant hear what he doesn't want to hear.

It is not surprising that the left, which puts itself forward as the champion of free speech and diversity is in reality dedicated to censorship and enforcing unanimity of opinion. Ultimately all modern left wing thought has its roots in Marxist-Leninism . Truth is what serves the party and those who don't accept the parties version of the truth must be silenced.

Meanwhile the celebrity set from Clooney to Bono will parrot the party line as trendy and cool. This will appeal to those who think such persons must know what they are talking about because they are "stars". The thinking person however, will see that the emperor has no clothes. If man-made climate change is certain then it should have compelling evidence. It is clear however,  that the forces driving it are political not scientific.

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