Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Indian Supreme Court Reinstates Sodomy Ban

In a surprise move the Indian Supreme Court have struck down a 2009 decision of the Delhi High Court that  decriminalized homosexuality. The law, from the British colonial era made homosexuality and unnatural offense punishable by imprisonment. The court was petitioned by a coalition of religious groups, particularly Christians and Muslims. The court ruling said that the ultimate decision was in the hands of the Indian Parliament.

Naturally the liberal media of the world is already going into hysterics over the ruling. The BBC article was typical devoting around 9 paragraphs to opponents of the decision and one to opponents of Sodomy.
As has become so common any pretense of objectivity has been tossed out by media.

The people of India have been given an opportunity to step back from the precipice. The cancer of sodomy, promoted by popular culture in atheistic western culture, is spreading throughout the world. It will destroy anything it touches. Give thanks to God for the decison and pray for the people of I

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