Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chris Matthews Love in with Barack Obama.

The only thing missing from Matthews interview with Obama was a ring and a proposal. Matthews swooned as Obama lied with the gusto which has served him so well in his political career. Obama pulled out no stops in trying to convince black America that its gaining something other that EBT Cards from his presidency. He also played the usual race cards from a deck stacked full, arguing that requiring voters to show id at the polls is not an attempt to prevent people from voting fraudulently but an attempt to suppress minority votes.

Since Oprah's already been done and his mother has passed away I guess he couldn't find a more sympathetic, (with emphasis on the pathetic interviewer.) Matthews Nerf ball interview was the sort of contemptible disgrace one expect from MSNBC, the ministry of propaganda for the Obama administration.
since you cant shame someone who has no shame.

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