Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chimp Lawsuit; Planet of the Apes, (and the really stupid Lawyers)

Al Mohler"s briefing today addressed  the question of whether have legal standing before U.S. courts. (see This absurdity, which would have rightly have been considered absurd, is now being taken seriously This of course, is the natural consequence of abandoning Christianity with It's concept of man being unique, created in the image of God,
and having intrinsic value. It was inevitable that a society which can rule in favor of the mass slaughter of abortion has so cheapened Human life that chimp life is elevated. The old movie "Planet of the Apes" told of a post apocalyptic world where Humans had devolved to the level of animals and apes where superior. Well the chimps don't seem to be getting any more intelligent but man sure seems to be losing his mental grip.

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