Tuesday, December 3, 2013

L. Ron Caners saga of Lies Continues

Dr. Ergun Caner continues his campaign against his own, and the Churches credibility. Reminiscent of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, Dr Caner has embarked on a scorched Earth Campaign against any who provides proof that demonstrates his is a liar. Caner is suing a young unemployed man had with three children who had the unmitigated Gall to show that in his address to a group of Marines that he was clearly guilty of fabrication.

It seems incredible that he can continue his defense in the face of the factual revelation that every aspect of the story of his life is completely false. What is even more amazing is that people in the Southern Baptist Convention will defend him. What leaves me utterly, slack jawed astonished is the SBCs Georgia affialiate will elect him Unanimously to be the President of Brewton-Parker College, one of its educational establishments. :SBC_TODAY. The article quoted Caners predecessor,"I am excited about the appointment of Dr. Ergun Caner as the 16th president of Brewton-Parker. Dr. Caner brings a wealth of experience to the presidency with more than three decades in Christian higher education leadership, Biblical teaching, preaching and apologetics. This appointment will excite Georgia Baptists and Southern Baptists who will sit up and take notice that Brewton-Parker College and its trustees are serious about its stand on the infallibility of the Scriptures and its decision to honor Jesus Christ in every area. I have no doubt that the college will grow and strengthen exponentially under his leadership"     SBC_TODAY.
Allegedly Ergun Caner

The article goes on to mention the charges made against Caner, but following the pattern of Caner defenders they do not choose to say what those accusations are.The article states,In 2010 Caner was embroiled in controversy when religious bloggers accused him of embellishing his background as a former Muslim turned Christian. When those bloggers began uploading videos allegedly of Caner, Liberty University formed a committee to investigate the charges. Though the committee found no evidence of Caner deliberately lying, he stepped down as dean, though he continued as a full-time professor until he went to Arlington "SBC_TODAY

Typical of Caners defenders the article implies that the primary thrust of the charges by Christians somehow focused on a claim that he had never been a Muslim. This is false this charge was only made by the Muslims.
The Christians simply pointed out that Caner almost totally fabricated a background of a fanatical Muslim trained in jihah, who lied about when he came to America, having studied in Madrassahs, etc.Most amazing of all is the quote "When those bloggers began uploading videos allegedly of Caner" Allegedly, who is it really. Ridiculous.

 The final blow came from one of the trustees who said “We didn’t consider Dr. Caner in spite of the attacks; we elected him because of them. He has endured relentless and pagan attacks like a warrior. We need a warrior as our next president."SBC_TODAY

Sadly it seems the total lack of discernment that afflicts the Church is clearly demonstrated in the SBC.
Apparently Brewton-College will be well served by a man is a stranger to honesty and truthfulness and who sues another minister in his own Church. The Georgia Baptists are doing Caner no favor. By perpetuating and rewarding his mis-behavior they are only guaranteeing it will continue .
Caner addresses charges against him.

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