Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jeremiah Denton - American Hero Dies at 89

Jeremiah Denton, whose defiant resistance while a prisoner of the Communists during the Vietnam War made him a National hero has died. Denton who blinked his eyes to signal "torture" in morse code, refuted the lies of traitors like Jane Fonda and told the world what was going on in the Communist POW camps.

After his return to America, he continued to serve his nation, being elected the 1st Republican in the US Senate in 100 years. There he served on the Senate Commitee on Subversion and terrorism where he fought to reveal the actions of traitors on American soil such as the Soviet controlled nuclear freeze movement. After being defeated due to a very dirty campaign by Richard Shelby, (his campaign manager suggested that if Denton had been smart he would not have been captured), he became a conservative political activist.

Senator and Rear Admiral Denton was a true American. I met him once at a rally condemning the Soviets for the KAL-007 shootdown. He was a dedicated patriot and a true gentleman.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

In a recent article in World Magazine,  Marvin Olasky interviewed the leftist Ronald Sider, and proclaimed him an ally of conservatives in the area of limited government. Sider expresses a preference for "social justice" to be enacted by the private sector. Presumably, since Sider is willing to allow the Churches to take the lead in pursuing his left-wing agenda this is progress.

As a student at Covenant College in 1978-79, I was there when Sider's opus, "Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger" came out. Many in the student body caught in a frenzy of late counter-culture radicalism and guilty white middle class liberalism swallowed it whole. Sider generally follows the leftist and Marxist analysis. If one person has wealth, it is de-facto at the expense of someone who is poor. Sider believes that the solution to poverty is not wealth creation but massive redistribution.

He carries this fallacy to the global level, believing that if you made the West give massive transfers of its wealth and lower it's standard of living that the transferred wealth will raise the standard of living in the 3rd world. Well we know how that has worked. In Siders eyes the cultural causes of 3rd world poverty are irrelevant, the only problem is distribution.

This sort of thing is raw meat to the guilty white liberal. Most of whom have never had a great deal of living among the poor, much less being poor themselves. As one who has I can assure you that most of the causes of poverty are due to personal irresponsibility and culture.  The welfare dependency created by the mountains of money spent in the great society era have done little or nothing to benefit the poor. The food stamp program of course is the most glaring example.

A window into Siders mind is a quote he made regarding education reform where he said, "Whatever works better for minorities and poor folk, let’s do that. I do have a hunch that vouchers would work better, but I don’t know enough to say we should go that way. "  Of course the best approach to education would be the one that benefits everyone, not just minorities and poor folk. The scriptures say “You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.
Leviticus 19:15 and and do not show favoritism to a poor person in a lawsuit.  Exodus 23:3. Of course, Sider is very selective in regards to his Bible quotations. His Theology is shaped by his liberalism and not vice versa.

I would argue that with an "ally" like Sider, one does not need and enemy.



Friday, March 28, 2014

World Vision Shameful Capitulation- and its Re-Capitulation!

After 1st saying that it was changing it's policy allowing employees to engage in so-called "same sex marriage", the organization has now reversed it's policy back to prohibiting such unions. Many, including Dr. Al Mohler have praised this decision as an act of repentance.

However, one has to ask, is it? It is clear that they changed the policy the first time because they wanted to do it. It appears they have reversed the policy because they were pressured to do so. World Vision seems to have increasingly embraced what used to be known as the social Gospel. This was a movement that emphasized the humanitarian and charitable work of the church while minimizing the preaching of the Gospel.
A classic example was the writer Pearl Buck.

It is clear that world vision wanted to compromise Christian moral teaching because it detracted from what it considers primary- charity. An uncompromising stand in defense of the biblical teaching on sodomy would, in the current social climate bring criticism, and endanger the all important monetary contributions.

With our societies abandonment of Western Christian Civilization, the new culture and its state will become increasingly hostile to dissent from Christians. Some Christian groups will cave in, much like the old "approved" Churches in the Soviet Union and the "three self patriotic movement" in China. World Vision has made it clear where it will take its stand when the temperature rises.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

America's decline and cowering from Cats

This weeks issue of world magazine tells the story of how a family in Portland, Oregon,
dialed 911 to be rescued, not from a burglar, but from a house-cat. The family had been attacked by their 22-lb Himalayan cat and fled to their bedroom where the cat would not let them out.

The Deadly Cat
This story is a sad example of the efeminizing of America. Apparently the idea of simply placing a well place foot to the cats privates never occurred to them. Instead they fled and depended upon the state and its agents to arrive and protect them.

This is the same insanity that fuels gun-control, PETA, and other movements of our times. People are turn into either effeminate cross-dressers or go to other extreme like gangsters or the Columbine killers. Those who defy the mommy state, by owning guns, spurning homosexual activist, or smoking cigarettes must be put down.

The house-cat has offered us a valuable lesson, will we learn from it?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The March 13 issue of National Review Online has a brilliant article by Jeff Session entitled , "Becoming the Party of Work" in which he demonstrates how the Republican Party facing the Obama-induced economic disaster of declining wages, increased unemployment, and record food stamp rolls, offered as a solution an amnesty designed to flood the country with illegal immigrants. The results were predictable. The Republican establishment seems to have dedicated itself to becoming a parody of the liberal medias depiction of it.
Session also demonstrated why he should be the parties nominee and why he probably wont be. (my pick would be a Sessions-Carson ticket!)

NR then followed up with an excellent article by Arthur Herman on Obama's gutting of the American military, reducing our army to pre-1940 levels and our navy to pre -WW1 levels, while at the same time the administration commits it to ever more missions. As one who believes in an America First policy in global strategy, I nevertheless feel that a strong military is necessary to deter potential aggression, particularly in a world where you have an revaunchist Russia and an increasingly aggressive China.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Janet Brewer Betraying the People of Arizona!

Janet Brewer, in the ultimate act of political cowardice, has capitulated and vetoed religious liberty in Arizona. Trampling the constitution of the United States the law will now make it illegal to oppose the homosexual agenda and remain in the market place.

Brewer in her despicable act, however, had allies. John McCain of course was reliably and predictably joining the chorus to support the left-wing and homophile agenda. Mitt Romney, acclaimed "family-values"
Mormon also supported the measure, showing that they are the habitual liars we knew they were, when they proclaimed themselves in favor of the type of Legislation they now oppose when they needed social conservative votes in the pres. election.

This betrayal of principles will do for the party what the McCain and Romney candidacies did for the elections. The Republicans, like their Whig party predecessors want to straddle the fence on the issues and in the end it will destroy them.

Predictably big money influenced the vote. Threats of boycotts and even the moving of the super bowl, strong-armed the governor and out voted the will of the citizens of Arizona. Here we see the leaders of Arizona cares more about the money coming from those who are catering to the 2 percent of the population that are sodomites than for the voters of that state.

What will be the result? As Truman once said of his party "give them a choice between a republican and a republican and they'll vote for the republican every damned time." The liberals will not see the republicans as liberal enough and vote democrat. Conservatives on the other hand will tire of being lied to and look elsewhere. Let us pray that when that happens there will be a party to vote for.