Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Janet Brewer Betraying the People of Arizona!

Janet Brewer, in the ultimate act of political cowardice, has capitulated and vetoed religious liberty in Arizona. Trampling the constitution of the United States the law will now make it illegal to oppose the homosexual agenda and remain in the market place.

Brewer in her despicable act, however, had allies. John McCain of course was reliably and predictably joining the chorus to support the left-wing and homophile agenda. Mitt Romney, acclaimed "family-values"
Mormon also supported the measure, showing that they are the habitual liars we knew they were, when they proclaimed themselves in favor of the type of Legislation they now oppose when they needed social conservative votes in the pres. election.

This betrayal of principles will do for the party what the McCain and Romney candidacies did for the elections. The Republicans, like their Whig party predecessors want to straddle the fence on the issues and in the end it will destroy them.

Predictably big money influenced the vote. Threats of boycotts and even the moving of the super bowl, strong-armed the governor and out voted the will of the citizens of Arizona. Here we see the leaders of Arizona cares more about the money coming from those who are catering to the 2 percent of the population that are sodomites than for the voters of that state.

What will be the result? As Truman once said of his party "give them a choice between a republican and a republican and they'll vote for the republican every damned time." The liberals will not see the republicans as liberal enough and vote democrat. Conservatives on the other hand will tire of being lied to and look elsewhere. Let us pray that when that happens there will be a party to vote for.

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