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John Craig the Covenanter
The Covenanter Soldier
The Crown of London
Twa recruitin sgts.        
The rovin dies hard
southern battle cry of freedom

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Rowing to Romanism Evangelical and Reformed Clergy Defections

One of the more disturbing trends that is occurring in contemporary American Christianity, both Evangelical (however you define it)and reformed, is the phenomenon of Protestants, particularly ministers, converting, (or reverting) to the Roman institution. Even remembering the fact that far more Catholics are converting to Protestantism than Vice-Versa, It is still disturbing to see those regarded as brethren making this decision and it behooves us to examine the reasons why. At first it would seem counter-intuitive. The Current state of the Roman system especially in America with its submission to Theological liberalism and the explosion of pedophilia among its priest one wonders why this is the case.

One factor of course, has been the co-belligerence between the Protestant and Roman worlds, especially in the Pro-Life movement. Many protestants have been schooled in what was once called by a professor whose name escapes me the "what I saw through the Convent keyhole" approach to dealing with Romanism. When they meet Papists who don't seem to fit the Jack Chick / Alberto Rivera mold they are shaken in their certainties.

Also, Many parts of the evangelical world are preaching a doctrine of Salvation that is little different from Rome. I remember in my youth reading tracts by a group called "present truth". This was an Australian group which I later learned was a group of 7th day Adventist trying to reform the group in the direction of historic Protestantism. It use to refer to what it called the "Neo-Trio" of the New Rome,{Post Vat. 2}, the Neo Evangelicals, and Neo Pentecostals, (the New Charismatic movement beginning in the 60s). They emphasized that all these groups taught a synergistic infused righteousness as opposed to the Imputed righteousness of historic Protestantism. This creates a situation where difference between Rome and much of Protestantism shrinks considerably. (for their perspective see )

This would explain why Evangelicals and Charismatics are drawn to Rome. How do you explain why this is the case with reformed Christians. As pointed out earlier, Many of these like Sungenis, are Reverts. When the music in his Game of Theological musical chairs stopped playing he was sitting in a Catholic seat. (having previously worked for the Cultist Harold Camping.) Others, like Scott Hahn never seemed to have strong commitment to protestant Theology. See "The Lost Soul of Scott Hahn".

I believe there is another reason. There is a phenomenon stemming from  the popular cultures hatred of Protestant Conservative Christianity. To strongly hold to Protestant teaching is to, in the wider cultures eyes, is to condemn oneself to being regarded as an ignorant fundamentalist. Sadly I Believe elements in the Reformed world itself does much to perpetuate this. I constantly run across examples of Protestant fawning over Rome Cultural and Theological icons. How many times on reformed websites or podcast that devote a lot of space to social or cultural issues do you hear references to G. K. Chesterton, Tolkien, Flannery O'Connor, and Richard Neuhaus?

An example, I was at one time I was a frequent listener to Mars Hill Audio, (admittedly the primary reason was because I could borrow them from a friend for free, Scottish blood vincit
Omnia!) One of the things that concerned me deeply was that they seemed to think that the only intellectuals were Catholics. For aProtestant concern they seemed to have a rather fawning relationship with Rome. Now I have read and enjoyed Tolkien and Chesterton, (and
given his alternative was late 19th early 20th century Anglicanism his decision might be understandable. I have Read O'Connor, who frankly strikes me as being the typical southern writer found acceptable by northern publishers, (willing to portray the south in a matter acceptable to Yankee prejudices while being pleasingly liberal on subjects like race.) and have read Neuhaus articles' in "First Things". The constant beating of the drum on behalf of these people is a factor in these Conversions.

Ministers, I believe are perfect objects for this. Presbyterian and Reformed Clergy are University training. While this is a blessing it can also be a trap.  Those of us who are educated want to be seen as educated. We tire of the popular cultures portrayal as blinkered fundamentalism. I think this is why so many in the Clergy are drawn to compromises on subjects like evolution and inerrancy. So many are so scared of being called "fundamentalists", they will forsake essential doctrines or even embrace Rome to be taken seriously. This is a hopeless quest. The Dominant culture hates Rome only slightly less than us. When it is positive to Rome it is positive to those parts of Romanism that Kowtow to it.
Like our God, the god of liberalism is a jealous God. Only total submission is acceptable.

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Racism, Radicalism and Peanut Butter (and Jelly)!

National Review Online's, blog, "The Corner"{1} has an interesting article
In it they discuss the faculties concern with racism in the Portland school district. What's the story?
Cross burnings, Racial brawling, no its peanut butter. The Portland Tribune, quotes Principal Victoria Gutierrez as saying, "what about Somali or Hispanic students who might not eat sandwiches?" Apparently the new school year is going to start off with a heavy course in Newspeak, or "Courageous Conversations". The Principle as quoted in EAG{2} talks about how "white culture" is a negative influence on the worldview of the schools teachers. The whole thing is
sponsored by the Pacific Education Group which seeks to warn how the American Education system is promoting "white culture", and "white privilege." As is pointed out in the PEG report the "white"
characteristics they see as harmful are “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” and the belief that “hard work is the key to success” {2} the positive "minority values" are " “color group collectivism,” “interdependence,” group success, shared property, learning through social relationships, and making life choices based on “what will be best for the family or group.” How would you like to be a white kid in this school?" Its amazing how the popular culture and the left have so rationalized the racism of black and Hispanic groups that it cant even recognize it, while they see anything "white" as a negative. If you ever had a
thought to take your children out of the
public schools now is the time.



Halloween, fear, and Bob Larson

Bob Larson, Scholarly dean of the "International School of Exorcism" has published a new tract warning of dangers of Halloween. Sadly Larson is far more frightening than anything that's happening on October 31. In addition to the hucksterism, (for a fifty dollar donation you can get a copy of his ghost writers book "dead air".) Like the old fashioned fake faith healers and trance mediums of the past Larson continues to prey on the desperate, ignorant, and mentally ill. Look at this recent quote from his website,
"Diane's father was an evil man. When she was just nine years old he forced her to dance naked in front of other men for money! It got worse. He wanted a boy so he eventually tried to force sex-change surgery on Diane. He was unsuccessful, and ended up mutilating her body."
  What was the cause of this evil, sin, depravity no! according to Bob it was, "Demons!, Sadly this man passed on his demons to Diane. She got a double-whammy, inherited demons and then more spiritual bondage because of the sexual violation...Diane was delivered from a seven-generation curse and the demons passed on to her by her father were  cast out!"

      Bob then foes onto describe his "work" in the Ukraine, Embarrassing the Church at home and abroad. See,

Truly the most frightening thing this Oct 31 is That the Bob Larson's of this world are about.
Does Diane exist or is she a shill? Is her story of abuse true, possibly but more likely its another "recovered" memory,  In which case she's a sad individual being further harmed by a charlatan. The frightening thing is that a mans sociopathic greed could cause him to descend to this depth. Pray that if Diane is real she will get real spiritual help and be saved.
     Pray for our Brethren in the Ukraine where the false prophets like the Children of God, Word-faith movement and Bob are circling.
Ps. If you doubt the Harm bob is doing this picture on the web was captioned "why I'm an Atheist" although its not why they are an Atheist it is instructive.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PCA- Like a Box of Chocolates!

Check out the following link: "  " While I don't agree with everything in it a pretty good summary of the issues in the PCA.

Spying, Merkel, and All that

In observing the latest scandal involving the Tapping of Angelika Merkel's telephone I am reminded of the old line from "Casablanca", where Claude Raines says "I'm shocked, shocked to discover gambling going on here!" That anyone is amazed that our intelligence services spy on our allies would have to posses an astonishing Naiveté. As was once observed "in diplomacy there are no natural alliances only marriages of convenience marked by occasional adultery." The only amazing thing is that they were competent enough to do it so long without getting caught, Personally I'm more concerned about them spying on Me and other citizens. The Germans, French and others should simply get over it. The Germans tried to take over the world twice, so naturally they bear watching.
The French, Well I'm not really sure why we would bother to spy on a country that has become as insignificant as Francistan but it seems to me they should be grateful to think we still thing there important enough to spy upon. I amusing to observe the rank hypocrisy as if France and  Germany don't have Spies posing as cooks and maids, going through the trash in our embassies. If they don't I seriously have underestimated their intelligence!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Who is She! Obamacare's covergirl

The latest Mystery! The disappearance of the picture of the model that graced the Obamacare sign up page, cute,  "the face that launched a thousand slips" At least it wasn't Hillary, Janet, or Sibelius, Obama's answer to the 3 witches in Macbeth! Who was it that talked about putting lipstick on a pig? (for you democrats, the pig is the site not the girl!)


Bill O'Reilly and "Selling oops Killing Jesus."

This is not a review. I have absolutely no intention of buying Bill O'Reillys book, "Killing Jesus".
This is not a critique of O'Reilly as a writer since it is my guess his contribution to the writing of the work was actually minimal. (Sometimes the line between co-author and Ghost writer is very narrow.)
Unlike most celebrities who decide to do something creative, O'Reilly doesn't settle for writing whodunit's or cook books he's decided to write history. Now that he's squeezed as much cash out of Lincoln and Kennedy he can get he's moved own to our Savior. Admittedly, given the Hagiographies that have been written about his two previous subjects, Kennedy and Lincoln I can see how O'Reilly might them mixed up. What I resent is O'Reilly's obvious attempt to cash in on Jesus. Bill has enjoyed a high measure of success in life and one wonders why he feels that he must cash in on his reputation whenever possible. Perhaps his ego demands that he must be known as a famous "writer" as well as television personality.

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Thank God Liberals are Squeamish (For Now)!

In a highly informative article at, Professional Atheist Richard Dawkins concedes that he cannot condemn, "Mild Pedophilia", in the past with the same standards he would today. This is the logical outcome of his Atheistic Presuppositions. Morality has no authentic foundations so what is considered right or wrong. Standards of Pedophilia were different in the past and may be tomorrow. This is the outcome of our cultures acceptance of Homosexuality. The virtually universal condemnation of sodomy and the universal understanding that marriage was between a man and a woman are just relics of the past and must be accepted. (Of course if tomorrow they decide sodomy is wrong it will  Change again,
I personally believe that one day the Left will turn on the homosexuals one day in the future.)

But that's not all. as the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer and others have demonstrated, acceptance of Abortion has quickly given way to Euthanasia, Infanticide, and so on. The dehumanization of the unborn that is the hallmark of abortion, and the abandonment of a high view of the value of human life that accompany Euthanasia and Infanticide  will come to their logical conclusions. Fortunately for now the liberals are squeamish. Their horror of capital punishment, Fear of firearms, and with many the obsession with animal rights reflect this. Their acceptance of Abortion is helped by the fact that is done behind clinic walls where they don't see it. euthanasia and infanticide are quietly performed out of the public eye. (which is one reason the left fights against people being shown the  "fruits" of Abortion.)

But this will change. Does anyone really believe that our Reality TV, Action movie watching, Rap listening, Grand theft auto generation isn't being systematically de-sensitized to violence, as long as it happens to others. For example suppose that in the future someone comes along and wants to produce a "gladiatorial contest." Offering to pay two consenting adults to fight to the death with the winner getting a large cash prize. (does anyone doubt desperate people would volunteer or that millions of our fellow men wouldn't watch?). When a protest is raised the Producers lawyer, can say that if a Woman can have an abortion or a person can commit Physician assisted suicide, then why cant people control their own bodies and agree to fight. On what physical basis could they deny it.

I predict the Left will also one day embrace capital punishment. Look at the violence with which they castigate anyone who disagrees with their shibboleths. It is inevitable that those who they see as
Racist, Homophobic, Sexist, bible thumping bigots. There is historic precedent. Robespierre, speaking to the national assembly in 1791,
"I come to ask, not the gods, but legislators — who should be the organs and the interpreters of the eternal laws that the divinity dictated to men — to erase from the code of the French the blood laws that command judicial murders, and that their morals and their new constitution reject. I want to prove to them: 1- that the death penalty is essentially unjust and, 2- that it isn’t the most repressive of penalties and that it multiplies crimes more than it prevents them." 1791 speech to the national assembly. Soon he was presiding over the terror.

Similarly, The Soviet Union abolished Capital Punishment in 1917, while it was executing thousands during the Civil war. Less than a year later official Capital punishment was restored with the execution of Fanya Kaplan who tried to shoot Lenin. Over the Years  it was alternately abolish and restored depending on the needs of the state, culminating in legalizing the execution of children as young as twelve. Liberals and Atheist have no basis for moral judgment. One day they will legalize pedophilia on the basis of rights. The shootings and the camps will come when they find it necessary.

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Great Link!

Dr. Francis Schaeffer's series How Shall We Then Live? Is now on you tube. see Although slightly dated, this is the best explanation of The Decline in thought in the west. I urge everyone to watch it.

Strange Fire, and those who get burned.

      MacArthur, of whom I must confess I am not a fan has come under fire for the vehemence of the comments he made about the Charismatic movement. As for myself I think he was correct. I was given the opportunity to see the effects of the movement.


 Back in the 70s in the  south Alabama town of Dothan where I was raised in we Had a Charismatic leader. He was the youth minister in one of the larger Baptist Churches. Apparently he began speaking in tongues and telling people he had prophetic gifts. Eventually the leadership figured out what was going on and they fired him. He then broke off and started his own independent Church. With him he took a significant portion of the Churches youth with him.Eventually he began drawing, mostly young people into his congregation from many of the other Churches in town, including the one of which I was a member. Several people I knew became involved Including a cousin of mine and my mother’s best friends son. Gradually this mans claims became more and more grandiose.       

       Eventually he began telling people in the group that God revealed that it was His Will that couples in the group should marry and sayings that God had revealed that others should Separate. In time the inevitable happened the leader of the group began telling women in the group ‘That God had revealed that they should sleep with him. Eventually the congregation rebelled against his Leadership and removed him. But the damage was done. I found that virtually everyone I knew that was In that group was marred by it. One died of Aids, another, my cousin, Died years later still with a bitter disillusionment with Christianity.

    Now I know the objection that will come to this. Not all Charismatics are like this. But the reality is that the Charismatic movement is inconsistent with the great doctrine of Sola Scriptura. Why struggle to understand the scriptures if you can just have a private revelation? I may question your reasoning but how can I question what you say if I believe you are the mouthpiece of God. You become your own personal pope, Joe Smith or Watchtower bible and tract society.

Must Hear For PCA members!

Everyone who is in and is concerned about the State of the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America)should listen to the series,"The Decline of Southern Presbyterianism" by Pastor A. Michael Schneider. As one who rejoined the PCA after 10 years in NH and the OPC I have noticed that
problems long present in the denomination have grown a lot in recent years. Schneider recalls the fate of the PCUSA, and discusses the founding of the PCA. Among other things he demonstrates
how the liberal domination of the Seminaries, (in his case Columbia), led not just to the spread of liberal Theology, but a growing ignorance of Reformed Theology. He makes the Argument that by the beginning of the sixties there were more Calvinist Baptists than Presbyterians. Listen in/download at

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The New Soviet Union.

Recent events make it abundantly clear that a new Iron curtain is descending in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe. Vladimir Putin and his Neo-Soviet cohorts are gradually strangling the life out of representative government in Russia, and many of the former republics. Putin's agents are active throughout Eastern Europe spreading his baneful influence. The Russian dog, devouring it's own socialist vomit should come as no surprise to the thoughtful reader. Eastern Europe did not undergo a great religious or even philosophical awakening in 1989-90. It merely saw the collapse of an unworkable economic system . Like its sometimes rival ,sometimes partner red China is has disproven the libertarian saw that free markets would always leader to greater liberty for men.
The third generation of Soviet leadership did not maintain a strong commitment to Marxists theory, and lost with it the will to maintain a Huge military to sustain its empire. The politicians played a game of musical chairs, the country went broke and there was not the sort of spiritual change which could have transformed Russia.

      This is why Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia he found himself respected but largely ignored. This is why in Russia Putin is  facing so little resistance in his drive to become president for life. People in ordinary times are not too demanding in what they expect from the state and its leadership.

   When I lived in New Hampshire I had a coworker from the Ukraine. He was a simple sort who had been a heavy equipment driver in the Rovno area and  was a Russian Baptist. I used to talk to him and over the years his English became good enough that he could carry on a conversation with reasonable ease. He seemed to appreciate talking to someone who knew about his country and its history. Once out of curiosity I ask him for his opinion of the various Russian leaders of the past. To my shock the one he seemed to like the most was Brezhnev. Now in the west we think Of Brezhnev
as a corrupt party hack and when I asked Mikhail why he liked him he said because under him "things got better". As long as Putin can increase the material things the Russian people own, millions will ignore his trampling of liberty. what we must hope is that the Russian system transforms to something better. Only by a real reformation and revival can Russia, (or we survive)!

Death and It's Lessons.

                For the last year and a half I've been rooming with an elderly friend of my brother named Ben. We had very little in common so we never really talked a great deal. Usually I would come home from work and we'd exchange a couple of pleasantries and I would go to my room for the night.

                Some months back he was diagnosed with a recurrence of lung cancer and went on chemotherapy. The chemo was very debilitating and in recent days he spent more and  more time in his room. I had told him I was praying for him, but he never gave the impression of having any concern for his soul and the life to come. Yesterday having come home from work I was concerned I knocked on his door and getting no reply went into his room. He was lying on the floor dead, his skin cold to the touch.

                Well I dialed 911 and the police and rescued people came. After I got over the Initial shock my first thought was how small he looked, smaller than he seemed to be alive Then I thought of how he never gave any thought to the state of his eternal destiny. Amidst the profound sadness at thinking of this I was never more grateful that I believed in a sovereign God.

                If I believed in the Lesser God, so popular with many in the Church today I wondered If God or myself had failed. I would have wondered if I could have come up with some clever apologetic argument that would have convinced him to look to Christ. My reformed faith tells me that his rejection of Christ came not from ignorance but from the sinful nature that is our common inheritance from Adam. Apart from Gods regenerating mercy we would all remain dead spiritually as the poor man before me was physically.

                I was also given a great hope. Because I know that saving faith is a gift of God I know that in those lonely moments before he died God could have brought him to a saving faith. I can believe that I failed Ben. I've never been very good at one to one sharing, so I didn't say or do as Much as I could. But I can't believe that God failed him. That God could want to save him, send Jesus to die for his sins and have had a wonderful plan for his life could not achieve his aim.

                I hope that God was merciful to Ben. Like the rest of us he didn't deserve it and couldn't earn it  I can't know it but I know with a merciful and loving God I can hope he raised Ben from the spiritual death he suffered from long before his physical death. It should remind us all of the fragile threads by which our own lives hang and our need for Gods awakening power.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Questions For Caner Defenders! Is Caner another Sybil?

      Ask yourself if you have ever moved to another country, or even other state as a child.
Don't you remember it, how old you were when it happened, etc?
For example, my family moved overseas twice. First to Germany when I was eight then to Iran when I was Fourteen. The move to Germany was in September 1968 to Mannheim. In the spring of 1969 we moved to Stuttgart, returning to the states in July of 1970. The second trip to Isfahan Iran, was in June of 1974 returning in July of 1975. What's the Point? Well I don't have an exceptionally good memory, I haven't checked the documentation of it, But I can recall the information.
     How is it that Caner cannot remember these things? Its possible I might be a month off
on my dates but I sure couldn't confuse early childhood with adolescence. I don't know about you but a major move to an exotic location, flying in a plane, (for most of us less common in the Sixties than today), was a major event, not to be forgotten. How is it that Caner can forget it?

2. Ask yourself if you remember the various schools and teachers you had in your childhood.
I could list all of the schools I attended back to 1st grade and could list them all and we moved quite a bit. If instead of attending a public school in say, Ohio, I attended an Islamic Madrasah in say, Egypt. I would definitely be able  to know the difference. I would have all sorts of anecdotes about my fellow students and teachers. If I studied the Koran  there, in say Arabic, I think I would remember more of it. Why did Caner not remember Correctly?

       Now I know you'll say "well Caner admitted he made misstatements," I ask how could he have confused these things unless they were bald faced lies. If it were the 70s or 80s we would say maybe Caner was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Maybe Caner had "alters". One personality, the core, went to school in Ohio. Others were in Sweden, or Madrasahs in Turkey, Lebanon, or Egypt. Or maybe Caner has actually slipped in the space time continuum and is from an alternate Earth where Sweden is a part of the Ottoman Empire. Well its possible but its more likely that he's just lying.

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Hero of the month: Ilona Toth

Ilona Toth, 1932-1957 born in Hungary and raised In the Hungarian Reformed Church. A patriot and Christian she took part in  the Battle to liberate Hungary from Atheistic Bolshevik Tyranny. An Intern she worked without ceasing to treat the wounded. Captured by the Soviets she was falsely accused of murdering a Hungarian secret police agent. Sentenced to death she was hanged by the
Communist in 1957 a martyr for Christianity and Freedom. Today she is known as Hungary's Joan of Arc."

Judy, Jesse Ventura, and JFK

It's great to have people prove your points for you. Jesse Ventura, former wrestler and Governor of Minnesota is touting his latest book, "They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK "(why is it that JFK is the only one they refer to as "our president"?, with Dick Russell and David Wayne as "contributors". In a "coast to coast am" interview he was claiming his embrace of recent conspiracy favorite Judyth Vary Baker. Well one good tout deserves another. In my humble work, "JFK, Conspiracy and Common sense."(no contributors), I devote a considerable time to showing just how ludicrous her claims are. Originally included in Nigel Turner Farce, "The Men who Killed Kennedy", Bakers was one of the 3 episodes cut from the series amid threats of lawsuits over its accusations against Lyndon Johnson. Baker claims to have been Oswald's lover , to have taken part in a plan to give Castro cancer , and to have met virtually the entire cast of "JFK". Ventura's past antics should have polished off what little credibility he still had but sadly the booboisie will line up to believe.

    Sadly Jerome Corsi, who should know better, has written his own JFK book :"Who Really Killed Kennedy?". At least Corsi's smart enough to pin it on LBJ, the most logical suspect if you go conspiracy. That combined with being more intelligent than Ventura, leads him  to dismiss Baker. Sadly, Corsi in an interview on VCY America embraces long time JFK Liar the late Beverly Oliver. In addition to claiming to be the "Babushka lady," she claims  to have filmed the assassination, and  to have been good friends with Ruby,(who introduced her to Oswald "Lee Oswald of the CIA"). Leaving aside the question of why the conspirators who have supposedly killed off a small army of JFK witnesses would leave so damaging a witness alive, Mrs. Oliver's story is just full of more holes than Barak Obamas head. Shame Mr. Corsi Shame!

Bob Larson, A Cautionary Tale.

I remember back in the late eighties, early
nineties listening to Larson on a low watt, even
budget Christian Radio station in the city of
Mobile Al, where I worked. I must admit I found it
entertaining, but not in the good sort of way. It
was at the height of the so called “Satanic
Panic”, and demons were all the rage,(no pun
intended.) At time the show seem to have two kinds
of guests. A heavy metal fan would call and claim
to be demon possessed. They would rant and rave
but the demons always had the presence of mind to
avoid making an outburst that would get them
kicked off the air. (at least the demons were more
self-controlled than Howard Stern fans). Larson
would rant and rave and the heavy metal fan would
rant and rave and sometimes would be exorcised,
cry and be saved. It was rather reminiscent of the
old time professional wrestling of the sixties
where you had a good and bad wrestler. At some
point, usually by cheating, the bad wrestler would
be beating the stew out of the good one. Then
either a partner of the good wrestler would show
up, or the good wrestler would summon up reserves
of strength defeating the good wrestler.
     The second type featured a young person,
invariably female, who would call with emotional
problems. Inevitably bob would convince her she
was a multiple personality, with repressed
memories of sexual and occult ritual abuse, which
of course she already believed why else would she,
not being possessed call Bob?
 Bob started out in the 60s warning of the dangers of rock and Roll. by the 1970s he was in cult apologetics by the 80s he had moved to demons. His radio show fell apart amidst charges of personal and financial impropriety.   Now he tours the world going to places like the Ukraine finding new flocks to fleece. He even has his daughter and friends shilling for him as teenage exorcists. A stomach churning sample of his work can be found at his website, The only real question is was he ever sincere or was he always "Bob Larceny"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Caner and Credulity:

      While doing research for my book, "Found Wanting Frauds In The Church From Todd to Caner",   the thing that kept coming back to me was how can anyone be so gullible as to follow the people whose claims I was researching? If someone came to me and told as Bill Schnoebelen {1} has claimed, that he was a vampire I would automatically assume that he was off his rocker. Yet Schnoebelen has continued his road show for years and apparently can't sound so crazy that some people will not support him. In the Case of Caner this is even more inexplicable. Granted the claims Caner made about his background is not as outrageous as Schnoebelen's they are just as much lies as the ones Schnoebelen spouts. In Caners case however the people that support him are those whose education and position should lead them to better judgment. Why is it that one person can hear a lie and see it for what it is while another swallows it whole.
      A possible explanation I think is shown in Massimo Polidoro's "The Final séance". It  discusses the friendship and later the feud between Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle. Both Houdini and Doyle were intensely  interested in life after death. Houdini was desperately looking for a way to contact his deceased and beloved mother while Doyle was stricken with grief by the death of his son in WW1. Both looked into the new and false religion of Spiritualism. Doyle the creator of the super rational Sherlock Holmes had rejected Christianity for agnosticism. With the death of his son he could not live consistently with his Agnostic world view. When he embraced spiritualism he did so with an unreserved fanaticism that knew no bounds. Houdini also wanted to believe but his experiences as a Magician and a Mentalist made the quackery of the fake mediums obvious. Doyle on the other hand was blind to it. Time and time again Houdini would demonstrate how the mediums pulled their stunts. Even when faced with proof the most that Doyle would often say is that the medium, being unable to perform every time would sometimes engage in fakery just to please the audience.
        Eventually the friendship could not survive the conflict. It is interesting to note that Houdini often pointed out that time and time again scientist and academics would be dumfounded by displays that the often much less educated magicians could see through. It was observed that the scientist assumed they could not be fooled so if they couldn't readily explain a phenomenon they would assume that it must be something otherworldly. thus a man like the Scientist Sir William Crooke could fall completely for spiritualism.
        Consider the position of people like Geisler and Ankerberg. How hard would it be for them to admit to themselves that Caner had so obviously hoodwinked them? If you read their statements in defense of Caner it is hard to believe that it is the language of rational, much less educated men. Is it like Conan Doyle that they are so committed to their certainty of their own judgment that they become totally gullible, or do they have baser motives? If it is the later then they need to examine their consciences. If it is the former then the Fate of Arthur Conan Doyle is illustrative. The man who conceived of Sherlock Holmes wound up believing in the Cottingly Fairies, Fake pictures of pixies and a gnome created as a  prank by two nine and sixteen year old girls.