Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween, fear, and Bob Larson

Bob Larson, Scholarly dean of the "International School of Exorcism" has published a new tract warning of dangers of Halloween. Sadly Larson is far more frightening than anything that's happening on October 31. In addition to the hucksterism, (for a fifty dollar donation you can get a copy of his ghost writers book "dead air".) Like the old fashioned fake faith healers and trance mediums of the past Larson continues to prey on the desperate, ignorant, and mentally ill. Look at this recent quote from his website,
"Diane's father was an evil man. When she was just nine years old he forced her to dance naked in front of other men for money! It got worse. He wanted a boy so he eventually tried to force sex-change surgery on Diane. He was unsuccessful, and ended up mutilating her body."
  What was the cause of this evil, sin, depravity no! according to Bob it was, "Demons!, Sadly this man passed on his demons to Diane. She got a double-whammy, inherited demons and then more spiritual bondage because of the sexual violation...Diane was delivered from a seven-generation curse and the demons passed on to her by her father were  cast out!"

      Bob then foes onto describe his "work" in the Ukraine, Embarrassing the Church at home and abroad. See,

Truly the most frightening thing this Oct 31 is That the Bob Larson's of this world are about.
Does Diane exist or is she a shill? Is her story of abuse true, possibly but more likely its another "recovered" memory,  In which case she's a sad individual being further harmed by a charlatan. The frightening thing is that a mans sociopathic greed could cause him to descend to this depth. Pray that if Diane is real she will get real spiritual help and be saved.
     Pray for our Brethren in the Ukraine where the false prophets like the Children of God, Word-faith movement and Bob are circling.
Ps. If you doubt the Harm bob is doing this picture on the web was captioned "why I'm an Atheist" although its not why they are an Atheist it is instructive.

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Moe said...

Actually his Halloween pamphlet he had on his web site is an old one of his with a redone bio of McExorcist. I am a long time Bob Larson observer and I am quite skeptical regarding anything Larson says or does, for various reasons. My blog is here, if you are interested: