Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Judy, Jesse Ventura, and JFK

It's great to have people prove your points for you. Jesse Ventura, former wrestler and Governor of Minnesota is touting his latest book, "They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK "(why is it that JFK is the only one they refer to as "our president"?, with Dick Russell and David Wayne as "contributors". In a "coast to coast am" interview he was claiming his embrace of recent conspiracy favorite Judyth Vary Baker. Well one good tout deserves another. In my humble work, "JFK, Conspiracy and Common sense."(no contributors), I devote a considerable time to showing just how ludicrous her claims are. Originally included in Nigel Turner Farce, "The Men who Killed Kennedy", Bakers was one of the 3 episodes cut from the series amid threats of lawsuits over its accusations against Lyndon Johnson. Baker claims to have been Oswald's lover , to have taken part in a plan to give Castro cancer , and to have met virtually the entire cast of "JFK". Ventura's past antics should have polished off what little credibility he still had but sadly the booboisie will line up to believe.

    Sadly Jerome Corsi, who should know better, has written his own JFK book :"Who Really Killed Kennedy?". At least Corsi's smart enough to pin it on LBJ, the most logical suspect if you go conspiracy. That combined with being more intelligent than Ventura, leads him  to dismiss Baker. Sadly, Corsi in an interview on VCY America embraces long time JFK Liar the late Beverly Oliver. In addition to claiming to be the "Babushka lady," she claims  to have filmed the assassination, and  to have been good friends with Ruby,(who introduced her to Oswald "Lee Oswald of the CIA"). Leaving aside the question of why the conspirators who have supposedly killed off a small army of JFK witnesses would leave so damaging a witness alive, Mrs. Oliver's story is just full of more holes than Barak Obamas head. Shame Mr. Corsi Shame!

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