Thursday, October 24, 2013

Questions For Caner Defenders! Is Caner another Sybil?

      Ask yourself if you have ever moved to another country, or even other state as a child.
Don't you remember it, how old you were when it happened, etc?
For example, my family moved overseas twice. First to Germany when I was eight then to Iran when I was Fourteen. The move to Germany was in September 1968 to Mannheim. In the spring of 1969 we moved to Stuttgart, returning to the states in July of 1970. The second trip to Isfahan Iran, was in June of 1974 returning in July of 1975. What's the Point? Well I don't have an exceptionally good memory, I haven't checked the documentation of it, But I can recall the information.
     How is it that Caner cannot remember these things? Its possible I might be a month off
on my dates but I sure couldn't confuse early childhood with adolescence. I don't know about you but a major move to an exotic location, flying in a plane, (for most of us less common in the Sixties than today), was a major event, not to be forgotten. How is it that Caner can forget it?

2. Ask yourself if you remember the various schools and teachers you had in your childhood.
I could list all of the schools I attended back to 1st grade and could list them all and we moved quite a bit. If instead of attending a public school in say, Ohio, I attended an Islamic Madrasah in say, Egypt. I would definitely be able  to know the difference. I would have all sorts of anecdotes about my fellow students and teachers. If I studied the Koran  there, in say Arabic, I think I would remember more of it. Why did Caner not remember Correctly?

       Now I know you'll say "well Caner admitted he made misstatements," I ask how could he have confused these things unless they were bald faced lies. If it were the 70s or 80s we would say maybe Caner was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Maybe Caner had "alters". One personality, the core, went to school in Ohio. Others were in Sweden, or Madrasahs in Turkey, Lebanon, or Egypt. Or maybe Caner has actually slipped in the space time continuum and is from an alternate Earth where Sweden is a part of the Ottoman Empire. Well its possible but its more likely that he's just lying.

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