Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thank God Liberals are Squeamish (For Now)!

In a highly informative article at, Professional Atheist Richard Dawkins concedes that he cannot condemn, "Mild Pedophilia", in the past with the same standards he would today. This is the logical outcome of his Atheistic Presuppositions. Morality has no authentic foundations so what is considered right or wrong. Standards of Pedophilia were different in the past and may be tomorrow. This is the outcome of our cultures acceptance of Homosexuality. The virtually universal condemnation of sodomy and the universal understanding that marriage was between a man and a woman are just relics of the past and must be accepted. (Of course if tomorrow they decide sodomy is wrong it will  Change again,
I personally believe that one day the Left will turn on the homosexuals one day in the future.)

But that's not all. as the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer and others have demonstrated, acceptance of Abortion has quickly given way to Euthanasia, Infanticide, and so on. The dehumanization of the unborn that is the hallmark of abortion, and the abandonment of a high view of the value of human life that accompany Euthanasia and Infanticide  will come to their logical conclusions. Fortunately for now the liberals are squeamish. Their horror of capital punishment, Fear of firearms, and with many the obsession with animal rights reflect this. Their acceptance of Abortion is helped by the fact that is done behind clinic walls where they don't see it. euthanasia and infanticide are quietly performed out of the public eye. (which is one reason the left fights against people being shown the  "fruits" of Abortion.)

But this will change. Does anyone really believe that our Reality TV, Action movie watching, Rap listening, Grand theft auto generation isn't being systematically de-sensitized to violence, as long as it happens to others. For example suppose that in the future someone comes along and wants to produce a "gladiatorial contest." Offering to pay two consenting adults to fight to the death with the winner getting a large cash prize. (does anyone doubt desperate people would volunteer or that millions of our fellow men wouldn't watch?). When a protest is raised the Producers lawyer, can say that if a Woman can have an abortion or a person can commit Physician assisted suicide, then why cant people control their own bodies and agree to fight. On what physical basis could they deny it.

I predict the Left will also one day embrace capital punishment. Look at the violence with which they castigate anyone who disagrees with their shibboleths. It is inevitable that those who they see as
Racist, Homophobic, Sexist, bible thumping bigots. There is historic precedent. Robespierre, speaking to the national assembly in 1791,
"I come to ask, not the gods, but legislators — who should be the organs and the interpreters of the eternal laws that the divinity dictated to men — to erase from the code of the French the blood laws that command judicial murders, and that their morals and their new constitution reject. I want to prove to them: 1- that the death penalty is essentially unjust and, 2- that it isn’t the most repressive of penalties and that it multiplies crimes more than it prevents them." 1791 speech to the national assembly. Soon he was presiding over the terror.

Similarly, The Soviet Union abolished Capital Punishment in 1917, while it was executing thousands during the Civil war. Less than a year later official Capital punishment was restored with the execution of Fanya Kaplan who tried to shoot Lenin. Over the Years  it was alternately abolish and restored depending on the needs of the state, culminating in legalizing the execution of children as young as twelve. Liberals and Atheist have no basis for moral judgment. One day they will legalize pedophilia on the basis of rights. The shootings and the camps will come when they find it necessary.

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