Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spying, Merkel, and All that

In observing the latest scandal involving the Tapping of Angelika Merkel's telephone I am reminded of the old line from "Casablanca", where Claude Raines says "I'm shocked, shocked to discover gambling going on here!" That anyone is amazed that our intelligence services spy on our allies would have to posses an astonishing Naiveté. As was once observed "in diplomacy there are no natural alliances only marriages of convenience marked by occasional adultery." The only amazing thing is that they were competent enough to do it so long without getting caught, Personally I'm more concerned about them spying on Me and other citizens. The Germans, French and others should simply get over it. The Germans tried to take over the world twice, so naturally they bear watching.
The French, Well I'm not really sure why we would bother to spy on a country that has become as insignificant as Francistan but it seems to me they should be grateful to think we still thing there important enough to spy upon. I amusing to observe the rank hypocrisy as if France and  Germany don't have Spies posing as cooks and maids, going through the trash in our embassies. If they don't I seriously have underestimated their intelligence!

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