Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bob Larson, A Cautionary Tale.

I remember back in the late eighties, early
nineties listening to Larson on a low watt, even
budget Christian Radio station in the city of
Mobile Al, where I worked. I must admit I found it
entertaining, but not in the good sort of way. It
was at the height of the so called “Satanic
Panic”, and demons were all the rage,(no pun
intended.) At time the show seem to have two kinds
of guests. A heavy metal fan would call and claim
to be demon possessed. They would rant and rave
but the demons always had the presence of mind to
avoid making an outburst that would get them
kicked off the air. (at least the demons were more
self-controlled than Howard Stern fans). Larson
would rant and rave and the heavy metal fan would
rant and rave and sometimes would be exorcised,
cry and be saved. It was rather reminiscent of the
old time professional wrestling of the sixties
where you had a good and bad wrestler. At some
point, usually by cheating, the bad wrestler would
be beating the stew out of the good one. Then
either a partner of the good wrestler would show
up, or the good wrestler would summon up reserves
of strength defeating the good wrestler.
     The second type featured a young person,
invariably female, who would call with emotional
problems. Inevitably bob would convince her she
was a multiple personality, with repressed
memories of sexual and occult ritual abuse, which
of course she already believed why else would she,
not being possessed call Bob?
 Bob started out in the 60s warning of the dangers of rock and Roll. by the 1970s he was in cult apologetics by the 80s he had moved to demons. His radio show fell apart amidst charges of personal and financial impropriety.   Now he tours the world going to places like the Ukraine finding new flocks to fleece. He even has his daughter and friends shilling for him as teenage exorcists. A stomach churning sample of his work can be found at his website, The only real question is was he ever sincere or was he always "Bob Larceny"

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