Saturday, October 26, 2013

Must Hear For PCA members!

Everyone who is in and is concerned about the State of the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America)should listen to the series,"The Decline of Southern Presbyterianism" by Pastor A. Michael Schneider. As one who rejoined the PCA after 10 years in NH and the OPC I have noticed that
problems long present in the denomination have grown a lot in recent years. Schneider recalls the fate of the PCUSA, and discusses the founding of the PCA. Among other things he demonstrates
how the liberal domination of the Seminaries, (in his case Columbia), led not just to the spread of liberal Theology, but a growing ignorance of Reformed Theology. He makes the Argument that by the beginning of the sixties there were more Calvinist Baptists than Presbyterians. Listen in/download at

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