Monday, October 28, 2013

Bill O'Reilly and "Selling oops Killing Jesus."

This is not a review. I have absolutely no intention of buying Bill O'Reillys book, "Killing Jesus".
This is not a critique of O'Reilly as a writer since it is my guess his contribution to the writing of the work was actually minimal. (Sometimes the line between co-author and Ghost writer is very narrow.)
Unlike most celebrities who decide to do something creative, O'Reilly doesn't settle for writing whodunit's or cook books he's decided to write history. Now that he's squeezed as much cash out of Lincoln and Kennedy he can get he's moved own to our Savior. Admittedly, given the Hagiographies that have been written about his two previous subjects, Kennedy and Lincoln I can see how O'Reilly might them mixed up. What I resent is O'Reilly's obvious attempt to cash in on Jesus. Bill has enjoyed a high measure of success in life and one wonders why he feels that he must cash in on his reputation whenever possible. Perhaps his ego demands that he must be known as a famous "writer" as well as television personality.

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