Wednesday, March 26, 2014

America's decline and cowering from Cats

This weeks issue of world magazine tells the story of how a family in Portland, Oregon,
dialed 911 to be rescued, not from a burglar, but from a house-cat. The family had been attacked by their 22-lb Himalayan cat and fled to their bedroom where the cat would not let them out.

The Deadly Cat
This story is a sad example of the efeminizing of America. Apparently the idea of simply placing a well place foot to the cats privates never occurred to them. Instead they fled and depended upon the state and its agents to arrive and protect them.

This is the same insanity that fuels gun-control, PETA, and other movements of our times. People are turn into either effeminate cross-dressers or go to other extreme like gangsters or the Columbine killers. Those who defy the mommy state, by owning guns, spurning homosexual activist, or smoking cigarettes must be put down.

The house-cat has offered us a valuable lesson, will we learn from it?

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