Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres and the politics of perversion

One cannot observe the internet, magazines, or television without being constantly exposed to the likeness of Ellen DeGeneres. Interestingly there is absolutely no justification for this excessive visibility. The reason of course is that she has made constant public proclamation of her lesbianism. Some years ago, when she had a show slipping in the ratings she revealed her deviance.

This, of course was not exactly a revelation. It had been widely reported and was assumed by anyone who
observed her, making her the female equivalent of Liberace being revealed to have been "gay". This, the media portrayed as enormous act of courage, although it was actually a desperate effort to save a failing show, which it did. Millions viewed the program, much for the same reason that people go to see the freak show at the circus.

The really bizarre thing is that Hollywood continues to portray these revelations as courageous. It really takes guts to say that one is a homosexual in the far left world of entertainment, about as much bravery as it would take to make such a declaration at an interior designers convention.

So, the popular culture will continue to portray DeGeneres as some kind of icon. Sadly this acclaim and support will not serve her well, because it will reinforce her enslavement to her perversion. It will also be the cause of many succumbing to this behavior because of the cultures using her to promote it. Pray for poor Ellen, those who espouse her, and those she will harm.

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