Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Melanie Hunter at, reports that in its boundless generosity with the tax payers money, our bankrupt government has spent 356,337 dollars to create a facility that will enable them to observe people crossing the road so they can study how social interaction effects risky pedestrian behavior. Of course its only money, aren't we all rich?

This is only the latest insanity. In the past, the Feds have squandered our resources on such wonders as why children fall off tricycles, why people fall in love, and the romantic behavior of tree frogs. Only recently they also spent an enormous sum to warn Chinese prostitutes of the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Clearly the scientific community in America has become another cog in Obama's military-industrial-entitlements complex, Merely another welfare snout at the government handout trough. Money bled from the very veins of the working men and women of this country is squandered.

Don't worry though! The illegal aliens will continue to receive food-stamps and state sponsored bastardy will continue to be financed by the welfare state. Meanwhile the minority who work will do so for ever declining real-wages, and impoverishment through taxation. With government support the parasites will continue to feed on the\ir host till America is a broke third-world country.

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