Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pete Seeger, " If I had a Hypocrite"!

Kathy Shaidle, writing at taki's mag has written an interesting obituary for Communist music icon Pete Seeger. Among other things she points out that like most of the music industries hard corps left-wing idols,
Pete Seeger at Berkeley
(of course) 
he seems to have had no sense of the hypocrisy of being a radical advocate of redistributing the wealth of others with being a multi-millionaire. (At his death his estimated net worth was 4.2 million dollars.)

This of course is nothing new. After the Communist, anthem "The Internationale" was written, there immediately arose a dispute over the copyrights. Whitaker Chambers, when writing for the CPUSA literary magazine, "The New Masses", spoke of how his comrades would sit around the office pouring over the stock market section of the papers hoping to strike it rich.

Interestingly, Shaidle reveals that one of  Seegers best known hits was actually written by a South African musician Solomon Linda. Contrary to myth it was not a traditional African song and while Seeger made a fortune off it Linda made only about 87 cents. (later Seeger would send more money, when the real author was revealed.)

According to Ronald Radosh, who while writing a book defending the Rosenburgs realized they were guilty
and abandoned the left studied music under Seeger who belatedly (2007) admitted Stalin was not so great and conceded that while in Russia "I should have asked to see the gulags".

Well now Seeger is no longer an Atheist, and in his current domain (so much like Stalins socialist paradise) neither his Communist ideology or his money will do him any good.

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