Sunday, February 9, 2014

Justice Scalia's Warning and the Perpetual War.

In a recent article in the TheNewAmerican, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia warned during a speech in Hawaii warned of the certainty that war will be used to justify the creation of internment camps for American citizens. Responding to a question concerning how FDR, with the encouragement of future Justice and "civil libertarian" Earl Warren, created the internment camps for Japanese at the start of world war two.

Scalia cited Cicero's dictum "in times of war the laws fall silent". Scalia warned that we are kidding ourselves if we think it wont happen again.

Clearly the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and agains Al Qaeda are being used as an excuse to curtail the civil liberties. An example: when I lived in Manchester, NH, whenever I wanted to take a shuttle bus to Boston I had to show a "government issued" form of ID. When sitting in the South station gaurds armed with smgs and bomb sniffing dogs worked the crowd while cameras observed every action. Only 20 years ago these things would have been unthinkable. Now they are reality./

As I have noted earlier, the government has seen the advantage of making these wars perpetual. The war last so the state of emergency can last. Scalia gave us the warning and we only disregard it at our peril

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